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Chapter 425: Unsurpassed Genius

Pei Chunyu had a smile on his face and was already prepared to make a move – he was going to grab Su Zimo’s storage bag the moment the black palm dissipated.

But right then, the rumbling sound of a tsunami surged out from the black palm that was in midair, roaring with a terrifying aura!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A thin crack appeared on the surface of the black palm, growing bigger and clearer!


Through the pitch-black malevolent aura, a blood-red light that flickered with lightning burst out from within. It was eye-catching and split the black palm into two as a figure leaped out.


Everyone shuddered and their eyeballs constricted with disbelief when they caught sight of that figure.

“How is that possible?!”

Pei Chunyu lost his composure and exclaimed.

It wasn’t anybody else, but Su Zimo whom everyone had thought to be dead!

His green robes were completely corroded by the malevolent aura.

He looked wretched, staggering in his footsteps.

However, his eyes were bright and clear as ever and there was a fighting intent that was rising in his gaze. Exuding an arrogant aura, he possessed a dominance that looked down on everyone!

He was still alive!

Against the full strength of a Sealer and the suppressive power of a Golden Core, Su Zimo managed to survive!

This meant that the Sealer had died for nothing!

Malevolent Earth Sect’s faction in the ancient battlefield was almost completely destroyed.

In reality, Su Zimo had given it his all to be able to withstand that attack from the Sealer.

Apart from the Fiend Suppression Seal and Candlelight Sword Formation, the moment he was engulfed by the black palm, Su Zimo even circulated his bloodline and channeled his power to its peak, releasing Countercurrent!

Although that slash managed to split the black palm into two, allowing him to escape, he was still injured nevertheless.

Furthermore, the Golden Core malevolent aura of the skinny old man had surged into his body wildly.

Normally, the malevolent aura of a Golden Core was enough to destroy the heart and meridians of a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, killing him outright.

Unfortunately, Su Zimo’s bloodline contained a violent power of thunder that was the nemesis of powers like the malevolent aura.

Furthermore, although Su Zimo had his reservations and did not dare to release his demonic qi so as to conceal his demonic cultivation…

It was undeniable that his body possessed a vast amount of demonic qi!

Although he could not release them, a strong backlash was triggered by the demonic qi upon the invasion of the malevolent aura.

Additionally, Su Zimo’s body had received nourishment from the essence energy of the Dragon race and his physique was currently unpredictably strong!

Upon entering his body, the Golden Core malevolent aura was washed away by the powers of thunder and blood qi as well as the Dragon race’s essence energy – it dissipated before it could even unleash its true might.


Su Zimo spat out a mouthful of blood and his face turned paler.

While he managed to survive, he did not feel good either. His body had just received a strong impact after all and he was suffering from internal injuries with his internal organs shaken.

He would have been doomed if the two Sealers had joined forces.

It was a pity that the Glass Palace Sealer did not see the need or reason to sacrifice himself and thus did not attack Su Zimo.

Gripping Blood Quencher tightly, Su Zimo panted slightly.

Pei Chunyu narrowed his eyes and awaited for an opportunity.

There were still a few Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators left in the cave abode. Shifting slowly, they moved to surround Su Zimo with hateful eyes.

Su Zimo closed his eyes to regulate his breathing, as though he was unaware of everything around him.

No one could tell that Su Zimo’s injuries were healing at a visible speed.

Not only was Su Zimo’s physique powerful, his regeneration capabilities were even more terrifying!

“Su Zimo, you don’t even have the energy to attack anymore?”

“Fufu, if I were you and I managed to survive against a Sealer, I would have left this place right away! However, there’s only a single reason why you’re still here… you don’t even have the strength to run away anymore!”

Pei Chunyu was wary and did not dare to strike directly, merely testing the waters with a faked composure and smile on his face.

Su Zimo was expressionless and did not even open his eyes, as if he had heard nothing at all.

“Seems like I was right,”

Pei Chunyu retracted his smile and shouted coldly, “Kill him!”

The moment he said that, the surrounding Glass Palace and remaining Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators roared and attacked one after another.

In a flash, the cave abode lit up!

All of a sudden!

Two divine beams of light flickered in the void and was even more dazzling than the spirit lights on the various spirit weapons.

Those were Su Zimo’s eyes!

They were shiny and sharp as knives!


Su Zimo disappeared from where he was and a saber light flashed, swiping gently against a cultivator’s neck, causing blood to spew out!

A cultivator died on the spot.

Immediately after, he slashed in reverse and struck the bracer of another Glass Palace cultivator.


Even with the bracer, that person’s arm could not be saved.

Against the massive force, the person was sent flying and slammed heavily against the wall of the cave abode, sliding down slowly as his eyes dimmed.

Barging left and right, Su Zimo channeled his bloodline and deployed Sea Calming – no one could stop his rampage!

“Pei Chunyu.”

Bursting through all the obstacles, Su Zimo arrived before Pei Chunyu and roared in laughter. “The reason why I stayed here isn’t because I have no strength left to run. It’s because… I’m here to take your life!”


Blood Quencher descended from above in a terrifying manner!

Even though Su Zimo could no longer deploy Force given his current state, the power of his physique and bloodline was enough to destroy everything in his path!


Blood Quencher collided against Pei Chunyu’s fists.

For that slash, Su Zimo deployed Vortex of the Sea Calming five stances.

Although it looked ordinary, there was the power of contortion spiraling within the saber technique!


Pei Chunyu retreated continuously as he cried out in pain; a layer of sweat appeared on his forehead instantly.

Even with the protection of his perfect-grade gloves, the power of the spiraling contortion was transmitted to Pei Chunyu’s arms and his sleeves exploded!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Right in front of everyone, the muscles on Pei Chunyu’s arms tore apart and burst into blood!

That was only a tear of his muscles.

If Su Zimo was in his peak condition, that slash could have crushed the bones on both of Pei Chunyu’s arms completely!

“Let’s go!”

Right then, the golden-robed old man took a step forward and jerked Pei Chunyu back, shouting as he threw the latter towards the entrance of the cave abode.

Even the Sealer had the intention to retreat.

“That kid is too strong, he’s truly an unsurpassed genius! With heavenly-defying fortune, he managed to obtain the Saber Emperor’s inheritance and has already accumulated the Force. No one is his match other than the most exceptional paragons of Tianhuang Mainland!”

“We’ll leave this place as far as we can! Right after, we’ll hide in a corner of the ancient battlefield and cultivate till the deadline is up before leaving!”

“A genius like that is bound to incur the jealousy of the heavens and he’ll definitely be met with great calamities where he can die with ease. There’s no need for you to fight him head-on,”

The golden-robed old man followed behind Pei Chunyu and instructed as they dashed towards the exit.

He did not want to make use of his power as a Golden Core until the last moment.

Furthermore, he would definitely be dead if he unleashed his power as a Golden Core!

However, there was no guarantee that Su Zimo would die…

“Trying to flee?”

Sneering, Su Zimo picked up Blood Quencher and deployed Divine Steed Fleeting, chasing after the two of them.

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