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Chapter 426: Battling the Sealer

Pei Chunyu swallowed a handful of elixirs to suppress his body’s injuries for the time being. By now, he was no longer smiling as he sped ahead with a panicked expression, not daring to rest at all.

He was thoroughly shaken after that fight!

At that moment, the only thoughts in Pei Chunyu’s minds were of Xue Yang and the skinny old man’s deaths, causing his limbs to go cold.

“This is a ruthless person who has no fear! You must not fall into his hands!”

Pei Chunyu grit his teeth and screamed internally.

The crowd was astounded.

If they hadn’t witnessed it personally, nobody would have imagined a Foundation Establishment Cultivator chasing down the successor of Glass Palace and a Sealer in the ancient battlefield!

“That man is truly audacious.”

“The Sealer merely doesn’t want to trade lives right now. If he’s really forced into a corner and retaliates, he can kill Su Zimo instantly!”

“That’s not for sure. The Sealer of Malevolent Earth Sect died for nothing previously.”

Many cultivators discussed as they started to fight for the Grade 2 elixirs of Elixir Pool Sect before dashing out of the cave abode – all of them wanted to witness the outcome.

In front of the Elixir Refinement Hall.

Su Xiaoning’s eyes were still closed as she received Elixir Pool Sect’s inheritance.

The long duration of the inheritance implied that there were many things left behind by Elixir Pool Sect. It was beneficial be it for Su Xiaoning or Elixir Yang Sect.

Hundreds of Elixir Yang Sect disciples protected Xiaoning in the middle like stars surrounding the moon, layer by layer. They were so tight that even wind could not blow in as they were afraid that the inheritance process would be disrupted.

Tang Yu started to furrow her brows as she looked towards the depths of the ruins from time to time with a worried expression.

Smiling gently, Uncle Liang asked, “You’re worried about Young Master Su, right?”

“I’m praying right now that there’s no perfect Meridian Unlocking Elixir in Elixir Pool Sect.”

Sighing, Tang Yu continued, “Given his personality, since he said that he definitely has to get his hands on a perfect Meridian Unlocking Elixir, he’ll definitely fight for one! Against the successors of Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect, he doesn’t stand a chance of winning.”

“Don’t worry.”

Uncle Liang pondered and said, “Now that I think about it, the lad’s saber technique should be the Sea Calming five stances. In other words, the rumor was real and he truly obtained the Saber Emperor’s inheritance.”

Although Tang Yu had guessed it vaguely previously, she was still shocked when she heard Uncle Liang say it.

The Saber Mountain Spirit Sea was formed from the ancient era and countless geniuses have been buried in it throughout history.

Now, an unknown cultivator managed to get his hands on it.

Furthermore, that person had not even heard of the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea’s existence beforehand.

Everything seemed ridiculously absurd and yet, there was an indescribable mysteriousness to it, as if everything was predetermined.

Uncle Liang continued, “Given the lad’s current combat strength, he can definitely hold his ground against Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang. Even if he can’t win them, he’ll be able to escape unscathed. You don’t have to worry.”


Tang Yu nodded and her worries lessened.

Suddenly, the sound of robes slicing the air could be heard and it was extremely fast.

The person’s breathing was heavy, clearly exhausted.

Everyone from Elixir Yang Sect looked over and when they saw the person’s face, they were stunned and dumbfounded.

Pei Chunyu of Glass Palace!

He looked completely wretched and his arms were filled with blood, his flesh still torn and bleeding. With a pale expression, his eyes were now bloodshot, no longer clear as before.

He glanced towards the side of Elixir Yang Sect without stopping and continued dashing towards the Fog Valley outside.

Before long, he disappeared from everyone’s line of sight.

Even Tang Yu who was extremely intelligent was stunned at the moment, unable to understand what had just happened, let alone everyone else.

How could that be?

Didn’t Glass Palace head into the depths of the ruins in search of a perfect Meridian Unlocking Elixir?

Why was Pei Chunyu the only one left – what about his Sealer?

In other words, which faction managed to force Glass Palace to such a state?

Uncle Liang’s eyes flickered as he speculated, “The appearance of a perfect Meridian Unlocking Elixir must have caused Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect to get into a big fight, causing the situation to go out of control. The Sealers must have fought one another with both dead. After losing to Xue Yang, Pei Chunyu has no other choice but to escape right now.”

The cultivators of Elixir Yang Sect nodded silently.

Tang Yu frowned.

Although Uncle Liang’s conjecture sounded logical, she felt that something was amiss.

When Pei Chunyu was escaping, his expression was horrified, as though he had encountered something that frightened him.

Did Xue Yang possess such strength?

Or… could something unimaginable have happened in the depths of the ruins?

Right then, the sound of a clash echoed from the air in the distance. It was a loud boom and the battle had clearly reached its climax.

Everyone from Elixir Yang Sect looked over and their expressions froze with agape mouths.

In the distance, two figures were engaged in an intense battle.

Spirit light shone brightly and a blood beam filled the skies.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Each time the two of them clashed, an extremely terrifying energy fluctuation would ripple out, causing everyone to shudder.

One of them was the golden-robed old man, Glass Palace’s Sealer.

The other person was in green robes and wielded a blood-colored saber. It was none other than Su Zimo who had entered the depths of the ruins!


Uncle Liang was completely dumbfounded.

Tang Yu opened her mouth slightly and looked at the green-robed figure far away without blinking. All the confusion in her heart seemed to have been resolved.

The person that Pei Chunyu feared was not Xue Yang, but Su Zimo!

The situation on the battlefield was extremely tense.

Although the Sealer, the golden-robed old man, did not unleash his power as a Golden Core, all of his attacks were extremely forceful, carrying the might of an eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

On the other hand, Su Zimo was even more ferocious, slicing sharply with a fervent gaze.

With the weight of Blood Quencher as well as Sea Calming, Su Zimo was not disadvantaged against the golden-robed old man!

As time passed by, Su Zimo’s blood surged and the sounds of tsunami were endless, evidently intensifying as the battle raged on.

As for the golden-robed old man, he was no longer as nimble as before and the blood qi he produced gradually faded.

This battle had exhausted him greatly.

In just a few dozens of breaths’ time, the golden-robed old man’s skin had lost its luster, withering with wrinkles appearing.

Tang Yu said in a deep voice, “Glass Palace’s Sealer is already at the end of his life and his stamina is weak along with his blood qi. He’ll definitely lose if he continues battling.”

“He won’t,”

Uncle Liang said with a grim expression, “The person who should be worried right now should be Su Zimo. The power of a Sealer lies in his killing move with the power of a Golden Core!”

“If Su Zimo stops now, he might be able to survive. If he forces the Sealer to the point of no return, he’s bound to die!”

No one dared to interfere given the circumstances.

Nobody could predict when the Sealer would disregard his life and unleash his power as a Golden Core.

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