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Chapter 364: Unyielding

Two massive and different auras collided invisibly in the voids, causing the weeds in the courtyard to disintegrate into powder; the air seemed to have gone stale.

A war was about to break out!

Ji Chengtian and the others watched the scene with sweaty palms, feeling as though their hearts were about to stop beating!

The people before them were vastly different from the cultivators at the borders of the ancient battlefield.

These were all desperadoes who were stronger, more violent and fearless! A single clash was enough for them to be wiped out!

No one could imagine the amount of pressure Su Zimo was enduring against such ferocity.

However, nobody, including the cultivators who were watching, could see any traces of fear in Su Zimo’s eyes – he was calm and indifferent.

“To think that he could remain expressionless under such circumstances! That person has a strong heart!”

“So what? That isn’t going to change the outcome. He’s going to die today unless he’s a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator.”

“I heard that he’s only at four meridian Foundation Establishment.”

Bao Yunfeng arrived not far from the mansion riding on his Cloud Seeking Leopard. As he looked down at Su Zimo, the glint in his eyes intensified.

Piak! Piak! Piak!

Suddenly, Bao Yunfeng clapped and nodded repeatedly with glee. “Great, great!”

Everyone was confused, not understanding what Bao Yunfeng meant by that.

A moment later, Bao Yunfeng said, “Green-robed man who looks scholarly, you were the one who killed Chou Wanli?”

“I am.”

Su Zimo admitted to it without hesitation with a calm tone.


All of a sudden, Bao Yunfeng laughed and said leisurely, “My motive originally was to capture you alive and torture you slowly. I’ve got countless methods to make a man suffer a fate worse than death. However…”

With a slight pause, Bao Yunfeng changed the topic. “I’ve suddenly changed my mind.”

Everyone was stunned.

Ji Chengtian and the others were stunned as well, not understanding what Bao Yunfeng meant.

On the second floor, the white-bloused man frowned in deep thought.

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent as he looked at Bao Yunfeng quietly without replying, waiting for the latter to explain.

A look of admiration flashed through Bao Yunfeng’s eyes. “Originally, I thought that you were just a reckless cultivator. Now, I can’t help but admit that you’re quite a character. Chou Wanli didn’t die in vain.”

“I’ll give you a chance. Follow me and I’ll let bygones be bygones!”

When they heard that, a commotion broke out in the crowd.

“What good luck! That person’s life is truly tough for a miracle to appear!”

“Seems like Bao Yunfeng truly holds this man in high regards. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made this decision. Seems like Chou Wanli died for nothing.”

This was a change that many cultivators have not expected.

Initially, all of them thought that Su Zimo was dead for sure. None of them expected Bao Yunfeng to take a liking to Su Zimo and wanted to take the latter as an underling.

“You’ve changed your mind?” Suddenly, Su Zimo asked.

Stunned momentarily, Bao Yunfeng nodded right after. “That’s right! Since you’re new to Xuantian City, let me enlighten you. I am one of the Four Mounted Bandits! In Xuantian City…”

Before Bao Yunfeng could finish, Su Zimo interrupted him, “But, I haven’t changed my mind.”


Bao Yunfeng narrowed his gaze on Su Zimo. “What do you mean?”

Raising his head slightly, Su Zimo looked at Bao Yunfeng expressionlessly and said in an indifferent tone, “Earlier on, I was prepared to kill you. I still am. Therefore… prepare to die.”

The moment he said that, an uproar broke out!

“Is that man crazy?!”

“He’s really asking to die!”

Ji Chengtian and the others were silent.

No matter what, they would support Su Zimo’s decision.

Even though they were not righteous warriors, none of them wanted to be the underlings of villains such as the Four Mounted Bandits.

However, if they were the ones in this life and death situation, they might choose to submit and endure.

They wouldn’t be able to stay true to their hearts and not back down like Su Zimo!

He possessed a fearless spirit!

On the second floor, the white-robed man’s eyes shone brightly as he looked at the green-robed cultivator below, wanting to see through the latter.

In the courtyard.

After hearing that, Bao Yunfeng was stunned for a moment before bursting into laughter that grew louder and louder.

“Fufu, hahaha!”

Even though Bao Yunfeng was laughing, the killing intent in his eyes was intensifying and was almost corporeal!

As one of the Four Mounted Bandits, he was almost unstoppable in Xuantian City and no one dared to provoke him. However, there was now a person who popped out of nowhere boasting of killing him!

“Indeed, I wasn’t wrong about you.”

Bao Yunfeng’s gaze was cold as he leaped down from the Cloud Seeking Leopard and strode slowly towards Su Zimo. Six spirit meridians shone beneath his robes as spirit energy gushed fervently!

Six meridian Foundation Establishment!

“Nobody interfere.”

Bao Yunfeng shouted before smirking menacingly at Su Zimo. “I’m going to kill you personally!”

Before he was done speaking, two shadows shot out in opposite directions.

Shaking his hands, two cold daggers slid out from Bao Yunfeng’s sleeves! They were extremely sharp and shone with four spirit lights!

Supreme-grade spirit weapons!

None of the cultivators at the borders of the ancient battlefield possessed supreme-grade spirit weapons. However, in Xuantian City, Bao Yunfeng revealed two of them right away!


Intertwining his hands, Bao Yunfeng stabbed both daggers towards Su Zimo’s throat at an extremely fast speed!

The strangulation of the two daggers had even vaguely sealed all of Su Zimo’s attack angles!

Melee combat was the most dangerous and any misstep could cause one’s death.

The sharpness of supreme-grade spirit weapons were enough to threaten Su Zimo.

Not daring to be careless, Su Zimo did not reach out head-on with his bare hands. He slid his feet for a sidestep to dodge the two incoming daggers.

In truth, Su Zimo could have summoned Blood Quencher for a head-on fight.

However, Blood Quencher was a perfect spirit weapon after all and it was easy for other cultivators to covet it, leading to endless battles.

Unless he had no other choice, Su Zimo was not going to use it casually within Xuantian City.

His sidestep evaded Bao Yunfeng’s killing move and in a flash, a series of afterimages were left behind as he attacked with his palm at an even faster speed!

That palm carried immense might as his outstretched fingers encompassed everything as though it wanted to rip the world apart!

Ground-rupturing Palm!

Bao Yunfeng’s eyelids twitched in shock as he noticed Su Zimo’s speed and sensed the power of his palm strike.

This guy was too fast and powerful!

Instantly, Bao Yunfeng realized that if he was not in possession of those two supreme-grade spirit weapons, he would not be a match for Su Zimo in terms of strength!

In a flash, Bao Yunfeng composed himself as he yelled with a cold gaze, “Good strike!”

Raising his dagger, Bao Yunfeng stabbed towards Su Zimo’s palm while thrusting his other dagger cleanly towards Su Zimo’s heart.

The stab was extremely obscure but it was a killing move!

If Su Zimo were to advance a half-step more, it would be equivalent to sending his chest into Bao Yunfeng’s dagger!

If it was anyone else, dodging Bao Yunfeng’s counterattack in time would already be considered fortuitous.

However, this was Su Zimo who possessed spirit perception and an unparalleled physique!

Su Zimo who had never suffered a single defeat in a melee fight yet!




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