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Chapter 400: Meet Yama!

Su Zimo asked, “Why haven’t I seen anyone from Poison Sect previously?”

“Poison Sect only entered Xuantian City a few days ago. I reckon it should be for the Elixir Pool Sect ruins as well.”

Tang Yu looked at Su Zimo and said, “Although they only have slightly over a hundred people for this expedition, all Poison Sect cultivators are filled with poison and they specialize in killing opponents above their levels. Even super sects such as Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect don’t want to provoke them.”

In reality, Tang Yu’s statement was a reminder for Su Zimo to not offend Poison Sect lest he attract trouble and get himself killed.

Su Zimo smiled but did not say anything.

Upon seeing that Su Zimo did not seem to have taken anything in, Tang Yu continued, “Actually, Poison Sect was the one who suffered an immense loss this time round. Not only did they lose a strong cultivator of the sect, Xiaoning is completely fine. I’m sure that they must be feeling cautious after that failure. In the coming period, as long as we strengthen our defenses, Poison Sect will not dare to attack us rashly.”

After a slight pause, Tang Yu added, “Furthermore, even if you go and kill a few Poison Sect cultivators and return safely, so what?”

“It’s only for a moment of pleasure. Instead, you form a deep grudge with them that cannot be resolved. Thereafter, you will have to live life fearing that they might take revenge at any moment. It’s not worth it.”


Su Zimo nodded after pondering for a moment. “You are right.”

Tang Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief after Su Zimo replied. She relaxed and revealed a bright smile.

A glint flashed across Su Zimo’s eyes as he asked, “What are the Seven Lethals of Poison Sect?”

“Poison Sect’s Seven Lethals refer to the seven most powerful hidden weapons or poisons of Poison Sect. For Qi Refinement Warriors and Foundation Establishment Cultivators of Poison Sect, they can only make use of two of the Seven Lethals, the Heart Seeking Spike and the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison.”

“The Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison is a purplish-green powder and anyone who touches it will most likely di—”

Glancing at Su Xiaoning at the side, Tang Yu suddenly stopped speaking.

There was someone in front of them that managed to survive against the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison!

Tang Yu knew that Su Xiaoning must have some sort of a secret on her body. However, she was smart and chose not to ask about it.

“Heart Seeking Spike?”

Su Zimo asked reminiscently, “Is it a blue colored spike that is as thin as a cow’s hair?”

“That’s right!”

Tang Yu nodded. “The terrifying part of the Heart Seeking Spike is not the poison coated on the needle, but itself.”

“Itself?” Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Tang Yu explained, “The Heart Seeking Spike is thin as a cow’s hair. After entering one’s body, it would flow along with the bloodstream until it ruptures the heart! It’s useless even if one purges away the poison on the needle, the Heart Seeking Spike will still find its target and kill it.”

Su Zimo nodded.

That explained why he felt his heart skip a beat when he was faced with that blue needle the other day.

The feeling did not come from the poison on the Heart Seeking Spike, but the needle itself.

In that short while, Su Xiaoning had fallen asleep. With a flushed face and steadied breathing, she was looking better.

“Young Master Tang, help me take care of Xiaoning. I’ll go out for a walk.”


Tang Yu nodded and did not think much about it, merely reminding Su Zimo to not wander far and be careful.

It was noon when Su Zimo left Elixir Yang Sect.

Standing at a street corner at the city’s north, Su Zimo raised his head and looked at the sun expressionlessly. Instead of fearing the blinding sunlight, his eyes revealed coldness in them.

“Poison Sect.”

Su Zimo spat out two words.

He walked south along the long street of Xuantian City.

The south of the city was originally guarded by two of the five heretical doctrines, Puppet Sect and Tomb Sect.

A few days ago, Poison Sect entered Xuantian City and forcefully took over a part of the city’s south territory.

Originally, this place was green and filled with weeds growing rampantly. However, within a few short days after Poison Sect settled down, the grass had all withered and died!

The entire place turned sinister and desolate and even insects and ants disappeared, as if there were no signs of life apart from those of Poison Sect.

This noon, a green-robed cultivator arrived. He looked elegant and scholarly, walking with one hand behind his back.

“Eh? That guy seems a little familiar?”

“I think he’s the one from the bloody battle on the long street. Su Zimo, was it?”

“Yes, that’s him!”

“Strange. What is he doing at Poison Sect’s territory?”

Far away, some cultivators noticed Su Zimo.

After all, he was the only person in the territory of Poison Sect and he was strikingly obvious with his green robes that did not match the attire of Poison Sect.

Before long, in front of everyone’s watchful eyes, Su Zimo arrived before the residence of Poison Sect.

Two Poison Sect cultivators whose faces looked pale and yellow stood on each side of the door. They stared at Su Zimo who was approaching with disdain in their eyes.

To them, Su Zimo looked extremely weak and did not seem like a threat.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was not wearing a sect badge on his waist. In other words, this was not somebody from a super sect.

“What are you doing here?”

The Poison Sect cultivator on the left asked with a raised brow.

Smiling gently, Su Zimo pointed to the residence and asked instead, “This is Poison Sect, right?”

“So what if it is?” The other cultivator sneered.

Without replying, Su Zimo asked again, “Is Du Kai here?”


“You must have a death wish!”

The Poison Sect cultivators were enraged and shouted.

The cultivator on the left hollered coldly, “The name of Senior Brother Du isn’t something the likes of you can casually call out!”

The other cultivator added with a dark, sinister gaze, “Punk, you had better give me a reason not to kill you. Otherwise, I’ll let you meet Yama[1] in a moment!”


Su Zimo grinned. “Why wait a moment? I’ll send you guys to meet him right away!”

Taking a step forward, Su Zimo suddenly extended his palm and swung it in reverse.

With a thud, his arm whipped out like the trunk of a mystic elephant and smashed heavily against the head of the cultivator on the right!

The person’s brain juices splattered and he died on the spot without uttering a single word!

The cultivator on the left was flabbergasted – he had not expected Su Zimo to try and kill them in Poison Sect’s territory.

“You… ”

He had just said a single word when Su Zimo had already closed in. Without saying anything, Su Zimo pushed him palm down on the person’s head and exerted strength!


The person’s head was shoved inside his chest with his neck snapped; he was dead before his body even collapsed onto the ground.

Indifferent even after killing two people, Su Zimo entered Poison Sect’s residence with a calm expression.

The cultivators that were watching from afar had agape mouths – they had yet to react to what just happened.

After a brief moment, there was an uproar!

Something is happening!

Those three words were the only things left in the minds of those cultivators.

They did not know what grudge Su Zimo had with Poison Sect.

However, they knew that something shocking was about to happen in Xuantian City once more!

Exchanging glances, the cultivators deployed movement techniques and scattered everywhere.

Before long, the entire Xuantian City was about to find out about this!

[1] King of Hell. It’s easier to think of him as the Chinese counterpart to Hades.

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