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Chapter 432: Effortless Victory

The second day after the Human Emperor’s Palace descended, Su Zimo left Xuantian City.

He did not take Night Spirit with him. Instead, he chose to let it stay by Xiaoning’s side to ensure her safety.

Although Xiaoning had already obtained Elixir Pool Sect’s inheritance and was bound to be valued by Elixir Yang Sect, Su Zimo was still worried.

He would only feel more relieved after knowing that Night Spirit was with her.

Ever since they returned from Elixir Pool Sect, Xiaoning had been unusually happy.

That was because in the inheritance memories of Elixir Pool Sect, she found an elixir that could increase one’s lifespan – Longevity Elixir!

However, it was a Grade 3 elixir.

Xiaoning could not create it at all given her current level of elixir refinement.

Before leaving, she smiled and said to Su Zimo, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely refine a Longevity Elixir as soon as I can to help big brother extend his lifespan!”

The only reason why Xiaoning became an Elixir Refinement Master was so that she could help her eldest brother extend his lifespan.

Recalling Xiaoning’s smile, Su Zimo was in a great mood and could not help but grin as well.

He did not choose to travel with anyone else.

That was because from the moment he decided to fight for the Human Emperor’s Palace’s inheritance, he had already made up his mind to change his appearance and hide everything about his background!

With the descent of the Human Emperor’s Palace, Su Zimo would have to face almost all the super sects of Tianhuang Mainland.

If a massive battle were to break out, it would be difficult to resolve the situation.

Furthermore, there was a burning desire within Su Zimo.

He wanted to fight to his heart’s content without having to conceal his demonic cultivation; to have a hearty battle with many paragons without having to hide anything!

Since there was a chance that he had to take on his demon form, Su Zimo had to change his appearance.

Even if all the super sects wanted to take revenge later on, they would not be able to seek him out.

To ensure that nothing went wrong, Su Zimo would not use any means that would expose his identity.

Speeding along the way, a series of crackling sounds came from within his body as his tendons and bones rang while his muscles expanded and his body turned taller.

Even his facial features were changing!

In the blink of an eye, the original Su Zimo disappeared entirely.

In his place was a two meter tall burly man. With rough facial features, thick eyebrows, large eyes and a wide nose and mouth, there was nothing delicate about his appearance anymore.

Su Zimo whipped out a spirit energy mirror and looked at his reflection, grinning in satisfaction.

His green robes were no longer matching with his burly appearance.

Rumbling through his storage bag, Su Zimo dug out a linen shirt and draped it casually over his body, exposing his chest. He looked carefree and unreserved.

A Nascent Soul could deploy his spirit consciousness and check on Su Zimo.

Other than that, no one could find any loopholes on Su Zimo’s appearance with their naked eyes!

This was the ancient battlefield and there were only Sealers at Golden Core realm at most. In other words, the probability of Su Zimo being exposed was almost zero!

Under the heavens, the Human Emperor’s Palace was still descending slowly, exuding boundless might.

The closer it was to the Human Emperor’s Palace, the more evident the feeling became.

Those that wanted to contend for the Human Emperor’s Palace’s inheritance would have to enter the area enveloped by it; this was also where the final fight would take place.

Su Zimo sprinted day and night without resting.

Three days later, his ears buzzed and caught wind of the sounds of fighting coming from the southwest. There were some angry shouts mixed with the sounds.

Fights were extremely common in the ancient battlefield.

People could get into fights even if they met by chance, let alone if they had disagreements.

Because it was way too common, Su Zimo did not intend to bother about it at all.

However, he did not advance far when his expression changed. Raising his brow, he came to a stop and listened intently with raised ears.

He seemed to hear a familiar voice in that fight.

After some hesitation, Su Zimo changed his direction and dashed towards the southwest.


A large head was chopped off with blood flowing like a fountain.

Filled with spirit energy, a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator was using a long saber and fighting against four other cultivators in an intense fight.

Several corpses laid on the ground with warm blood still flowing – it was clear that they hadn’t died long ago.

On the side of the battlefield, a beautiful young girl stood. She wore a pink dress and had a veil over her face, clapping as she smiled brightly. “You’re amazing, fellow Daoist! Another bad guy is dead!”

“Miss, don’t worry. I, Ding Hongxuan, will definitely protect you!”

The seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator who was fighting against four people turned and said to the girl in pink.

“Ding Hongxuan, have you gone crazy?!”

Opposite him, a man shouted, “The person behind you is a demoness! Don’t be bewitched by her and lose yourself!”

“Senior Brother Ding, why are we fighting among ourselves? It’s not too late if we capture this peerless beauty first before enjoying her later!” Another cultivator defended against Ding Hongxuan’s saber and remarked while panting.

“There’s no need to say more. He’s already bewitched by the demoness and has lost his mind completely. Don’t hesitate and just kill him!” An older cultivator among the four said in a deep voice.

Upon hearing that, the four of them were extremely decisive and used their killing moves one after another, killing Ding Hongxuan on the spot!

The older cultivator turned around and walked towards the girl in pink without concealing the lust in his eyes. “Demoness, don’t worry. I’ll definitely take good care of you once you’re in my hands! Hehe!”

The girl in pink did not retreat and stood there pitifully. Sweeping her gentle gaze across the four of them, she said tearfully, “But, there’s only one of me and there’s four of you guys…”

“Is that so?”

The older cultivator’s gaze turned cold as he remarked icily, “I’ll kill them then!”

Just as he was about to turn around, a long sword protruded from his chest and fresh blood dripped.

In an instant, blood faded from the older cultivator’s face and his eyes regained their clarity. However, it was all too late.

“Senior Brother Liu, you want to enjoy her all for yourself!”

Behind the older cultivator stood a young cultivator with his sword extended. His eyes were maniac as he shouted with a frenzied expression, “That woman’s mine! Don’t fight with me for her!”

“Crazy! All of you have gone crazy!”

Another cultivator declared coldly with widened eyes, “How dare you forget about our relationship as sect mates just for a woman! Since that’s the case, I’ll punish you on behalf of the sect!”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Poof! Poof!

The remaining three cultivators fought amongst one another, completely losing themselves.

Before long, two of them were lying in a pool of blood. They only regained stupor right before dying, but it was all too late.

The last person remaining was distraught and committed suicide.

In the blink of an eye, the remaining four cultivators were all dead!

As for the girl in pink, she did not move at all and was watching coldly from the sidelines right from the beginning with a faint hint of mockery in her eyes.

That was a true effortless victory!


Not far away, a Buddhist proclamation sounded.

“Female patron, you have a vicious heart and will descend into the 18 levels of Hell sooner or later to receive your karma. If you’re willing to repent and turn to Buddha, there might still be a sliver of hope for you!”

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