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Chapter 418: Consciousness Inheritance

Right then, Su Xiaoning walked out slowly from the crowd with a dazed expression, as if she had entered a trance, and walked slowly towards the Elixir Refinement Hall before them.

Her chest shone with a mysterious brilliance.

As she approached the hall, the brilliance intensified and turned dazzling, almost enveloping Xiaoning’s figure entirely!

“This is…”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Standing by the side, Su Zimo did not stop her.

Back in the capital of Great Zhou, he had already noticed that the Elixir Furnace was extraordinary. After entering the ancient battlefield, his conjecture was further verified.

Upon arriving here, Su Zimo could almost confirm that the mysterious Elixir Furnace had a deep connection to Elixir Pool Sect!

Right in front of everyone, Xiaoning walked towards the hall step by step, reaching out with her jade-like hand to touch the seal of the hall gently.

To everyone’s surprise, she was not repelled by the seal!

On the contrary, the mysterious emblems that revolved on the surface gathered towards Xiaoning continuously, as if they were attracted by something.

“Consciousness Inheritance!”

Uncle Liang exclaimed.

All the cultivators present let out envious expressions when they heard that.

In the ancient battlefield, elixirs and treasures were not the most precious things. The true opportunities came from obtaining the inheritance of ancient mighty figures and sects!

In truth, the Saber Mountain Spirit Sea was one of those.

In certain sects, true secret skills were not preserved in the form of cloth, bamboo slips or manuals, just in case they were leaked to outsiders.

There was a possibility that the Elixir Refinement Hall before them contained many elixir recipes of the ancient era.

However, the true secrets of Elixir Pool Sect must definitely be within that Consciousness Inheritance before them!

In other words, Su Xiaoning was the only one that obtained the true secrets of Elixir Pool Sect!

“Why is it her?”

Someone could not help but ask.

Tang Yu replied, “Xiaoning must be in possession of an extremely important token of the Elixir Pool Sect. The Elixir Refinement Master that this token belonged to must have been a legacy disciple of Elixir Pool Sect!”

Stroking his long beard, Uncle Liang said with great gratification, “There’s a chance for our sect to restore the former glory of the Elixir Pool Sect after this girl obtains its inheritance and joins our sect!”

Su Zimo was truly relieved as well..

Initially, the reason why Elixir Yang Sect took Xiaoning in was because they wanted to rope him in for his strength..

He was worried that she would suffer after joining Elixir Yang Sect.

But now, that worry was completely unfounded.

After obtaining Elixir Pool Sect’s inheritance, if Xiaoning were to cultivate diligently after joining Elixir Pool Sect coupled with the help of the mysterious Elixir Furnace, she would definitely turn out to be a top-tier Elixir Refinement Master with unlimited potential in the future!

Tang Yu came to Su Zimo’s side and whispered, “Don’t worry, Fellow Daoist Su, after returning to the sect, I’ll definitely take Xiaoning to the sect master along with Uncle Liang to report about this matter. Our sect master is an Elixir Refinement Grandmaster with high standards. Even until now, she has only accepted one personal disciple.”

“I’m sure she’ll definitely take a liking to Xiaoning and take her under her wing.”

Su Zimo nodded.

An Elixir Refinement Grandmaster!

Although Elixir Refinement Masters and Elixir Refinement Grandmasters sounded similar, their statuses were starkly different!

There wasn’t a single Elixir Refinement Grandmaster in the entire Great Zhou Dynasty!

Above Elixir Refinement Masters were Great Elixir Refinement Masters and Elixir Refinement Grandmasters were after that!

Many Elixir Refinement Masters have never been on the verge of reaching the level of a Great Master in their entire lives, let alone be a Grandmaster.

In the field of weapon refinement, there were also the titles of Great Master and Grandmaster.

Although Su Zimo had the help of his spirit perception and had even managed to refine a perfect spirit weapon, he was still only a Weapon Refinement Master.

He could only turn into a Great Weapon Refinement Master after becoming a Nascent Soul and gaining the capabilities to refine Dharmic weapons!

In other words, in order for one to become a Great Master, they had to be accomplished both in their craft and their cultivation realm.

The sound of clothes tearing through the air sounded behind them. More cultivators had broken through the blockade of the pure-blooded ferocious beasts and were speeding towards the Elixir Pool Sect ruins.

“Everyone, stand in formation and protect Xiaoning!”

Tang Yu ordered decisively.

The most important thing for them right now was to ensure Xiaoning obtained Elixir Pool Sect’s inheritance without being interrupted.

Regardless of whether those arriving were friends or foe, Elixir Yang Sect would not allow a single mistake to happen in the inheritance process!

Before long, around twenty cultivators rushed over, looking wretched and filled with wounds – they were all cultivators of Thousand Crane Sect.

Shocked, Su Zimo hurriedly patrolled the crowd.

He only let out a sigh of relief after seeing that Leng Rou was fine as he walked over with Tang Yu.

“Sister Manman, are you alright?”

Tang Yu withdrew a few bottles of elixirs and handed them over.

Feng Manman looked listless and was covered with wounds. She thanked Tang Yu for the elixirs and hurriedly consumed them.

Although she had elixirs as well, the effects of hers could not compare to those of Elixir Yang Sect’s.

On the other side, Leng Rou was also badly injured and looked even more pale. However, her expression was cold as ever and a slight warmth only flickered through her eyes upon seeing Su Zimo.

Su Zimo also had some elixirs given to him by Tang Yu in his storage bag.

Because they were not perfect-grade, he wouldn’t consume them. As such, he took them all out and handed everything to Leng Rou.

She did not decline or stand on ceremony with Su Zimo.

After the bloody battle on the long street, the friendship between them had far surpassed that of ordinary fellow disciples.

Feng Manman consumed the elixirs and rested for a moment before she noticed the group from Elixir Yang Sect standing in front of the Elixir Refinement Hall. Shocked, she exclaimed, “There’s so many of you?!”

“What?” Tang Yu froze.

Sighing, Feng Manman chuckled bitterly. “It’s already a blessing that we’re able to survive against the pure-blooded ferocious beasts. There’s only twenty-odd of our thousand cultivators that are left. To think that you guys have more than four hundred cultivators remaining! That’s incredible!”

Tang Yu looked at Su Zimo without saying anything.

If he hadn’t fought at the front for the entire journey, Elixir Yang Sect would have been annihilated long ago!

“Also, we got lucky,”

Feng Manman sighed and said, “Initially, the pure-blooded ferocious beast, the Gu Bird, blocked us and we couldn’t get away. Later on, it seemed like it was attacked and couldn’t handle it. We only managed to get here by seizing that opportunity. Even then, there’s only these few of us left.”

“Ah! We saw the same thing!”

Tang Yu replied hurriedly, “The Zhu Yan was blocking our path but out of nowhere, a mysterious beast appeared and injured the Zhu Yan severely.. That was how we managed to get over here successfully!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Initially, he was confused over why Night Spirit hadn’t returned after so long.

After hearing Feng Manman’s words, he gradually understood.

After killing the Zhu Yan, Night Spirit went to kill the Gu Bird as well!

Before he could finish his thoughts, Su Zimo heard little fatty’s voice from not far away.

“That’s bl*ody lucky! That Nine Neonate was way too scary! It spits fire and water that severely injures or kills upon contact! We can’t even get close to it! Luckily some black thing appeared out of nowhere and killed it or we would have all died there!”

Shi Jian remarked as well, “Yes, we saw that too. After killing the Nine Neonate, I think that black thing went off for the other two pure-blooded ferocious beasts, the Hook Snake and the Huo Dou.”

Su Zimo’s mouth cramped up when he heard that.

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