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Chapter 355: Shocked Crowd

In a chaotic battlefield with hundreds of cultivators, no one would stop just because someone asked them to.

Within the crowd, there were still some cultivators who summoned their flying swords and conjured hand seals.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A loud sound tore through the void at an extremely fast speed and a few cold lights flashed.

The arrows arrived before the person did.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

With a few crisp sounds, blood flashed. The few cultivators had just conjured their spirit arts and summoned their flying swords. However, their heads were pierced and they died on the spot before they could even make their moves!

“Who’s there?!”

The crowd exploded and a series of shouts rang out.


A green shadow darted over as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, he crossed everyone’s head and charged into the elixir chamber, descending slowly in front of Ji Yaoxue and the rest.

“You again!”

The Great You prince’s face darkened when he caught sight of Su Zimo. However, he gloated internally the next moment.

In this situation, anyone who came would die!

The Great You prince refused to believe that this frail-looking green-robed cultivator could salvage this situation.

They had hundreds and thousands of meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators; even a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator might not be able to escape unscathed!

Su Zimo swept his gaze and was only relieved when he saw that Ji Yaoxue and the rest were not injured.

“Zimo, watch out! There are at least a dozen or so six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators on the other side!”

Ji Yaoxue whispered to remind him.

Right then, the cultivators pursuing from the spirit weapon chamber had caught up as well, glaring at Su Zimo with caution and indignance.

Among them, a Great You cultivator pointed at Su Zimo while panting. “Your Highness, that person took away a perfect spirit weapon from the spirit weapon chamber! It’s that bow in his hands!”

A perfect spirit weapon!

Upon hearing those words, the eyes of many cultivators lit up and countless gazes locked onto the long bow in Su Zimo’s hands greedily.

“Good, good! Three Meridian Unlocking Elixirs and a perfect spirit weapon…”

The Great You prince clapped and smiled. His smile turned increasingly sinister and his voice was chillingly cold. “Let’s see how many lives the Great Zhou Dynasty has to spare!”

“What a coincidence.”

Su Zimo smiled indifferently. “I would like to see how many lives you guys can take as well!”

Right after he said that, Su Zimo’s eyes shone with a cold glint. Unknowingly, a long arrow had appeared in his palm and was loaded on the bowstring.

The Moon Concealment Bow shone brightly.


Tearing through the air, the long arrow stabbed towards the Great You prince’s head with an instant cold light!

“Not good!”

“Be careful, Your Highness!”

No one had expected that Su Zimo would take the initiative so fearlessly in the face of hundreds of menacing Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

How daring did he have to be?

What was even more frightening was that the arrow was too fast and powerful that it could not be dodged at all!

Blood drained from the Great You prince’s face.

A Great You guard leaped in front of the Great You prince, whipping out a gigantic steel shield that landed on the ground with a boom.


A circular hole appeared on the surface of the steel.

The arrow pierced the shield and the person’s head, slamming heavily into the Great You prince’s chest before stopping and falling to the ground.


A series of cracks rippled through the heart protecting mirror at the Great You prince’s chest as well.


Before the Great You prince could react, another chilling sound shot out, as though the air was being torn apart.

A second arrow!


Two Great You guards were the first to react as they pulled out their sabers and defended against the arrow.

Clang! Clang!

The sound of metal clashing could be heard as sparks flew.

The two Great You guards shuddered and their palms cracked. Yelling in pain, their sabers flew from their hands.


The arrow pierced the Great You prince’s chest once more. Even though most of its power was reduced because of the two guards, the heart protecting mirror at his chest was still shattered!


Once again, the sound of an arrow tearing through air reverberated without giving the Great You prince a chance to breathe.

While the two consecutive arrows did not manage to injure the Great You prince, he was already scared out of his wits.

At that moment, the Great You prince had just summoned his flying sword and was about to soar into the air to escape. Suddenly, a cold light appeared before his eyes, growing larger by the moment.

The Great You prince sensed a hint of death.

Right in front of everyone, he had just leaped up when the cold light pierced through his chest. It came out from his back and was embedded heavily on the stone wall nearby.

Droplets of blood dripped from the quivering tip of the arrow.

The eyes of the Great You prince dimmed and he was already dead by the time he fell to the ground.

That arrow had not only pierced the Great You prince’s body, its powerful impact had even ruptured his organs and stole away every single bit of life in him!

A six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator was dead within three arrows!

“B*stard, how dare you…”

Another Great You cultivator spun around with reddened eyes, wanting to charge forward with all his might.

However, Su Zimo said nothing and had already loaded another arrow.

With a swoosh, the man fell to the ground as the arrow pierced his body as well as two Great You cultivators behind him.

Another three men were dead!

“You… ”

Another Great You cultivator had just spoken.

Raising his head, Su Zimo fired another arrow.

That person was prepared and crushed a protection talisman instantly.


The barrier formed by the protection talisman dispersed and the person fell to the ground with a hole on his face – he was dead on the spot.

In the blink of an eye, almost all the Great You cultivators were killed by a few arrows from Su Zimo.

Standing at the front, Su Zimo wielded the Moon Concealment Bow with his left hand and scanned his surroundings. His gaze burned furiously as he commented indifferently, “I’ll take the life of anyone who moves!”


All the cultivators gasped and their gazes flickered as their impression of Su Zimo changed slowly.

Everyone thought that the green-robed cultivator seemed extremely frail and weak. However, he was merely standing among the crowd with a gigantic bow right now and yet, hundreds of Foundation Establishment Cultivators did not dare to move recklessly at all!

“I’ll take the life of anyone who moves.”

His tone was calm but it was unquestionable!

The cultivators understood that if they attacked at the same time, the green-robed cultivator wouldn’t be able to kill everyone no matter how accurate his arrows were and how strong he was.

That man would definitely die!

However, everyone also realized that the green-robed cultivator possessed the strength to kill each and every one of them – even six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators might not be able to escape unscathed!

No one dared to make the first move.

Hundreds of Foundation Establishment Cultivators were shocked and none of them dared move against a single man and his bow!

Right then, a cultivator yelled, “That person has another perfect spirit weapon in his possession. It’s a blood-colored saber.”

“That’s right! We saw it with our own eyes!” Someone else replied.

Two perfect spirit weapons!

The crowd was in an uproar.


Su Zimo turned his gaze to those who spoke and understood instantly.

They were cultivators of the Great Shang and Great Xia dynasties.

10 days ago, the two dynasties were defeated. These were the cultivators who had managed to escape and they were here as well, separated and hidden among the crowd.

“Fellow Daoists, there’s a few hundred of us here. How strong can that bow in his hands be?”

“That’s right. We don’t have to be frightened by him. I heard that he’s the number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou and there are many supreme-grade spirit weapons in his storage bag. If we kill him, everything will belong to us!”

Upon hearing those words, the cultivators who were initially hesitant and wanted to retreat were once again filled with murderous intent.

The crowd turned restless.





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