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Chapter 423: I Hate to Be Threatened

In reality, if not for his protection talisman, Xue Yang would have been killed by Su Zimo’s slash!

Even then, Xue Yang was injured and sent flying after his protection talisman was shattered against the slash.

The cultivators in the cave abode were shocked when they saw that!

That was an outcome that none of them expected!

Nobody imagined that the fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect would not be able to withstand a single slash against Su Zimo!

Although part of it was because Xue Yang underestimated his opponent, the strength that Su Zimo displayed once again refreshed everyone’s impression of him.

Who could have imagined that he was the one to obtain the Saber Emperor’s inheritance.

Furthermore, he had even managed to cultivate to the level of Force!


The skinny old man that was initially idle by the side strode a half-step forward with a changed expression, wanting to interfere.

But right after, when he saw the shadow behind Su Zimo’s back, he was relieved and stood back.

Pei Chunyu was now at Su Zimo’s back!

Given their proximity, no cultivator would be able to fight head-on against a Glass Palace disciple of the same cultivation realm without being disadvantaged.

Furthermore, Su Zimo had just released Countercurrent and his power was at its weakest right now.

The power of Force took an immense toll on Foundation Establishment Cultivators and Su Zimo could not use it repeatedly as well.

Therefore, both Sealers knew that Su Zimo would either be severely injured or dead given Pei Chunyu’s precise timing of attack!

“Let the body be like glass, transparent inside out and cleansed of impurities, turning indestructible!”

Pei Chunyu’s eyes shimmered like glass as he chanted.

With every single word, his aura would change.

In the end, there was a mysterious luster covering his muscles, flawless like glass, that raised his aura to a maximum point!


Pei Chunyu’s black hair fluttered without any wind. Arriving behind Su Zimo, he shouted as he whirled his gigantic fists and smashed down viciously at Su Zimo’s head!

The gloves that he was wearing were perfect spirit weapons.

Five spirit lights shone with a bedazzling glow and illuminated the entire cave abode.

Pei Chunyu’s palm was like a blazing sun that shone brilliantly, charging at Su Zimo with a furious killing intent.

With a dark gaze, Su Zimo glared at Xue Yang who was sent flying, seemingly indifferent towards Pei Chunyu who was behind him.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden!

The terrifying sound of tsunamis gushed from within Su Zimo’s body. Accompanied with the sound of rumbling thunder, it sent shivers down one’s spine.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Without even turning back, Su Zimo channeled his bloodline and his tendons shifted. He slashed in reverse against Pei Chunyu’s fist with a surging blood beam.


The saber and fist collided into a deafening roar, causing sparks to fly.

Indeed, Su Zimo could not release his saber force continuously.

However, after attaining lesser mastery of the Orifice Clearing section, his skin, flesh, tendons, bones, marrow, organs and seven orifices now formed a major Heavenly Cycle and he was sufficiently strong with just the power of his bloodline and body!

Grunting dully, Pei Chunyu’s expression changed starkly as he retreated repeatedly.

His feet dug into the ground with every step, creating a deep footprint.

The confidence in Pei Chunyu’s eyes was gradually replaced by terror.

He truly hadn’t imagined that Su Zimo would have the energy remaining to force him to retreat even after inflicting a severe injury on Xue Yang!

Although he was not injured and his palm was merely trembling slightly with a vague pain, that was enough to have him shocked.

This meant that he was definitely not Su Zimo’s match if they were to exchange blows when the latter was in his peak condition!

He wouldn’t have a much better outcome compared to Xue Yang’s current condition!

In that instant, countless thoughts flashed through Pei Chunyu’s mind.

But at that moment, Su Zimo made use of the momentum created by clashing against Pei Chunyu to rebound himself, speeding faster and vanished from where he was.

His figure howled forward like a sprinting stallion.

He was so fast that the void was buzzing wherever he passed!

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo arrived in front of Xue Yang!

The tides had turned entirely.

Even the two Sealers did not manage to react, let alone the Foundation Establishment Cultivators that were watching.

After he was sent flying by Su Zimo, Xue Yang wanted to retreat with the opening created by Pei Chunyu’s attack – he wanted to consume elixirs before joining hands with Pei Chunyu to kill Su Zimo.

However, that thought had just flashed across his mind when he heard the sound of Su Zimo and Pei Chunyu clashing.

The next moment, his vision blurred and Su Zimo had already closed in to him!

It was too fast!

“How could this be?”

Xue Yang was horrified out of his wits.

Even if he was in his peak condition, he was not Su Zimo’s match given this distance, let alone the fact that he was now injured!

“You… ”

He merely said a single word when Su Zimo’s massive palm covered his vision.

Without his bone spear by his side, it was too late even if he had other spirit weapons in his storage bag.

Xue Yang could only prop up his arms instinctively to try and block against Su Zimo while seizing the opportunity to escape.


Su Zimo did not show any mercy as he crushed Xue Yang’s arms immediately upon contact. The latter’s bones protruded from his flesh with blood and flesh in a terrifying sight!


Xue Yang exclaimed tragically.

The next moment, Xue Yang’s voice stopped abruptly.

Su Zimo descended upon Xue Yang and gripped his throat, lifting the latter up to defend in front of him!

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

At the same time, a few bone spears shot over.

A few bone spears that were shooting over stopped in their tracks immediately upon seeing that Xue Yang was in Su Zimo’s hands.

Not far away, the skinny old man had already attacked and wanted to kill Su Zimo with his bone spear to rescue Xue Yang. However, he was still a tad too late.

At that moment, Xue Yang was in Su Zimo’s hands and the skinny old man did not dare to be reckless, wary of the consequences.

The situation was now in a deadlock.

Since the start of the battle, everyone had subconsciously held their breaths in concentration and had already forgotten to breathe.

It was only now that they heaved out long breaths.

The way everyone looked at Su Zimo changed.

Xue Yang was not an ordinary cultivator of Malevolent Earth Sect, but the fiend heir!

A dignified fiend heir was gripped by Su Zimo by the throat just like that, eyes bulging and tongue sticking out slightly with a purplish expression without being able to say anything.

Xue Yang’s arms dangled lifelessly by the side with his bones crushed, clearly already crippled.

With his arms crippled, Xue Yang would most likely not amount to much in the future even if he managed to survive.

“Su Zimo, let him go and we can put aside the feud between you and Malevolent Earth Sect temporarily! I can also spare your life!” The skinny old man said slowly with a grim expression.


Raising his brow, Su Zimo laughed.

The skinny old man continued, “You don’t have to worry. As a Golden Core, I’ll definitely stick to my words.”

“And if I don’t let him go?”

Su Zimo’s tone was indifferent as he asked with a fake smile.

The skinny old man’s tone was frosty. “If you don’t let him go, you’ll definitely die today!”

“Is that so?”

Retracting his smile, Su Zimo replied coldly, “I hate to be threatened by others.”


There was a crisp sound.

Su Zimo crushed Xue Yang’s throat and flung the corpse on the ground casually, as though he had just done something extremely insignificant.

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