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Chapter 422: Complete Suppression


Standing in the air, Su Zimo’s gaze was sharp as a knife as it lingered for a moment on Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang’s faces. Suddenly, he threw his head back and laughed into the skies with absolute arrogance. “The two of you actually think you can kill me at your level?”

The cultivators in the cave abode were dumbfounded in shock.

Back in Tianhuang Mainland, Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect were recognized by the masses as super sects and were renowned for their powerful combat strengths.

The five heretical doctrines and four unorthodox groups were similar to those two sects in terms of status and reputation.

However, disciples of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects were the strongest when it came to combat strength!

Su Zimo made a name for himself after the bloody battle on the long street.

Later on, he destroyed the Poison Sect faction in the ancient battlefield singlehandedly and his reputation skyrocketed further.

However, everyone still felt that Su Zimo was far inferior compared to the disciples groomed by super sects with impressive foundations such as Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect.

Right after, Su Zimo’s next sentence caused an uproar!

“Pei Chunyu, Xue Yang, the two of you have tried to kill me countless times. Don’t think of leaving today, die!”

Putting away the perfect Meridian Unlocking Elixir, Su Zimo withdrew Blood Quencher from his storage bag slowly. Flicking his wrist, the saber shone brightly with spirit light and buzzed.

“Su Zimo really doesn’t know what’s good for him.”

“That’s right. One of them is the successor of Glass Palace and the other’s the fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect. What does an unknown cultivator have to challenge those two strong cultivators?”

“He’s a frog in the well at the end of the day. I doubt he even knows about Sealers.”

Many cultivators shook their heads and looked at Su Zimo like they were looking at a fool.

Normally, Sealers wouldn’t attack.

However, they would naturally come forth if the successors of their sects were in danger.

That was the reason why even Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang did not dare to claim that they could kill one another.

If they were pushed to their limits and the Sealers were forced to act, both sides would suffer immense losses and neither would benefit.

But now, with the Sealers watching, Su Zimo’s declaration of killing Pei Chunyu and Xue Yang merely attracted mocking laughs.

The Sealer of Glass Palace was a golden-robed old man.


The golden-robed old man’s eyes flickered with mockery and disdain.

The Sealer of Malevolent Earth Sect, a skinny old man, smirked in ridicule.


As though he had heard the greatest joke in the universe, Pei Chunyu laughed repeatedly. “Su Zimo, you can’t recognize the situation even now. Today, I’ll let you know just how strong immortal sects are!”


Xue Yang laughed sinisterly. “Su Zimo, it’s your honor to die in the hands of the successors of immortal and fiend sects.”

“Immortal and fiend sects? All of you bullsh*ts can’t even fight against my saber!”

Su Zimo roared and six spirit meridians shone beneath his robes, channeling his spirit energy to the max. With a flash, he lunged towards Xue Yang at an extremely fast speed.

Even under such circumstances, Su Zimo still dared to attack first with a torrential aura!

“You must have a death wish!”

Although Malevolent Earth Sect also had a body tempering technique, it was weaker compared to top body tempering sects such as Glass Palace and Overlord Palace.

If Pei Chunyu was the one that charged over, Xue Yang would definitely retreat and keep his distance.

However, when he saw that it was Su Zimo, Xue Yang did not retreat or avoid knowing that he had a higher cultivation realm. Gripping his bone spear tightly, the spirit energy within his body that was tainted with malevolent aura shot forth, piercing towards Su Zimo in midair!


The bone spear in Xue Yang’s hands coiled in strange circular arcs, resembling a viper. It made a strange sound when it pierced through the void.

Many cultivators were secretly shocked when they saw his spear technique.

Notwithstanding the power of Xue Yang’s pierce, that spear technique alone was enough to awe!

Everyone felt that they were in a difficult situation and could only retreat.


At the same time, Pei Chunyu moved.

Fast as lightning, his eyes shone with a shimmering luster and killing intent as he leaped forward and pounced towards Su Zimo’s back!

Pei Chunyu’s plan was very clear.

If Xue Yang’s spear killed Su Zimo, Xue Yang would be in a state where he was recovering from his momentum and would definitely reveal openings.

Pei Chunyu would be able to seize that moment of weakness to injure Xue Yang severely!

On the other hand, even if Xue Yang did not manage to kill Su Zimo, he could make use of that opportunity to kill the latter while stealing away his storage bag.

No matter the outcome, Pei Chunyu would be the biggest winner!

At that moment, he did not realize that he missed out on a possibility…

On the battlefield.

Afterimages of the spear were everywhere along with malevolent aura and it was difficult to identify between reality and illusion.

Su Zimo was in midair when suddenly, the spirit wings behind his back vanished!

Everyone was shocked when they saw that.

To them, the only way for him to escape was to utilize his spirit wings and dash away instantly.

Even so, he might not be able to escape from Pei Chunyu’s pursuit entirely.

But now that Su Zimo’s spirit wings were gone and he was falling freely, it meant that he had no way of escaping and had to fight Xue Yang head-on!

Although it was only a slight movement, the atmosphere in the battlefield changed miraculously.

Descending from the skies, Su Zimo gripped his saber like a fearless god and suppressed Xue Yang completely in terms of aura!


When they saw that, the expressions of the two Sealers changed.

Without waiting for them to think further, Su Zimo shouted, “Countercurrent!”

A huge saber descended from the sky.


The blood light expanded and the sound of a sea tide surged.

Alarmed, the two Sealers exclaimed, “Saber force!”


The golden-robed old man’s expression and he murmured, as if he had just thought of something, “That saber technique resembles…”

“Sea Calming five stances!” The skinny old man muttered.

Instantly, a piece of news that they had heard more than ten days ago flashed through the minds of all the cultivators.

The disappearance of the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea.

Another cultivator had obtained the Saber Emperor’s inheritance after a thousand years.

So, it was him!

It was no wonder why Su Zimo disappeared for a period of time after the bloody battle the long street and was able to uproot Poison Sect with unparalleled dominance upon his return!

Everything made perfect sense all of a sudden.

Everyone’s doubts vanished.

Against Countercurrent, Xue Yang’s spear technique seemed extremely crude and weak.

All the spear shadows dissipated instantly, revealing the true spear!


Blood Quencher collided heavily against the bone spear and billions of arcs of lightning surged within the blood beam, drowning and cleansing the malevolent aura on the bone spear!


It was a complete suppression in terms of aura, technique, bloodline and power!

Xue Yang yelled in pain as his palms split open with blood flowing out.

Instantly, the bone spear flew from his hands and was repelled. Turning into a cold streak of light, it pierced deeply into the wall behind him and the end of the spear trembled endlessly.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Against the impact of that terrifying slash, Xue Yang’s protection talisman was shattered instantly as he collapsed, spitting out a mouthful of blood!

He was severely injured after a slash!

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