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Chapter 419: Thank You, Night Spirit

“Bro, you guys are here too! That’s good, that’s good,”

Little fatty’s eyes lit up when he caught sight of Su Zimo and the others. He ran over immediately and his loose robes couldn’t cover all his trembling fats.

All six of them managed to arrive here despite their close encounters. Naturally, that was a cause for joy.

Feng Manman cupped her fists. “Thousand Crane Sect will not be laying a hand on anything in this Elixir Refinement Hall. We’ll head in and check out if there are any ancient talisman manuals that have been preserved.”


Tang Yu nodded.

Leng Rou bid farewell to Su Zimo and the others.

Tomb Sect and Puppet Sect did not bring many cultivators into the valley to begin with and now, they were left with even less.

Little fatty and Shi Jian followed the commanders of their respective sects and left to venture deeper into the ruins in search of treasures and opportunities.

At that moment, a black shadow flashed not far away like a ghost. It crept stealthily to Su Zimo’s side without anyone noticing it at all!

Night Spirit had returned!

There was a bloody thing in its mouth, resembling a ball of meat as the stench of blood filled the air.

Su Zimo took a casual glance and paid no attention initially.

But right after, as if he thought of something, Su Zimo turned back and looked carefully, causing his eyes to twitch uncontrollably!

It was the Zhu Yan’s head!

Its neck area was clearly torn off by sharp claws and it was missing an eye. Biting on its snapped head, Night Spirit had returned just like that!

“Eh? Isn’t that Night Spirit?”

Tang Yu smelled the stench of blood and turned to see Night Spirit with a bloody thing in its mouth, standing beside Su Zimo.


Su Zimo replied without saying anything more.

Tang Yu frowned slightly.

Suddenly, she realized that something was amiss.

Night Spirit seemed to have disappeared for a period of time, right after the Zhu Yan appeared…

However, everyone’s attention was drawn to the Zhu Yan and they were all trying their best to escape. No one paid any attention to whether Night Spirit was among them.

Tang Yu could not remember clearly as well.

No matter how she tried, she could not recall Night Spirit with them during that period of time, as if it had vanished into thin air.

Hesitantly, she asked, “Fellow Daoist Su, was Night Spirit with us the entire time?”

“Yes, it was,”

Su Zimo nodded with a calm expression.

“Then, what’s that?”

Pointing to the blood lump in Night Spirit’s mouth, Tang Yu asked in confusion.

Su Zimo replied ambiguously, “I don’t know either. It must have bitten that off the corpse of a random ancient remnant beast on the way here.”

By now, the Zhu Yan was completely disfigured. Its flesh was torn in a mess and its head was dyed red with blood – there was no way Tang Yu could recognize it.

Tang Yu was even more confused after asking.

Pondering for a moment, she could not come up with a conclusion and let the matter go for the time being.

After Tang Yu left, Su Zimo turned to Night Spirit and whispered, “Why did you lug that head back? Why didn’t you eat it outside?”


Putting the Zhu Yan’s head on the ground, Night Spirit extended its paw and pointed to it before pointing to Su Zimo.

If anyone else saw it, they wouldn’t have understood what Night Spirit meant.

However, Su Zimo knew and he asked with a frown, “You mean to say that’s for me to eat?”

Night Spirit nodded and licked its lips with a trace of reluctance on its face.

Su Zimo smiled and shook his head. “You can have it. You haven’t eaten much good food all these years.”

Although Su Zimo devoured meat and drank blood back in Cang Lang Mountain Range for his demonic cultivation, it was for the sake of survival – he was a human after all.

Su Zimo truly did not have much appetite when he looked at that bloodied head.

When Night Spirit saw that Su Zimo had no intention of eating, it rubbed its head against him before stretching out its paw and piercing a hole on top of the Zhu Yan’s head.

A moment later, a milky white gooey liquid flowed out from the hole, giving off a fragrance that made one’s appetite whetted!

“This is…”

Blinking, Su Zimo seemed to have thought of something.

It was the Zhu Yan’s brain!

Back in the ancient manuals of Ethereal Peak, there was a remark at the end of the section about the Zhu Yan.

An ancient mighty figure ate its brain for food and praised, “The fragrance in your mouth is endless!”

It was clear how delicious the Zhu Yan’s brain was for an ancient mighty figure to give such an evaluation.

Night Spirit used its tongue to lick the brain that seeped out and revealed an intoxicated expression.

After a while, it lifted the Zhu Yan’s head again and handed it over to Su Zimo, indicating to him that he could just suck from the hole.

Night Spirit was becoming more and more humane and was clearly at the peak of Foundation Establishment. It could condense an Inner Core at any time and transform itself, taking on human form!

Su Zimo felt a sense of warmth in his heart but still shook his head nevertheless, saying with a smile, “Eat it. I’m still not used to eating something like this.”

Night Spirit turned to look at Su Zimo with slight disbelief.

It could not understand how someone would not like a delicacy as such.

Night Spirit only picked up the Zhu Yan’s head after ensuring that Su Zimo was truly unmoved. Sucking strongly from the hole in the head, Night Spirit drank the Zhu Yan’s brains cleanly with a couple of gulps!

It even licked its lips wistfully, yearning for more.


Crying once more, Night Spirit swayed its tail and nimbly circled it in front of Su Zimo.

Su Zimo focused his gaze and saw an egg-shaped object pierced on the tip of the tail. It was around the size of a fist and contained an emerald green liquid beneath its skin.

“This is… the Hook Snake’s gallbladder?”

Su Zimo pondered for a moment before probing.

Nodding, Night Spirit handed the gallbladder in front of Su Zimo, indicating for him to eat it.

If the Zhu Yan’s brain was considered as a rare delicacy, the Hook Snake’s gallbladder was considered as one of the rarest herbs in the world!

A single drop of the Hook Snake’s gallbladder juice would ensure that an ordinary mortal could live a long life healthily without any ailments.

For cultivators, their immunity systems would improve significantly after consuming it, allowing them to be resistant to most poisons!

Su Zimo fondled Night Spirit’s head and whispered, “Night Spirit, have it yourself. I can be considered immune to all poisons now so I don’t need it.”

Night Spirit went silent.

After a moment, its eyes lit up and it raised its head in Xiaoning’s direction, crying a couple of times.

“Are you saying that you want to feed Xiaoning the gallbladder?” Su Zimo asked.

Night Spirit nodded and made a few gestures.

Su Zimo understood.

Night Spirit was saying that it failed to protect Xiaoning from being poisoned the previous time round and that it wanted to give this to her as an apology gift. Xiaoning would not have to worry about getting poisoned in the future after consuming the gallbladder.

Su Zimo remained silent.

Be it the Zhu Yan’s head or the Hook Snake’s gallbladder, both of them were the most precious parts of those two beasts respectively!

After retrieving them, Night Spirit did not think of itself but him and Xiaoning.

It wanted to share the delicacy with him and help Xiaoning improve her constitution.

The reason why Night Spirit acted the way it did was because it treated Su Zimo and Xiaoning as its closest kin!

Su Zimo went up and hugged Night Spirit around the waist, patting it on the back while saying softly, “Thank you, Night Spirit.”

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