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Chapter 367: Elixir Yang Sect

“Sword Formation Master! He’s a Sword Formation Master!”

“No wonder he is able to reach Xuantian City despite only being at four meridian Foundation Establishment. So, that’s his secret.”

Sword Formation Masters were extremely rare in the cultivation world and everyone was shocked.

On the second floor, Uncle Liang took a deep breath. His expression changed slightly as he whispered, “The killing power of that sword formation is so strong!”

“Do you recognize it, Uncle Liang?” The white-robed man asked.

After a long while, Uncle Liang shook his head. “I’ve never seen it before. The might of that sword formation isn’t weaker than those of Ancient Array Sect.”

The four unorthodox groups were Elixir Yang Sect, Thousand Crane Sect, Hundred Refinement Sect and Ancient Array Sect. Gathering all the top Elixir, Weapon, Talisman and Formation Masters of Tianhuang Mainland, those were the havens for these types of cultivators.

All the renowned Sword Formation Masters of the cultivation world were mostly from Ancient Array Sect.

Uncle Liang shook his head again. “It’s a pity that his cultivation realm is too low. If he was at seven meridian Foundation Establishment, he would definitely be able to hold out against the legacy disciples of Glass Palace and Malevolent Earth Sect with just that sword formation alone!”

“Let’s head down and take a look.”

The white-robed man rose and led the way.

Uncle Liang persuaded him, “Young master, that man isn’t going to live for long despite his immense potential. He’ll be dead the moment the other three Mounted Bandits return to Xuantian City. It’s truly not a wise choice to recruit him now.”

“Not necessarily.”

The white-robed man smiled meaningfully.

In the courtyard.

All the desperadoes were six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators. If they worked in unison against Su Zimo, they would definitely be a force not to be reckoned with and might even be able to break the Candlelight Sword Formation.

But now, their formation was scattered into chaos by Su Zimo and Night Spirit and were in a mess – there’s no way they could deal with the killing power of the Candlelight Sword Formation at this point.

Clang! Clang!

The sounds of swords ringing rang incessantly, accompanied by tragic shrieks. Lives were being reaped mercilessly like grass as the desperadoes truly lost their lives!

The dilapidated mansion was dyed with blood.

Flesh aside, even superior-grade spirit weapons would be shattered if they were sucked in by the Candlelight Sword Formation!

The air was filled with the thick stench of blood.

At this moment, even desperadoes could not take it any longer as they scattered and fled in all directions.

In the blink of an eye, the courtyard was left with nothing but corpses that were still warm.

The surrounding cultivators were shocked. To them, the red-stained figure standing in the pool of blood resembled an Asura that had just walked out of Hell!

“Now that Bao Yunfeng is dead, that man is definitely doomed when the other three Mounted Bandits return.”

“Maybe not. They’ll definitely leave this place tomorrow morning and flee far away. They might be able to escape this calamity.”


The person who spoke at the start sneered, “Do you think the three Mounted Bandits are fools? They have survived in the jungles for many years and specialize in tracking people down. Nobody will be able to hide from them!”

Su Zimo put away his 18 flying swords as well as the storage bags of Bao Yunfeng and the others. He was calm as usual, indifferent towards the gossips at the sidelines.

Ji Chengtian and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

The crowd gradually dispersed.

Sensing something, Su Zimo glanced sideways and caught sight of a white-robed man walking over.

The white-robed man was extremely handsome and could be described as ‘perfect’. At first glance, he seemed to be even more beautiful than a woman.

However, what shocked Su Zimo was the fact that an elderly man with a long beard was following behind the white-robed man.

Even though there was no age restriction for the ancient battlefield, the people that entered were typically geniuses and talents of the current generation. The sudden appearance of an elderly man was particularly striking.

Furthermore, Su Zimo’s spirit perception told him that the elderly man was extremely dangerous!

After entering the ancient battlefield, Su Zimo had been through a number of battles. However, he had never experienced such an aura from another cultivator.

It was so terrifying that it made one’s heart palpitate!

Su Zimo gazed deeply at the elderly man before focusing his attention on the white-robed man again.

The white-robed man waved and held his folding fan behind him while cupping his other hand with a smile. “I am Tang Yu. How do I address you, fellow Daoist?”

“Su Zimo.”

Su Zimo’s gaze was fixed on the sect badge on the man’s waist as he replied expressionlessly.

Anyone who dared to display their sect badges in the ancient battlefield were mostly from major sects or factions.

While Ethereal Peak was one of the five major sects within the territory of the Great Zhou Dynasty, it was nothing much in Tianhuang Mainland. Su Zimo and the others hung nothing but a storage bag around their waists.

Although Su Zimo could guess that the white-robed man’s background was far from simple, he could not identify the sect badge nor motive of the latter.

Tang Yu flicked his folding fan open with his slender wrist and waved it gently. “Fellow Daoist, you’ve just arrived in Xuantian City so I think you might not have much of an understanding towards the Four Mounted Bandits. However, I do know some stuff about them.”

“I’m willing to hear it in detail,” Su Zimo nodded.

“The so-called Four Mounted Bandits are arranged based on the dhole, wolf, tiger and leopard. Each of them rides on a different ancient remnant beast that is extremely strong. Among them, the leader, Chai Li, is at seven meridian Foundation Establishment. The others are all at peak six meridian Foundation Establishment and can advance to seven meridian Foundation Establishment at any moment.”

Tang Yu continued, “In Xuantian City, the Four Mounted Bandits are not the strongest. However, the reason why the other top factions are not willing to go against them is because of the existence of a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator among the Four Mounted Bandits.”

“Now that Bao Yunfeng is dead, you’ve sowed a deep feud with the other three Mounted Bandits and there’s no room for negotiation. Even if you escape from Xuantian City, they will hunt you down and a battle will be inevitable.”

Tang Yu spoke confidently and Su Zimo remained silent, looking at him quietly.

After a moment, Su Zimo asked, “What exactly are you trying to say?”

“I can help you,” Tang Yu’s statement was surprising.


Su Zimo raised his brow.

No one was on his side now that he had offended the Four Mounted Bandits – he had not expected that anyone in Xuantian City would offer to help him.

Tang Yu added, “Of course, by help, I don’t mean that I’m on your side entirely to go head-on against the Four Mounted Bandits. That’s not going to benefit me. However…”

Changing the topic, Tang Yu continued, “I can take away any burdens you have.”

“What do you mean?” Su Zimo raised his brow slightly.

Tang Yu’s gaze darted past Ji Chengtian and the rest before landing on Su Xiaoning. After pondering for a while, he suddenly said, “This girl here is an Elixir Refinement Master, right?”

Su Zimo did not reply and was expressionless.

However, Su Xiaoning was stunned and shock flashed through her eyes.

Right from the beginning, she had not revealed anything related to elixir refinement. Yet, the handsome man in front of her saw through her identity immediately – how could she not be surprised.

When he caught sight of Su Xiaoning’s reaction, Tang Yu smiled gently and nodded. “Seems like I was right.”

He continued, “This girl will not be of much help once the battle with the Four Mounted Bandits begins since her cultivation realm is too low. Instead, she will become a burden. However, I can ensure her safety.”

If a massive battle were to break out and everything was chaotic, even Night Spirit might not be able to protect Xiaoning from harm.

Tang Yu continued, “If she’s talented in elixir refinement, I can even offer her a chance to join my sect.”

“What sect are you from?” Su Zimo asked instead.

Proudly, Tang Yu declared, “One of the four unorthodox groups, Elixir Yang Sect!”




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