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Chapter 356: Are You Looking for Me?

Two perfect spirit weapons, three Meridian Unlocking Elixirs and many more supreme-grade spirit weapons were more than enough for the cultivators to lose their minds!

“If we take action, there will definitely be cultivators who will perish under his bow. As long as it’s not me, I’ll have a chance to obtain the perfect spirit weapon and the Meridian Unlocking Elixirs!”

“That bow can load up to 10 arrows at most while we have hundreds and thousands of cultivators. How many can he kill?”

The cultivators were all tempted and harbored designs.

A skinny cultivator was hidden in the darkness, glaring at Su Zimo with a venomous gaze. A blue glint shimmered between his fingers.

A murderous intent started spreading through the stone chamber.


In the crowd, someone shouted and ignited the flames of war.

Su Zimo shot out an arrow in the direction of the voice without even taking a look, killing a Great Xia cultivator that was hidden in the crowd instantly!

Many flying swords tore through the void with sharp intents and spirit qi surged within the stone chamber as spirit arts burst forth.

Su Zimo did not retreat nor dodge. His eyes lit up as he slapped his storage bag and 18 flying swords appeared instantly.

The swords quivered and shone with spirit lights before speeding off, leaving sword scars in the void as a formation light was triggered.

Right after, the 18 flying swords gathered together with their tips pointing outwards in unison, forming a gigantic sword-shaped circular disk. 18 rays of sword qi were released like a blazing sun and was extremely dazzling!

It was the Candlelight Sword Formation!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sounds of metal clashing rang as many superior-grade flying swords collided against the Candlelight Sword Formation and were repelled. They stabbed into the stone chamber’s walls and quivered endlessly.

“That person’s a Sword Formation Master!”

“18 supreme-grade flying swords! There must be even more treasures in his storage bag!”

“What a strong sword formation!”

The cultivators yelled non-stop.


Su Zimo pointed forward and a gigantic sword-shaped blazing sun crushed towards the crowd. The swords glowed coldly and shadows flew all over the place, accompanied by a striking blood mist.

The massacre had begun!

When he was at three Foundation Establishment, Su Zimo’s Candlelight Sword Formation could already kill five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

Now that he had unlocked his fourth spirit meridian, his spirit energy was even richer and the might of the Candlelight Sword Formation was even stronger.

Although the cultivators before him were the geniuses from various sects and factions within Tianhuang Mainland, none of them could withstand the might of candlelight.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

Tragic cries sounded from the crowd.


At the same time, Su Zimo put away his Moon Concealment Bow and retrieved a gigantic blood-colored saber from his storage back, slashing in reverse!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The incoming flying swords were shattered by Blood Quencher on the spot, scattering to the ground.

Supreme-grade spirit weapons were the only items able to defend against Blood Quencher’s sharpness right now!


Bang! Boom! Boom!

Su Zimo channeled his bloodline and his body let out the terrifying sound of tsunami gushing mixed with thunder rumbling and the sinister sound of tigers and leopards.

Gripping Blood Quencher with one hand, he pointed to the group of cultivators and yelled, “This is the perfect spirit weapon, Blood Quencher! Let’s see who can take it alive!”

Many cultivators were completely stunned by Su Zimo’s methods and fell silent.


At the same time, Ji Yaoxue commanded.

Everyone from Ethereal Peak attacked in succession, assisting Su Zimo.


Su Zimo entered the stance of Plow Heaven Stride and took a step forward. Stamping on the ground with one foot, an echo shook the entire elixir chamber as though it could collapse at any moment.

Many cultivators lost their footing and almost fell to the ground.

Bursting into laughter, Su Zimo had already charged into the crowd wielding Blood Quencher with immense momentum.

The blade swung and cleaved left and right – no one could survive a single exchange against Su Zimo!

Blood Quencher was mighty to begin with; even body tempered cultivators such as little fatty and Shi Jian would not be able to lift Blood Quencher given its weight.

Coupled with Su Zimo’s strong physique and terrifying bloodline, Blood Quencher was practically a weapon of mass destruction with frightening killing potential when it was swung in the crowd!

“Let’s see where you guys can run to!”

Su Zimo barged into the crowd and focused his attention on the cultivators of Great Shang and Great Xia. No matter who was in front of him, they would be sent flying with a single strike!

Anyone touched by Blood Quencher would be severely injured, if not dead!

The survivors of the Great Shang and Great Xia dynasties were initially well-hidden within the crowd. However, Su Zimo located them in the blink of an eye and killed them on the spot!

Many cultivators were utterly defeated as broken limbs flew everywhere on the battlefield while fresh blood gushed out – the stone chamber was almost entirely dyed red.

Even six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators were helpless against Su Zimo.

This was a one-sided defeat!

At that moment, many cultivators were gradually realizing that only a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator or the successor of one of Tianhuang Mainland’s strongest factions could take on someone like Su Zimo.

Everyone pushed, shoved and shouted as they scurried towards the tunnel they came from.

However, the entrance of the stone chamber was only so big and there was a limit to the number of cultivators the tunnel could hold. As such, the thousands of cultivators squeezed together in a chaotic manner.

All of a sudden!

A sense of danger rang in Su Zimo’s mind.

Hmm? It’s him again!

He narrowed his gaze and instantly, a murderous intent rose in his heart.

In a flash, Su Zimo lowered his body and was almost stuck to the ground. He slithered into the crowd like a snake and disappeared!

A blue light shot by the spot where Su Zimo disappeared from, flitting into the crowd.

After two breaths, the faces of more than 10 cultivators in the crowd turned black as they fell to the ground silently, dead!

In such a chaotic battlefield, it was no big deal for those few cultivators to die. Before long, their figures were drowned by more cultivators rushing from the back and no one paid attention to them.

In a corner, a skinny man hid amongst the crowd. While he looked like he was escaping, his gaze was actually fixed in the crowd, seemingly looking for something.

“Is he already dead?”

The skinny man mumbled softly with a confused expression.

The crowd had blocked his line of view for a brief moment earlier on and he seemed to have caught sight of the green-robed cultivator falling after he attacked.

Logically, that man should have been dead after being struck by his Soul Seeking Needle.

However, the skinny man searched continuously but could not find any traces of the green-robed cultivator’s corpse.

“Could his body have been shifted because of the crowd?”

Frowning tightly, the skinny man felt that there was something amiss.

Not far away, a green-robed figure was sprawled on the ground within the chaotic crowd, slithering and approaching at an extremely fast speed using all four limbs!

As the skinny man frowned in his thoughts, his vision blurred and a green figure stood up from the ground right in front of him, blocking his line of sight.

“Are you looking for me?”

An ice-cold voice rang beside the skinny man’s ears, carrying a chilling killing intent that caused his heart to sink.




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