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Chapter 424: Dimensional Tear

Instantly, the cave abode went so silent that a pin drop could be heard.

Many cultivators looked at the corpse that laid on the ground like a dead dog in absolute disbelief, unable to say anything.

It was too ruthless!

The fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect was slaughtered just like that!

Even though immortals and fiends have been irreconcilable since ancient times, even Pei Chunyu would not dare to show no mercy in the presence of a Sealer!

The Sealer was bound to make a move if the fiend heir dies!

Everyone looked at Su Zimo as though they were looking at a dead man.

Sealers were all elderly who had reached the end of their lives.

However, even eight meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators were no match for the power of Sealers!

Golden Cores and Foundation Establishment Cultivators were on completely different levels. The moment one formed a core, their destinies no longer belonged to the heavens and their lifespans would increase to 500 years.

In terms of strength, it was a complete suppression!

The wrath of a Golden Core was not something that a Foundation Establishment Cultivator could deal with!

Many cultivators started to back off slowly, trying to get as far away from Su Zimo as possible lest they were implicated.

Pei Chunyu and the golden-robed old man of Glass Palace exchanged glances when they saw this – both could see the joy in the other’s eyes.

This was the best situation for them!

Glass Palace could just sit this one out and reap the spoils later.

No matter which side stood victorious, Glass Palace would be the biggest winner!

“Good. Very good.”

The skinny old man from Malevolent Earth Sect’s expression darkened completely as he glared at Su Zimo with malice. The aura that he emanated turned increasingly terrifying and sent shudders down one’s spine!

Narrowing his gaze, Su Zimo held Blood Quencher and faced off against the skinny old man without losing out in terms of aura.

He had fought a real Golden Core before and had even managed to kill him.

Previously, Su Zimo had the help of Night Spirit, his right blood bone palm, various environmental and external factors. That was how he managed to kill a Golden Core that was at the end of his lifespan.

In terms of actual strength, Su Zimo was definitely no match for a Golden Core.

But now, he had a chance of winning.

This was the ancient battlefield and the moment anyone uses the power of a Golden Core, a dimensional tear would occur to reject them!

In other words, if the Sealers wanted to make use of their powers as Golden Cores, they only had a single chance to attack.

As long as Su Zimo could survive that attack, the Sealers would be the ones to die.


The skinny old man raised his foot and lightly landed.

In that instant, the earth and mountains shook!

Under countless gazes, a huge crack appeared on the ground and extended continuously, arriving beneath Su Zimo’s feet in an instant.


A pair of spirit wings appeared and Su Zimo soared into the skies while conjuring a spirit art with his hand. He touched his middle finger and thumb, creating the sign of a seal that possessed endless might!

Fiend Suppression Seal!

The crack on the ground was deep and dark, shooting forth with an ink-like black malevolent aura. Rumbling, a gigantic palm was formed and it grabbed towards Su Zimo who was in midair!

The malevolent aura surged and black fog filled the air, causing the wind and clouds to change!

The pitch-black palm resembled a ghost claw that extended from Hell with the power to forcibly pull all living beings into the abyss!

Even the cultivators who had retreated far away felt chills when they caught sight of that palm, let alone Su Zimo who was standing in the epicenter of the battlefield.

That was the power of a Golden Core to be able to suppress everything!


At the same time, a loud sound came from above the cave abode.

A gigantic golden palm descended from the skies, glowing with blinding golden radiance. The imprints on the palm could be seen clearly and it possessed a holy aura that could not be encroached upon by evil – it’s aura was so terrifying it seemed like it wanted to purge all demons!

The spirit energy in Su Zimo’s dantian had already reached its limit and his six spirit meridians rumbled as spirit energy gushed wildly.

The reason why he chose to use the Fiend Suppression Seal was because it carried a holy aura that could purge evil and was a natural enemy against the malevolent aura.

Even then, the Fiend Suppression Seal alone was not enough to fight against the spirit art released by a Golden Core.


The two palms collided and produced a deafening sound!

Lights of two different colors, gold and black, intertwined and collided. A terrifying halo of power spread out, causing the entire cave abode to shake on the verge of collapsing.

Right in front of everyone, the golden palm paused for a moment before dissipating.

As for the black palm shrouded with malevolent aura, it had clearly weakened!

Many cultivators could not help but feel shocked when they saw that.

If the both of them were at similar cultivation realms, the divine power within the golden palm would have been able to suppress the skinny old man’s spirit art!

Clang! Clang!

After the two palms collided, a sharp sound of swords humming sounded.

18 supreme-grade flying swords hovered in front of Su Zimo, shining brightly with spirit light.

They intertwined in midair, leaving streaks of sword scars. They condensed into a sharp sword formation that emitted endless sword qi!

It was the Candlelight Sword Formation!


A huge sword-shaped disk was formed and charged towards the gigantic black palm, buzzing and trembling!

The black palm opened up, as if it wanted to blot out the sky, and grabbed the Candlelight Sword Formation directly.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Initially, the sword-shaped disk was still spinning continuously. However, it came to a stop after being grabbed by the black palm and let out a sorrowful sound.


The sword formation dispersed and the 18 flying swords scattered everywhere.

The malevolent aura surrounding the black palm faded even more.

Although the Candlelight Sword Formation had dissipated, its power was so terrifying that it riddled the black palm with holes!

The Fiend Suppression Seal and Candlelight Sword Formation consumed a huge amount of spirit energy and they were also Su Zimo’s trump cards.

Even after Su Zimo’s two trump cards, the remaining power of the Sealer’s spirit art was still terrifying enough to destroy everyone!


The black palm descended and enveloped Su Zimo before closing its grip tightly!

Su Zimo’s figure was held in the center of the black palm and he was instantly engulfed by the spreading malevolent aura.

It was over.

Although it was blocked by the Fiend Suppression Seal and Candlelight Sword Formation, this was still the power of a Golden Core after all.

Even if Su Zimo’s physique could withstand the grip of the black palm, he would be killed the moment the malevolent aura of a Golden Core seeped into his body and corroded it!

On the other side, a tear appeared in the void behind the skinny old man. It gave off a terrifying aura and dragged him inside immediately!

The dimensional tear!

The rules of the ancient battlefield could not be breached at the end of the day.

The skinny old man did not have the chance to strike a second time.

Before the dimensional tear closed, the skinny old man’s body was already torn to pieces with blood spewing and spraying everywhere, leaving nothing behind!

A moment later, the dimensional tear slowly closed.

Many people had complicated expressions upon seeing this.

“If he wasn’t targeted by a Sealer, a cultivator like him would have been able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the young elites of the various major factions.”

“He asked for it by being so arrogant and insolent!”

“It’s true that he’s a rare genius to be able to obtain the Saber Emperor’s inheritance. What a pity…”

“There’s nothing to be pitied. A fallen genius isn’t a genius and will definitely be forgotten by others in the end.”

“It was quite an honorable death for him to exchange his life with a Sealer’s.”

Some looked regretful, some gloated while others shook their heads and sighed.

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