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Chapter 401: Who is Du Kai?

Xuantian City, North, Elixir Yang Sect.

After settling Su Xiaoning down, Tang Yu sent another order for all Elixir Yang Sect cultivators to be on their guard and watch out for anyone suspicious.

She was extremely wary of Poison Sect.

After all, it was hard to guarantee that Poison Sect wouldn’t do anything extreme for revenge after losing a core disciple who could release the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison!

It was never wrong to plan ahead.

Furthermore, after what happened, Tang Yu had an uneasy feeling. In fact, it was like a premonition that something big was about to happen.

The atmosphere within Elixir Yang Sect became tense after Tang Yu’s series of orders.

Almost all the cultivators were activated. Ten people formed a small team while a hundred people formed a large team as they took turns to patrol Elixir Yang Sect’s area.

Right then, two cultivators came together, a man and a woman. The man was handsome and the woman looked cold – they were Ji Chengtian and Leng Rou.

Ji Chengtian was originally cultivating in his room but he heard a commotion outside for a long time, as if something big had happened.

He came out and asked around before finding out the news that Xiaoning was attacked and Su Zimo had returned. Instantly, he hurried forth to find out more about the details.

Leng Rou was originally cultivating in Thousand Crane Sect and had only found out about this when she heard Thousand Crane Sect cultivators discussing about it. By the time she got here, she bumped into Ji Chengtian.

When Tang Yu saw the two of them, she greeted and nodded. “Fellow Daoists, you’re just in time. I was about to warn you guys to watch out. Your group has been targeted by Poison Sect.”

“How is Xiaoning? I heard that she was poisoned?” Ji Chengtian asked.

“She’s fine now,”

Tang Yu smiled. “She’s currently asleep. I reckon she’ll recover after resting for a couple of days.”

“What about Zimo?”

Leng Rou suddenly asked.

Tang Yu replied, “He said that he’s going out for a walk. I guess he’ll be back soon. Do you guys want to wait here for a while?”

When they heard that, Ji Chengtian and Leng Rou’s expressions changed. The two of them exchanged glances – both could tell of the worry in the other’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Sensing something amiss through their gazes, Tang Yu could not help but ask.

Ji Chengtian said deeply with a solemn expression, “Zimo has most likely gone to cause trouble for Poison Sect.”


Tang Yu was stunned for a brief moment before replying hesitantly, “It… can’t be, right?”

Sighing gently, Ji Chengtian shook his head. “You haven’t known Zimo for long so I guess you don’t understand his character too well yet. Although he looks calm and gentle, he has a sharp edge in his bones!”

“If it was anybody else, they might be able to suck it up after considering about Poison Sect’s strength. But, not Zimo.”

Leng Rou added, “Furthermore, Poison Sect targeted Xiaoning.”

Dragons possessed Reverse Scales[1] and anyone who touches it will die – Xiaoning was equivalent to Su Zimo’s Reverse Scale.

Recalling Su Zimo’s attitude before he left, Tang Yu frowned. “However, he seemed like he was rather calm and did not have any strong killing intent.”

“How is that possible?”

Ji Chengtian and Leng Rou shook their heads.

Given Su Zimo’s personality, there was no way he would let things go especially after something happened to Xiaoning!

Ji Chengtian asked, “What did Zimo say to you before leaving?”

“Nothing much. I urged him to calm down and told him that he would only be seeking a moment of pleasure even if he killed a few Poison Sect cultivators. Not only would it not help, he would even incur Poison Sect’s maniacal revenge.”

After thinking, Tang Yu continued, “Furthermore, he even agreed to my viewpoint at that time and said that I was right!”

Ji Chengtian’s expression changed slightly as he took a deep breath of air. “There should be no mistake. Zimo has definitely gone to Poison Sect!”

“Huh?” Tang Yu was confused.

“I’m guessing that Zimo merely said half of what’s on his mind. He did not verbally say out the second half.”

“What half?” Tang Yu asked subconsciously.

“You are right, so… I’ll go and kill everyone from Poison Sect!”


Tang Yu’s expression changed starkly and her eyes were filled with shock.

“T-This! Fellow Daoist Su is alone! Wouldn’t he most likely die by going there?”

“There’s bound to be countless hidden weapons and traps at Poison Sect’s residence! He…”

Tang Yu was panicked and murmured, “Fellow Daoist Su is way too reckless! Even though he’s indeed strong, Poison Sect cultivators are extremely sinister in their methods! He hasn’t even heard of Poison Sect’s Seven Lethals! There’s no doubt he’ll be disadvantaged!”

“I don’t know whether he’ll be disadvantaged,”

Ji Chengtian shook his head. “But what I do know is that this is something Su Zimo will definitely do. That’s the type of reaction he should have!”

“I’ll go back and ask for backups from the Thousand Crane Sect cultivators.”

Without wasting time, Leng Rou turned to leave.

Tang Yu composed herself and said in a deep voice, “I’ll gather forces right now and try to head to the city’s south as soon as possible. I hope I’m not too late.”

City’s South, Poison Sect.

In a spacious hall, the doors were tightly shut. Although it was noon and the sun was scorching outside, there was not much light within the hall and it seemed dark and creepy.

In the darkness deep within the hall, a voice sounded from the center.

“How long has Lu Ang been gone for?”

The voice was sharp and feminine with a hint of coldness that made one shudder.

“Senior Brother Du, it’s been almost four hours.”

A cultivator appeared and cupped his hands.

“That’s long…”

The dark feminine voice sounded again, seemingly impatient.

“From what I know, there are three people in the city’s north. Apart from Su Xiaoning, there’s also Ji Chengtian and Leng Rou. It’ll probably take him some time to poison all three of them to death.”

The person who spoke was Wei Qi, a six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator of Poison Sect.

The person hidden in the darkness was the commander of Poison Sect’s expedition, seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator, Du Kai!

“Those are just small fries. The person I want to kill is Su Zimo!”

Du Kai’s voice was filled with endless killing intent. “Anyone who dares to touch anybody from Poison Sect will have to enjoy the taste of our methods!”

A short moment later, Du Kai asked again, “Where did that Su Zimo go to? Why isn’t he back to the city yet?”

“Don’t worry, Senior Brother Du. His sister is in Xuantian City so he’ll definitely be back!” Wei Qi replied with certainty.

Right then, a commotion could vaguely be heard outside.

Du Kai frowned and did not take it to heart.

This was the territory of Poison Sect – even super sects such as Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect wouldn’t dare to tread lightly!

However, the commotion grew closer before long and there were screams and cries of pain mixed in it.


Du Kai narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Wei Qi, go and see what’s happening outside.”


As soon as Wei Qi stood up, there was a loud bang and the ground shook!

The entire hall was on the verge of collapse as dust rustled down.

Suddenly, the door exploded and countless gravel flew in all directions. Sunlight spilled in, restoring some light in the hall.

At the entrance of the hall, under the sunlight, stood a figure that although wasn’t too tall, was filled with a sharp killing intent and a torrential aura!

“Who is Du Kai?”

The person’s gaze was burning and was even brighter than the scorching sun outside!

[1] A spot on a dragon’s body where the scale goes in reverse. It’s said that anybody who touches it will incur a dragon’s unstoppable wrath

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