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Chapter 399: Go and Die Then!

The long-faced cultivator had not expected that Su Zimo would possess a spirit perception and had extremely keen senses towards something such as killing intent that was immaterial!

It was logical that the other cultivators would feel hostile towards Su Zimo.

However, the long-faced cultivator felt a killing intent!

Uncle Liang sighed. “Xi Yushan, come clean and you might still have a chance to live.”

The long-faced cultivator named Xi Yushan was thoroughly panicked. He realized that his fellow sect mates that were standing beside him a moment ago had backed off, looking at him warily.

Gulping, Xi Yushan looked towards Su Zimo instinctively.

Su Zimo’s gaze was sharp as a knife, emitting a piercing glint with occasional flashes of lightning. It was unusually sharp and instantly penetrated the last line of defense in Xi Yushan’s heart.

This was the invisible power of his gaze.

This was a level that Su Zimo achieved after clearing his eye orifices and tempering them with demonic qi.

In the mortal world, some hardened killers would often let out savage gazes such that ordinary people would feel fear upon meeting with their eyes.

The eyes were interlinked with one’s guts.

Therefore, in a fight between two people, one might lose his courage if he was intimidated by the latter’s gaze, revealing openings.

In the pugilistic world, among postnatal and connate experts, there was a saying that one had to cultivate their eyes before cultivating their guts and that technique was known as the gaze technique.

In the cultivation world, techniques that could cultivate one’s eyes were all secret skills!

The Bewitching Eye from the Pure Maiden Sect of the fiend sects and the Enraged Vajra Gaze of the Buddhist monasteries were renowned supreme Dharmic techniques.

Demoness Ji rarely had to dirty her hands personally to kill; it was normal for her opponents to commit suicide after receiving a single gaze from her.

Before clearing his seven orifices, Su Zimo did even dare to look at Demoness Ji straight in the eyes casually.

That was also why Su Zimo had headaches each time he saw Demoness Ji and tried to avoid her as much as possible.


Su Zimo took a step forward, his eyes sparkling like lightning as he shouted.

He added a small portion of Thunderclap Kill into saying that word.

Coupled with the fact that Su Zimo had already cleared his mouth orifice, that word exploded like thunder in Xi Yushan’s ears.

Xi Yushan was already extremely rattled by Su Zimo’s gaze. Now that he was shouted at, he almost broke down as he knelt on the ground with a thud and a frightfully pale face.

“I was wrong! I was wrong!”

With a quivering voice, Xi Yushan spoke, “Du Kai of Poison Sect used the Life Severing Powder on me and Junior Brother Pu and he’s the only one with the antidote! We had no choice either!”

Du Kai of Poison Sect!

Tang Yu frowned slightly and explained to Su Zimo, “Du Kai is the commander of Poison Sect’s current expedition. At seven meridian Foundation Establishment, his mastery in poison is deep and he’s a savage person.”

Su Zimo was expressionless and nodded.

When he saw that everyone ignored him, Xi Yushan turned even more fearful and said hurriedly, “Furthermore, I haven’t done anything that betrayed the sect or harmed our fellow disciples! Du Kai was merely targeting Su Zimo’s group and said that he’ll give us the antidote as long as can kill one of them.”

By that point, most of the doubts that everyone had were answered.

The Elixir Yang Sect cultivator that was killed by Night Spirit was also inflicted by the Life Severing Powder of Poison Sect – that explained his actions earlier.

Uncle Liang laughed coldly. “You’ve already betrayed the sect by waiting until now to tell us everything! I’m afraid that you probably won’t hesitate either if Du Kai asked you to kill your fellow sect mates in exchange for the antidote.”

Many Elixir Yang Sect disciples felt their hearts skip a beat and lingering fear.

“No, I won’t!”

Xi Yushan was frantic and shook his head repeatedly.

Tang Yu said with regret in her face, “Junior Brother Xi, you know that the Life Severing Powder isn’t one of Poison Sect’s Seven Lethals. Although we don’t have the antidote, we can ensure you won’t lose your life until we return to the sect. Given the capabilities of our sect’s seniors, they will be able to help you remove the Life Severing Powder with ease. But you…”

“I was wrong! I know that now!”

Xi Yushan begged continuously.

Tang Yu frowned in reluctance when she saw his wretched state.

Uncle Liang sighed internally.

Tang Yu still lacked the determination to kill at the end of the day.

No sect would spare someone like Xi Yushan easily!

Just as Uncle Liang was about to step forth and make the decision to kill Xi Yushan on the spot for Tang Yu, Su Zimo’s voice sounded darkly, “Since you’re so afraid of death…”

“Go and die then!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo raised his leg and kicked Xi Yushan heavily against the chest.


Xi Yushan was sent flying and slammed against the wall completely before sliding down with a trail of blood.

His entire chest was sunk in as his eyes glazed over. With a tilt of his head to the side, he was dead on the spot!

The cultivators watching were dumbfounded.

Tang Yu opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something. However, in the end, she merely sighed without saying anything.


Right then, in the corner, Xiaoning, who was initially sleeping let out a drowsy sound.

Su Zimo hurried over and squatted down. He placed his palm against Xiaoning’s forehead before asking gently, “Xiaoning, how are you feeling?”


Xiaoning opened her eyes slightly and could not see what was before her clearly yet, merely replying instinctively due to the familiarity of the voice.

“It’s me.”

Su Zimo gripped Xiaoning’s hand.

A familiar warmth surged into her heart and instantly, Xiaoning felt much more awake. She tried her best to open her eyes and her lips twitched as she smiled. “Brother, you’re back? I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Su Zimo found himself smiling uncontrollably when he saw Xiaoning’s smile. Pushing her fringe away endearingly, he asked with a slightly reproachful tone, “Why were you so careless?”

Xiaoning stuck out her tongue and blinked multiple times.

Coming towards them, Tang Yu took out a jade bottle. “This is a Great Essence Nourishing Elixir. Let Xiaoning consume it. Her body has just only purged away the poison and is still weak.”

“Thank you so much.”

Su Zimo nodded and received the jade bottle before pouring out an elixir the size of a fingernail and feeding it to Xiaoning.

There was still something on Tang Yu’s mind as she could not help but ask, “Fellow Daoist Su, did you guys have any feuds with Poison Sect?”

Standing up, Su Zimo could not help but recall the Poison Sect cultivator he killed in the Golden Core’s cave abode back at the borders of the ancient battlefield.

“If you kill me, all of you will have to die on the ancient battlefield!”

Those were the last words of the Poison Sect cultivator.

Su Zimo did not hide anything and nodded. “I killed a Poison Sect cultivator previously.”

“No wonder.”

Enlightened, Tang Yu said deeply, “Poison Sect cultivators are sinister and vengeful. Any cultivator that’s able to use the Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison must have a high position within the sect. That person has most likely arrived at the city’s north to poison all of you to death. It’s just a pity…”

In truth, Tang Yu’s guess was rather close.

The Poison Sect cultivator’s name was Lu Ang and he was also at seven meridian Foundation Establishment. He was sent here to poison Su Zimo’s group to death but he ended up coming across Night Spirit.

The Purple Corpse Corrosion Poison was completely useless when used on Night Spirit!

Lu Ang could not even survive a single round before he was killed by Night Spirit on the spot!

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