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Chapter 365: Strangulation!

The surrounding cultivators held their breaths and looked at the two figures fluttering on the battlefield without batting an eyelid.

The two of them fought with swiftness and their shadows intersected at a dizzying rate – victory could be decided within a single blink!

The Four Mounted Bandits were all body tempered cultivators and specialized in melee combat.

Among them, Bao Yunfeng’s specialty was his speed and agility. In his hands, the sharp dagger was like his finger and it was extremely difficult to deal with as it came from tricky angles.

Countless cultivators had died under his dagger.

On the battlefield.

The speed of Divine Steed Fleeting was extremely fast. Just as he was about to slam into Bao Yunfeng’s dagger, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he changed moves, entering the stance of Plow Heaven Stride. With a single step, he stomped onto the ground and halted his figure!


Su Zimo’s feet landed on the ground and the stone slabs on the long street split open, creating a massive ravine. Dust clouds flew into the air and the entire place quaked.

With the Plow Heaven Stride, Su Zimo’s aura intensified as though he wanted to tear the sky apart!

Caught off guard, Bao Yunfeng’s knee buckled and he lost his balance as his pupils constricted.


Su Zimo’s tendons and bones were ringing as his body expanded. Like an ancient god, he reached out with his huge hands that looked soft and weak, lunging towards the two incoming daggers!

A coil and a tremble!


Bao Yunfeng shrieked as his palm cracked open. Blood was dripping from his hands and both daggers flew away.

Everyone was shocked when they saw that.

How strong was that man’s physique to be able to send both Bao Yunfeng’s supreme-grade spirit weapons flying with his bare hands?!

“Not good!”

Bao Yunfeng was alarmed and thought to himself.

However, his reaction was extremely fast as he retreated immediately. Retrieving a protection talisman from his storage bag, he crushed it on the spot and turned to flee!

“Trying to flee?”

Su Zimo harrumphed coldly as killing intent surged in his eyes.

If he allowed Bao Yunfeng to escape into the crowd, Su Zimo would not be able to kill this man if he was blocked by the hundred odd desperadoes.

With a flicker of his body, Su Zimo’s feet sank into the mud before bursting forth!

He covered ten feet with a single stride and caught up with Bao Yunfeng in a few steps, launching a punch to the latter’s skull!


The veins on his fist were exposed and swelled up to twice their size. It was like a huge green-black seal that emitted a blood stench as it descended with a mighty aura.


The Cloud Seeking Leopard reacted faster than cultivators. The moment it sensed its master’s crisis, it roared in rage as its fur stood on end. Emitting a thick demonic qi, it bared its fangs and lunged towards Su Zimo ferociously!

The strength of an ancient remnant beast at the peak of Foundation Establishment was enough to pose a threat to Su Zimo.

If he was struck, Su Zimo’s physique would not be able to deal with it as well and he would be injured or even dead!

However, Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he had already seen a black shadow darting over. He continued punching towards Bao Yunfeng’s head using his fist like a stamp.

Just as the Cloud Seeking Leopard’s claws were about to reach Su Zimo, a muscular shadow rammed over at an even faster speed!



Two bangs sounded at almost the same time.

The Cloud Seeking Leopard was sent flying by the black shadow and dust clouds billowed when the two mighty bodies landed on the ground.

The Cloud Seeking Leopard let out a sad cry.

The black shadow stood up and its cold, shimmering claws extended silently – they have already punctured a few holes on the Cloud Seeking Leopard’s body and blood was gushing out!

This was none other than Night Spirit who was sprawled at the side!

Under the guise of the night, Night Spirit’s scales shone with a cold luster. Its eyes were dark and mysterious, emitting a murderous aura that sent chills down one’s spine!

The Cloud Seeking Leopard struggled and wanted to stand up as it opened its mouth and bit towards Night Spirit’s throat.

This was an ancient remnant beast after all – there was still strength for a final attack despite its massive injuries!

Night Spirit’s tail wagged.

A black shadow darted by.


Like a pitch-black spear, Night Spirit’s tail stabbed through the Cloud Seeking Leopard’s head, entering from the mouth and exiting from the back of its head!

An ancient remnant beast, the Cloud Seeking Leopard, just died on the spot!

At the same time, on the other side, Su Zimo’s gigantic green-black stamp descended and crushed Bao Yunfeng’s protection talisman, landing on the latter’s back with its remaining momentum.


Four spirit lights shone from Bao Yunfeng’s back as a burning inner armor was revealed.

Four spirit patterns, it was a supreme-grade defensive spirit weapon!

Although the power of Su Zimo’s punch was great, more than half of it was reduced because of the protection talisman.

Right after, it was blocked by the supreme-grade defensive spirit weapon and Bao Yunfeng received almost no damage as he seized the opportunity to flee forward.


Bao Yunfeng laughed and yelled, “You’re that bit away from killing me!”

He did not hear Su Zimo’s reply after saying that. Instead, the killing intent behind him intensified, as if a terrifying ferocious beast was chasing him!

Instinctively, Bao Yunfeng turned and glanced behind.

That single glanced scared him out of his wits.

Su Zimo used Divine Steed Fleeting and a series of afterimages appeared in the void behind him; the distance between them had decreased rapidly and Su Zimo was almost reaching him!


The desperadoes that Bao Yunfeng had brought with him realized what was happening as they hurriedly summoned their flying swords and stabbed towards Su Zimo.

Instantly, sword qi filled the air and spirit lights shone brightly.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Lowering his body, Su Zimo was almost sprawled on the ground as he slithered forward. The bones and tendons in his body rang together with a trembling sound. When he stretched out his arms, his body elongated and resembled an anaconda!

Su Zimo’s arms landed on Bao Yunfeng’s waist and he coiled around it weakly.

All the flying swords missed!

At that moment, Su Zimo was almost entirely plastered on Bao Yunfeng’s body. Weak and boneless, he coiled around the latter’s body with cold eyes.

On the second floor, the white-robed man closed his eyes subconsciously.

It was as though he was witnessing an anaconda wrapping itself around Bao Yunfeng’s body. Inhaling deeply, the anaconda’s tendons pulsated and its flesh expanded at a visible speed.


The white-robed man took a deep breath and looked down again.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Bao Yunfeng’s hands were bound as he stood rooted to the ground with the sound of bones cracking ringing from his squeezed body.

Even though the supreme-grade defensive spirit weapon could defend against the sharpness of weapons and soften impacts, it could not withstand this sort of compressional strangulation!

Anaconda Strangle!

Bao Yunfeng’s eyes were bloodshot and bulged as his tongue stretched out, turning into a terrifying shade of purple. From the depths of his throat, he croaked.

The hundred odd desperadoes were shocked at the sight and froze on the spot.

At that moment, Su Zimo and Bao Yunfeng were entangled together.

If they were to attack, there was a high chance that they might injure Bao Yunfeng instead of save him.


The sound of bloodline rumbling echoed from Su Zimo’s body like a terrifying tsunami.


He hollered and his body expanded once more as his muscles swelled. Bursting forth with immense strength, Bao Yunfeng was squeezed into a blood mist!

One of the Four Mounted Bandits had died in Xuantian City!




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