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Chapter 366: Reap

There were at least thousands of cultivators gathered by now.

However, at the moment, it was entirely silent outside the courtyard, as though everyone was strangled and could not breathe.

What happened was way too tragic!

The Four Mounted Bandits were renowned for their physiques and melee combat capabilities. Among them, Bao Yunfeng was extremely fast and agile. He was practically invincible among six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators and could only be taken down by seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

If they hadn’t witnessed it personally, nobody would have believed that Bao Yunfeng would have been killed by strangulation in melee combat by a four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator, dying without a corpse!

More than that, no one could believe that someone would dare kill Bao Yunfeng in Xuantian City!

This was big!

Bao Yunfeng’s death was not important. The issue was that many innocent cultivators might be implicated by the rage of the other three violent Mounted Bandits.

On the second floor, the white-robed man put away his fan and suddenly asked with sparkling eyes, “Uncle Liang, what do you think of this person?”

“He’s very strong in melee combat, ruthless and decisive in killing.”

Uncle Liang replied in a low voice, “However, that kid is brash and does not know how to hold back. While he’s straightforward, there is now no room to back off against the Four Mounted Bandits and he’s bound to die.”

“I’m actually rather interested in him,” The white-robed man smiled gently and said.

Frowning, Uncle Liang asked, “You intend to recruit him, young master?”

“Indeed,” The white-robed man nodded.

Uncle Liang continued, “Recruiting him now would be equivalent to offending the Four Mounted Bandits. That’s irrational. The reason why we entered the ancient battlefield this time round is for the ruins of Elixir Pool Sect. It’s inconvenient for us to make such strong enemies.”

Pausing for a moment, Uncle Liang added, “Right now, Glass Palace, Malevolent Earth Sect and some of the other strong factions are lingering around Xuantian City. It’s quite likely that they’re all here for the ruins of Elixir Pool Sect. Compared to Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect, we’re lacking in top experts and are at a disadvantage. We must be careful, young master.”

“Top experts?”

The white-robed man smiled and turned his beautiful eyes, looking at the green-robed cultivator in the courtyard. “There’s one right there, isn’t it?”


Uncle Liang laughed. “Although I’m old, I’m not at the age where my eyes are failing me. While that person is strong in melee combat, I don’t think he’s quite at the level of a top expert, right?”

The white-robed man smiled without replying.

In the courtyard.

After killing Bao Yunfeng with Anaconda Strangle, Su Zimo stood in a puddle of blood, his green robes stained blood-red. Exuding a murderous aura, his gaze was razor-sharp and carried a lethal killing intent!


Instead of retreating after Bao Yunfeng’s death, the hundred odd desperadoes cried out in rage and charged towards Su Zimo wielding chilling curved sabers!

This was the nature of the desperadoes – none of them feared death.

The fierce horses that they rode were all spirit demons at Foundation Establishment realm. With bloodshot eyes and terrifying strength, cultivators were bound to be torn apart if they were rammed by those horses!

Dust billowed as the hundred odd cultivators charged with menacing intent.

If it was anyone else present, they would dodge right away when faced with such an army, afraid that they would be crushed to sludge.

However, Su Zimo did not retreat nor dodge; his eyes lit up as his bloodline churned with the furious sound of tsunamis mixed with rumbling thunder.

His strength increased massively with the churning of his bloodline!


Exhaling, Su Zimo extended a pair of gigantic palms and pushed against the heads of two furious horses that were charging over.

Instantly, his sleeves exploded, revealing two ripped arms where his muscles were knotted together inch by inch. Like molten steel, they exuded the feeling of immense strength!

The momentum of charging, galloping horses was intense.

Cultivators aside, even in the jungle, few spirit demons would dare go against it head-on.

However, the two horses were pressed on the spot by Su Zimo’s palms and could not advance a single inch!

Su Zimo’s feet sank deep into the mud as he stood like an ancient god with a deep and unwavering gaze!

Caught off guard, the two desperadoes riding on the horses were sent flying.

Little fatty and Shi Jian were wielding their gigantic axe and steel rod respectively. Seizing the opportunity, they ended the lives of the two men that were sent flying into the air in a momentary daze.

There was no way the two horses could endure the shock of the collision between two massive forces as they whimpered and died on the spots, their bodies crushed and their tendons and bones shattered.

The riders behind them could not stop in time and all of them fell to the ground in a mess.

On his side, a horse charged towards Su Zimo’s chest.


Sneering, Su Zimo strode forward and raised his knee, ramming over like a horse as well!


The gigantic spirit demon horse was sent flying by a seemingly tiny human and exploded in midair, turning into a mist of blood.


Right then, Night Spirit lowered its front limbs and head in an offensive stance, suddenly letting out a deafening roar from the depths of its throat!

The spirit demon horses that were initially murderous and filled with fighting spirit were instantly scared out of their wits as boundless fear shone in their eyes.

None of those spirit demons recognized Night Spirit.

However, there was a deep-rooted fear that came from the depths of their bloodline in response to that roar!

Some of the horses shivered and buckled to the ground, peeing and shitting themselves in incontinence.

Some of the horses seemed to have gone insane as they threw the cultivators on their backs off. Pushing the crowd away, they fled into the distance at an extremely fast speed.

In the blink of an eye, all the desperadoes were in chaos.

The surrounding cultivators were shocked as their impressions of Night Spirit changed gradually.

Although they were not part of the conflict, they felt a sense of fear the moment Night Spirit roared and almost turned to flee themselves.

Su Zimo slapped his storage bag and 18 flying swords floated in front of him.


Quivering at the same time with a resounding buzz, the 18 flying swords shone endlessly in a bedazzling manner.


“Supreme-grade flying swords! All of them are supreme-grade flying swords!”

“How many people must he have killed to be able to amass 18 supreme-grade flying swords?”

Cries of surprises came from the crowd.

On the second floor, the white-robed man and Uncle Liang exclaimed softly at the same time.

Uncle Liang frowned tightly with an odd expression as he shook his head. “Something isn’t right. Those 18 flying swords are identical in terms of length, width, thickness and even their spirit patterns. They don’t seem to have been mixed. Instead, they should have originated from the same Weapon Refinement Master…”

“As expected, he should be a Sword Formation Master,” Suddenly, the white-robed man said.

Before the white-robed man finished his sentence, Su Zimo waved his hands in the courtyard and the 18 flying swords intertwined in the void, leaving sword scars in their wake.


A formation light shone brightly and illuminated the night skies!

Right after, the 18 flying swords gathered together with their tips pointing outwards in unison, forming a gigantic sword-shaped circular disk. 18 rays of sword qi were released like a blazing sun and was extremely dazzling!

It was the Candlelight Sword Formation!


Su Zimo pointed forward.

The sword-shaped circular disk charged into the crowd, circling around the desperadoes. Boundless blood qi was released and a blood mist formed as limbs were sent flying.

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