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Chapter 417: Arriving at the Ruins

Although everyone else could not see clearly against the night fog, Su Zimo could.

In that short while, the Zhu Yan had already gained dozens more wounds on its body that were so deep its bones could be seen. Its flesh was torn and its white fur was already stained with fresh blood.

The Zhu Yan grabbed Night Spirit that was on its back and yanked the latter down!

However, Night Spirit had already dug its claws into the Zhu Yan’s flesh long ago.

By yanking Night Spirit down, the Zhu Yan caused a large piece of its flesh to be ripped off with fresh blood spraying everywhere!


The Zhu Yan had never suffered such injuries before and roared furiously as it grabbed Night Spirit and smashed it onto the ground!

If that smash was realized, Night Spirit would definitely suffer even with its physique!

In midair, a black shadow darted by.


It was Night Spirit’s tail, piercing through the Zhu Yan’s arm.

In that instant, blood gushed out in a stream and one of the Zhu Yan’s arm was crippled on the spot!

It fell limply to the side and the Zhu Yan’s strength decreased. After rolling on the ground, Night Spirit got up safely and glared at the Zhu Yan coldly while licking its lips.

Su Zimo heaved out a sigh of relief.

In that short while, the Zhu Yan had already lost an eye and arm and there were dozens of wounds on its body that bled non-stop.

It panted heavily.

Initially, blood was a trigger for its ferocity.

But now, the Zhu Yan was afraid.

It was way too severely injured!

Ever since it was born, it had never experienced such serious injuries.

The Zhu Yan sensed a hint of death.

Looking at that black figure that was countless times weaker than it close in, the Zhu Yan felt an inexplicable sense of fear well in its heart while shattering his guts!

That fear seemed to originate from the depths of its bloodline, from deep in the memories of its lineage.

As if recalling something, the Zhu Yan shuddered. Its lone eye was filled with fear as it turned and fled without hesitation.

Su Zimo shook his head secretly upon seeing that.

The Zhu Yan might have had a chance of surviving if it chose to fight Night Spirit head-on with its life.

But now that its back was exposed to Night Spirit, it was dead for sure!

Su Zimo led the Elixir Yang Sect group ahead, sprinting in the direction of the Elixir Pool Sect ruins.

The beast stampede had dispersed, leaving only a couple of scattered ancient remnant beasts that no longer posed much of a threat.

As the Zhu Yan fled, the path ahead was clear.

On the other side, there were four other pure-blooded ferocious beasts that were keeping Glass Palace, Malevolent Earth Sect, Puppet Sect, Thousand Crane Sect and all the other sects outside.

Elixir Yang Sect was the first to arrive at the Elixir Pool Sect ruins!

Apart from Su Zimo who could still stand, Tang Yu and the rest were slumped on the ground, drenched in sweat. Their faces were pale as they panted heavily.

Everyone felt deeply exhausted after the journey!

The exhaustion came not only from the body, but also from the spirit.

The pressure of advancing at the boundaries of death where death was imminent was enough to make everyone feel exhausted!

Thankfully, they survived.

They rushed out of the encirclement of the Ancient Blood Mosquitoes, broke free of the Ground Dragon’s pursuit, paved out a path from the beast stampede and arrived at the Elixir Pool Sect ruins against the obstruction of the pure-blooded ferocious beasts.

Everyone felt surreal.

Everyone was laughing.

It was an indescribable joy that came from surviving a calamity.

Everyone revealed a hint of gratitude and reverence in their eyes as they gazed at the only figure that could remain standing among the crowd.

If not for that man, they would have died a long time ago.

Even Uncle Liang could not deny that he had underestimated Su Zimo still.

When he saw the ancient remnant beast stampede, Uncle Liang expected that the best outcome was if 10% of their thousand cultivators managed to survive.

When he saw the pure-blooded ferocious beasts blocking the way, he already had the intention to retreat.

He truly hadn’t expected that more than four hundred Elixir Yang Sect cultivators would have managed to arrive at the Elixir Pool Sect ruins alive under Su Zimo’s lead!

Tang Yu raised her head slightly and looked at Su Zimo’s back view with a dazed expression.

Just who in the world are you?

Suddenly, she was filled with immense curiosity towards Su Zimo.

“What was that mysterious beast that fought with the Zhu Yan?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t manage to see it clearly.”

“It’s fortunate that the mysterious beast appeared to help us or we would have been doomed.”

Some of the Elixir Yang Sect disciples discussed softly as they consumed elixirs to recover their strength.

After resting for a short while, Tang Yu stood up and clapped, declaring, “Everyone, now is not the time to rest. Let’s check out what treasures Elixir Pool Sect has!”


Everyone replied.

The cultivators supported one another and stood up, entering Elixir Pool Sect under Tang Yu’s lead.

Despite the passage of time, many of Elixir Pool Sect’s palaces and buildings remained intact.

Before long, Xiaoning suddenly tugged Su Zimo’s sleeve.

He turned around and saw her pointing to her chest where a mysterious Elixir Furnace was placed!

“There’s a reaction?”

Su Zimo asked.

“Yes, it’s getting hotter,” Xiaoning replied.

Su Zimo nodded – the mysterious Elixir Furnace was most likely related to Elixir Pool Sect of the ancient era!

Everyone continued advancing while Su Zimo turned around and frowned slightly.

Night Spirit had not returned yet.

Logically speaking, this period of time should be enough for Night Spirit to kill the Zhu Yan. However, Su Zimo could not find any trace of Night Spirit at all.

He did not think too much about it.

In such an environment, even if Night Spirit met with danger, it would be able to escape unscathed given its alertness and methods!

The largest palace in Elixir Pool Sect was its Elixir Refinement Hall!

The Elixir Refinement Hall was right in front of them, especially striking in the ruins with its majesty and height of over a hundred feet.

Even from afar, everyone could still smell a faint medicinal fragrance.

Every single treasure in the Elixir Refinement Hall was something that Elixir Yang Sect wanted!

If the recipe for the Meridian Unlocking Elixir was preserved, it could only be in a single place – the Elixir Refinement Hall right before them!

Speeding towards the Elixir Refinement Hall, everyone arrived at its entrance before long.

Tang Yu raised her brow slightly as she gazed at the palace before her.

It was shrouded with a mysterious light that contained faint blurry words – a seal was still existent!

Reaching out, Tang Yu touched the door of the hall gently.

The moment her palm reached the surface, it was repelled by the power of the seal.

She was not allowed to enter!

This was a little tricky.

Frowning, she started thinking of a strategy.

A cultivator came forth and said, “Can’t we join forces to dispel the seal on the surface of this hall?”

“This seal has existed for countless years without being destroyed. How could it be dispelled so easily?”

Pondering for a moment, Uncle Liang said slowly, “Legend has it that the Elixir Refinement Hall is Elixir Pool Sect’s most important inheritance ground. Other than legacy disciples, nobody can enter easily! By the looks of it, that legend should be true.”

“Elixir Pool Sect has disappeared since the ancient era. How could there be any legacy disciples left?” A cultivator shook his head.

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