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Chapter 427: Baited Kill!

Su Zimo was drenched in sweat and steam emitted from his body like smoke – the power of his bloodline was being channeled at his limits!

The battle was getting more intense!

This also meant that the outcome of this battle would be decided soon!

Ever since they entered the Fog Valley, Su Zimo had been battling the entire time. Earlier on, he killed countless demon beasts and even took down a Sealer without resting once.

Coupled with the fact that he was injured, Su Zimo was already pushing his body to its limits to be able to fight the Sealer till now.

This was also because he had cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, Void Thunder Manual and devoured the dragon egg’s essence.

An ordinary body would have been destroyed by now!

In the eyes of the golden-robed old man, Su Zimo’s stamina, physique and body had already surpassed a pure-blooded ferocious beast!

Of course, although Su Zimo’s body was at its limits, the golden-robed old man was in an even worse condition.

Everyone could tell that he was getting significantly older with every breath in an irreversible manner!

Each time the golden-robed old man attacked, he was using up the remainder of his lifespan.

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath. Suddenly, a tremendous change occurred in his saber technique.

Earlier on, it was tough and ferocious. In the blink of an eye, it was as gentle as the ripples on the surface of a water, spreading continuously.

The Ripple stance of Sea Calming Manual.

Countercurrent represented toughness while Ripple represented softness.

Softness was different from weakness where the latter referred to powerless.

The softness of water could grind away the edge of stones!

The softness of water could penetrate a rock!

The softness of water could engulf everything!

Softness countered hardness.

When Su Zimo used Ripple, he did not fight the golden-robed old man head-on. Instead, everything was a tap-and-go. The saber changed angles swiftly and a series of ripples formed each time it struck!

Every single attack looked weak and powerless, but they were fatal.

The sudden change caught the golden-robed old man off guard. In a moment of carelessness, two wounds appeared on his arm and blood gushed out as he retreated continuously.

“That’s all there is to Sealers!”

Su Zimo smirked.

Against Su Zimo’s mockery, the golden-robed old man calmed down quickly and his eyes were cloudy and expressionless – nobody could read his thoughts.

He was looking for an opportunity.

He wanted a perfect opportunity to unleash his power as a Golden Core and kill Su Zimo in exchange for his life!

At the moment, the golden-robed old man was expressionless.

However, his heart had a surge of sadness and he could only sigh internally.

At the end of the day, he had reached this inevitable step.

Part of the reason why he did not unleash his power as a Golden Core immediately was to hold back Su Zimo, allowing Pei Chunyu sufficient time to escape.

At the same time, in the depths of his heart, he still feared death.

He was different from the skinny old man from before.

If the skinny old man were to return to the Malevolent Earth Sect alive with the fiend heir dead, he would receive extremely cruel punishment which was worse than death!

That was why the skinny old man could unleash his power as a Golden Core so easily as he did not have any psychological burdens.

The moment the fiend heir was dead, he was already a dead man as well.

However, for Glass Palace, Pei Chunyu was still alive.

The golden-robed old man still harbored hope that he would be able to force Su Zimo back without unleashing his power as a Golden Core.

However, it was a pity that his hope was about to be crushed mercilessly.

Su Zimo’s gaze was fervent. As though he could read the golden-robed old man’s mind, he spoke again without stopping in his attacks, “Actually, you had a chance to kill me.”

The golden-robed old man was unmoved and continued defending against Blood Quencher’s Ripple expressionlessly.

He knew that Su Zimo was attacking his mental state!

In a fight, top experts would often provoke their opponents to reveal openings so as to seize the advantage.

Smiling gently, Su Zimo continued, “Your only chance was to work together with the Sealer of Malevolent Earth Sect. If two Sealers were to unleash their powers as Golden Cores and fight me with all their might, I would have most likely died. It’s just a pity…”

The golden-robed old man’s eyes flickered and an imperceptible ripple appeared in his mind!

Although he knew that Su Zimo was attacking him mentally so that he would reveal an opening, the golden-robed old man felt a strong sense of frustration and indignance!

Those words struck a chord in his heart!

A gleeful expression flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes. “It’s just a pity that you were too afraid of death. Even now, you harbor hope of surviving. But actually, you know in your heart that you’ll definitely die today!”

“You… ”

The golden-robed old man’s expression changed and was about to say something when his hand slowed down, revealing a major opening.

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up as he strode forward, slashing in reverse towards the golden-robed old man’s throat with a chilling killing intent!

All of a sudden!

A terrifying aura burst forth from the golden-robed old man.

“Su Zimo, you’ve been tricked!”

Ignoring the incoming saber, the golden-robed old man suddenly unleashed his power as a Golden Core, engulfing Su Zimo with a gigantic palm. “Even if I have to die, I’ll take you with me!”

“Not good!”

Uncle Liang’s heart skipped a beat and he turned pale with fright when he saw that.

Others might not read the situation clearly, but he understood it well given his experience.

At first, Su Zimo saw that he could not take down the golden-robed old man and began attacking the latter mentally to break the stalemate.

Initially, the golden-robed old man was unmoved.

However, after a few sentences, the golden-robed old man was enraged and revealed an opening.

There was naturally no way Su Zimo would let the opportunity go as he took advantage of the situation and charged forward.

But in reality, that opening was revealed by the golden-robed old man intentionally!

That was the reason why he said that Su Zimo was tricked.

The golden-robed old man was waiting for Su Zimo to rush forward with no room to retreat before killing the latter by unleashing his power as a Golden Core!


Uncle Liang sighed and shook his head. “He’s still too inexperienced after all…”

Before he could finish his sigh, a soft laugh came from the battlefield.

“Fufu, the one that was tricked… is you.”

It was Su Zimo’s laughter.

Although he was initially at the battlefield, by the time his sentence was completed, Su Zimo had already ran far away from where he was.


The golden-robed old man’s palm slammed onto the ground, creating a clear palm print.

He missed!

What happened stunned all the cultivators once more.

Standing from afar, Su Zimo looked at the golden-robed old man with a mocking gaze and a fake smile.

At that instant, the golden-robed old man aged considerably.

A gigantic dimensional crack had already appeared behind him, devouring him mercilessly like a demon from Hell, leaving him with no corpse!

After pondering for a while, Uncle Liang came to a realization.

Initially, he thought that Su Zimo was tricked by the golden-robed old man’s intentional opening.

However, the truth was that, Su Zimo had also read the golden-robed old man’s intentions and pretended to charge forward before escaping far away after the latter unleashed his power as a Golden Core.

It was a bloodless battle of psychological warfare.

A single mistake and he would have lost everything and died on the spot!

Both parties schemed and fought several times but in the end, Su Zimo came out on top and baited the Sealer to his death!

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