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Chapter 402: Who Can Stop Me?

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In the hall, Wei Qi dodged multiple incoming rocks and looked extremely wretched as he turned his gaze towards the door.

When he saw the intruder, he exclaimed in shock, “Ah, it’s Su Zimo!”

Du Kai was initially extremely composed deep in the hall. When he heard that name, his eyes narrowed to a slit and shone with a cold glint as he smirked cruelly.


Su Zimo’s eyes shifted onto Wei Qi’s face and shone brightly with a sharp killing intent. In a flash, he appeared before the latter.

It was too fast!

Wei Qi merely felt his vision blur and his throat clamp up – he was lifted entirely from the ground with Su Zimo choking his throat!

“You’ve seen me before?”

Su Zimo asked coldly with a razor gaze.

Poison Sect had only entered Xuantian City a couple of days ago and during that time, Su Zimo was not in the city – he was on the saber mountain.

It was normal for Poison Sect to have heard of his name. However, it was strange if someone knew his identity at first glance.

With Su Zimo choking him, Wei Qi could barely breathe and looked extremely terrible. His eyes turned bloodshot and bulged out from their sockets as his tongue stuck out.

“I… saw you before… in that cave abode!”

Wei Qi stuttered with fear in his eyes.

He knew extremely well that the person before him was going to snap his throat if he hesitated even slightly!


Su Zimo nodded and understood instantly.

There had always been a doubt in his mind.

How did Poison Sect that was in the ancient battlefield know about him killing a cultivator of theirs in the Golden Core cave abode?

So, there was a second Poison Sect cultivator in the crowd back then!

In other words, the final statement made by the Poison Sect cultivator before his death was for this cultivator so as to send a message back to the sect to take revenge for the former!

“Very well. You can die now.”

Exerting strength in his palm, Su Zimo crushed Wei Qi’s throat and tossed the corpse aside.

Right from the beginning, Du Kai sat deep in the hall without moving, watching everything curiously with a mocking gaze.

Outside the hall, Poison Sect cultivators from all over the place were starting to gather.

“Su Zimo, you’ve got balls. To think that you would dare barge into the territory of Poison Sect! Hehehe!” Du Kai laughed sinisterly, like a violent ghost in the dark.

“Poison Sect?”

Su Zimo sneered, “I can come and leave as I please. Who can stop me?”

“Hahaha! How brazen! Do you really think that you can kill our cultivators just like that?”

Du Kai burst into laughter and stood up, declaring coldly, “Poison Sect cultivators are filled with poison from head to toe. You must have a death wish for killing our cultivator with your bare hands! Why don’t you take a look at your palm and see if it’s starting to turn black? I urge you…”

Su Zimo raised his palm and Du Kai’s voice stopped.

His palm was still jade-like white and looked pristine without any traces of poison!

Instantly, Du Kai’s face darkened.

Although the poison coated on Wei Qi’s body was not one of the Seven Lethals, it was more than enough to kill more than ten ancient remnant beasts. In fact, even pure-blooded ferocious beasts might be half-dead against this poison!

However, Su Zimo was completely fine?

He was completely unaffected?

Du Kai had seen everything clearly – there was no glove or protective equipment on Su Zimo’s palm.

Even if he racked his brains, he would not have imagined that Su Zimo possessed such terrifying power in his bloodline.

The toxic poison that could eliminate ancient remnant beasts was completely washed away by Su Zimo’s immensely terrifying bloodline right after entering his body!

Everyone else viewed Poison Sect as a great threat but they were nothing much to Su Zimo.

The Seven Lethals of Poison Sect were the only things that could threaten him!

“Du Kai, was it? You don’t have to wait for that Poison Sect cultivator to return anymore. He has already died on the long street in the city’s north!”

Striding widely, Su Zimo advanced towards Du Kai. “Additionally, my sister’s life is in no danger. Sorry to disappoint you!”

Du Kai’s gaze turned cold and suddenly, he stomped his feet just as Su Zimo was closing in.

Instantly, a warning flashed through Su Zimo’s mind as his legs stumbled – the floor had suddenly sunk in!

It was already too late to summon his flying sword by then.

With a whoosh, a pair of gigantic spirit wings extended from Su Zimo’s back!

Although there was nothing beneath his feet, he could soar through the air.

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

Swift sounds shot through the air continuously and were extremely soft. Su Zimo might not have heard them if he hadn’t cleared his ear orifices.

The moment the floor slab beneath his feet sank in, a poisoned needle as thin as cow’s hair shot up from the darkness below – it was the Heart Seeking Spike, one of Poison Sect’s Seven Lethals!

With his spirit perception’s warning, Su Zimo had already activated his wings a moment earlier and charged towards Du Kai who was in the depths of the hall.

A blue Heart Seeking Spike brushed by Su Zimo, missing by a bare inch!

At the entrance of the hall, many Poison Sect cultivators swarmed in, summoning their spirit weapons one after another.

Most of the Poison Sect cultivators were using weapons that were extremely cunning. The only thing they had in common was that they were all coated with poison, reflecting in rainbow colors against the sunlight.

In midair, Su Zimo slapped his storage bag.


18 supreme-grade flying swords were summoned, buzzing and gleaming with spirit light as they emitted an endless sharpness.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Speeding through the air, the 18 flying swords left behind streams of sword qi that shone brightly.

It was the Candlelight Sword Formation!

Su Zimo did not show any mercy at all. He started off right away with his strongest immortality cultivation killing move, the Candlelight Sword Formation!

Even if they did not form a sword formation, the power of 18 supreme-grade flying swords bursting forth together was already sufficiently terrifying, let alone the might of a sword formation.

Now that Su Zimo was already at six meridian Foundation Establishment, the strength of the Candlelight Sword Formation increased as well – even ordinary seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators wouldn’t be able to withstand the killing might of the sword formation!

The advantage of Poison Sect cultivators was in their usage of poisons.

However, in terms of actual strength, they were similar to cultivators of ordinary sects.


Su Zimo pointed forward and hollered softly.

Right after, the 18 flying swords gathered together with their tips pointing outwards in unison, forming a gigantic sword-shaped circular disk. 18 rays of sword qi were released like a blazing sun and was extremely dazzling!

The moment the sword formation entered the crowd, a gaping hole was formed!

The strongest of the Poison Sect cultivators were only at seven meridian Foundation Establishment. None of them could withstand the rush of the Candlelight Sword Formation as a blood mist formed with broken limbs flying everywhere.

Most of the Poison Sect cultivators had their lives hanging on a thread and could not spare any attention to deal with Su Zimo!

While releasing the Candlelight Sword Formation, Su Zimo withdrew a gigantic blood-colored saber from his storage bag that emitted a boundless might!

Clang! Clang!

The saber quivered, buzzing with a murderous metallic sound.

In that instant, Su Zimo had already lunged in front of Du Kai. Swinging Blood Quencher, he descended from the skies with a loud roar, “Die!”

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