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Chapter 357: Poison Sect

A look of panic flickered through the skinny man’s eyes. However, he returned to normal in an instant and spirit energy surged furiously within him as he raised his palm, revealing six spirit meridians that shone beneath his robes!

A blood-red powder was thrown out, spreading instantly with a refreshing fragrance.

Su Zimo felt his head spin and his heart skipped a beat. He activated his bloodline which churned rapidly inside him and the spinning sensation disappeared immediately.

At the same time, a warning flashed in his mind. Squatting down, he curled into a ball right away.

The moment Su Zimo squatted down, a cold light flashed above his head!

He saw everything clearly – it was a long pitch-black steel needle that was hidden within the blood-red powder and was completely undetectable!

In reality, the blood-red powder was extremely toxic by itself and most cultivators would not have been able to survive it.

No matter how strong and terrifying their physiques and bloodlines were, their heads would spin and they would lose their consciousness soon after breathing it in.

During that period of time, the steel needle that was hidden in the powder would be more than enough to pierce the head of the other party!

That was the skinny man’s killing move!

In fact, he had already predicted that the blood-red powder would not have been able to hurt Su Zimo.

However, he did not expect Su Zimo to snap out of it so quickly and squat down the moment he was sober to evade the killing move!

That single exchange of blows was already filled with peril within!

Right after squatting down, Su Zimo moved in and killing intent shone in his eyes. He was in a pseudo-knelt stance with his arms propped up, as though he was making a fruit offering.

The moment he evaded the skinny man’s killing move, Su Zimo executed a killing move of his own!

The skinny man’s expression was unchanged as he leaped backwards while sending his heel forth to kick against Su Zimo’s hands.


Su Zimo frowned internally.

Usually, he would definitely be fearless if his opponent chose to meet him head-on.

Given his physique, he had absolute confidence of smashing the skinny man’s feet with a single punch!

However, for some unknown reason, Su Zimo felt uneasy the moment the skinny man kicked out.


Ethereal Wings spread out behind Su Zimo and he soared into the air before the move was completely unleashed.

All of a sudden, a faint-green blade poked out from the man’s heel, emitting a pungent smell with poison tainting its tip!

While Su Zimo could have destroyed the skinny man’s sole with a single punch earlier on, he would have to be damaged by the poisoned blade in return.

Su Zimo realized that the man was filled with poison from head to toe and must not be touched!


Hovering in midair, Su Zimo retrieved Blood Quencher from his storage bag. Descending from the skies like a god, he hollered with a torrential killing intent, “Die!!!”


Blood Quencher slashed through the air and its massive blood beam seemed to cut the entire elixir chamber in half.

The skinny man was shocked as his vision was shrouded by the blood beam and he could barely see anything else.

Slapping on his storage bag, the skinny man hurriedly retrieved a steel shield and injected spirit energy into it, causing it to expand above his head.


The moment the shield was summoned, the blood beam arrived and collided against its surface heavily with a resounding bang.

The shield shattered!

With a thud, a shield shard stabbed into the skinny man’s abdomen, almost penetrating through as blood gushed out.

The skinny man staggered a few steps backwards before falling to the ground, his face pale as he watched Su Zimo who was approaching. A bitter look flashed through his eyes as he laughed sinisterly. “You can’t kill me. I’m from the Poison Sect!”

“Poison Sect?”

Su Zimo arrived in front of the skinny man and looked down with a cold expression.

Sensing no reaction from Su Zimo, the skinny man laughed in a mocking manner. “From your reaction, I suppose you haven’t heard of the Poison Sect?”

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “You’re right, I haven’t indeed. However, I’d like to.”


Laughing sinisterly, the skinny man said, “The Poison Sect is one of the five heretical doctrines. You won’t be able to deal with the consequences of offending us! Let me remind you that I’m merely the weakest disciple of the Poison Sect. Otherwise, there’s no reason why I would be roaming around the borders of the ancient battlefield.”

Demoness Ji had once told Su Zimo that there were nine top factions in Tianhuang Mainland and immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects were merely a part of them.

Among the nine factions, there were the unorthodox groups.

The nine immortal sects, eight demon races, seven fiend sects, six Buddhist monasteries… right after them were the five heretical doctrines!

In other words, the Poison Clan was one of the top sects in Tianhuang Mainland!

Typically, legacy disciples of these nine great factions would not be found at the borders of the ancient battlefield.

However, what the skinny man had said should be true.

Even though his cultivation realm was not high, his methods were sinister and he was filled with poison; Su Zimo could die on the spot if he was careless given his current strength!

“Five heretical doctrines, so what?”

Su Zimo asked differently.

The skinny man’s expression changed.

He could sense killing intent from Su Zimo’s calm voice!

“I’ll kill someone even if they’re from the immortal sects!”

Su Zimo laughed coldly and swung his saber!

The skinny man let out a miserable howl. “If you kill me, all of you will have to die on the ancient battlefield!”

The moment he said that, the skinny man’s head was lopped into the air with blood gushing out.

In that short while, the elixir chamber was left with nothing but corpses on the ground and the pathetic back views of all the other cultivators who had escaped.

Although Ji Yaoxue and the rest had expended a lot of energy for another intense battle, they could not conceal the excitement in their eyes.

The rewards of this battle were too great.

Notwithstanding the hundreds of storage bags, they had even retained the three Meridian Unlocking Elixirs!

Ji Yaoxue handed a jade bottle to Su Zimo with a smile. “Zimo, there are three Meridian Unlocking Elixirs inside. Take one of them. Since Xiaoning was the one who discovered their existence initially, it’s only right that she gets one. As for the last one, we’ll give it to Fellow Daoist Ji Chengtian. I’m sure no one has any objections towards the distribution.”

Su Zimo received the jade bottle and opened it to take a look.

A bitter herbal fragrance wafted out, causing the spirit energy in his meridians to rumble.

The three Meridian Unlocking Elixirs were not of high grades – one inferior and two middle-grades.

Pushing the jade bottle back, Su Zimo said, “Put it away first. We’ll talk about this later. First, let’s tidy up our gains and leave this place.”


Ji Yaoxue nodded.

Before long, everyone tidied everything and left the elixir chamber with Su Zimo, returning to the hall of the cave abode.

Su Zimo looked at the five tunnels and pondered. “If those two tunnels led to the spirit weapon and elixir chambers, the other three should lead to spirit arts, talismans and secret array formation manuals.”

“That’s right, that should be the case.” Ji Chengtian nodded in agreement.

Ji Yaoxue frowned slightly. “If that’s the case, the other treasures should have been swept cleanly with so many cultivators rushing in at the start. There should be nothing left.”

“Let’s take a look.”

Su Zimo said and led the way.

As he had expected, the other three tunnels led to spirit art, talisman and array formation chambers.

The spirit art and talisman chambers were swiped cleanly by the many cultivators.

However, it was very likely that the formation chamber was still intact.

After all, there was an ancient formation set up at its entrance that had no signs of being dispelled.




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