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Chapter 354: Let’s See Who Dares to Move!

Cultivators rushed into the fourth tunnel continuously, all of their eyes red with excitement.

The Meridian Unlocking Elixir was only effective when consumed for the first time. Even in the ancient era, it was an extremely rare item that was difficult to refine and was offered by super sects to their legacy disciples as rewards.

“They found Meridian Unlocking Elixirs in there?”

“I heard that there’s three.”

“That’s too little.”

“There’s nothing we can do about it. Unless it’s the ruins of a great sect, there’s no way there would be so many Meridian Unlocking Elixirs. It’s already extremely lucky to find three Meridian Unlocking Elixirs in this cave abode left behind by a Golden Core.”

There were hundreds of cultivators gathered outside the elixir chamber and their numbers were rising!

“Ji Yaoxue, the Great Zhou Dynasty won’t be able to hold onto the three Meridian Unlocking Elixirs. I advise all of you to know what’s good for you!” The Great You prince’s voice sounded.

“That’s right! Hand the Meridian Unlocking Elixirs over!” Some cultivators shouted.

In the depths of the elixir chamber, Ji Yaoxue and the others were huddled in a defensive formation. They looked grim and there were corpses around them.


The wings behind Ji Chengtian flapped and his supreme-grade flying sword circled around him, shining with four bedazzling spirit lights as it hummed.

He surveyed the surroundings and said in a deep voice, “You’ll have to ask my sword if you want the elixirs!”

Even though he said that, Ji Chengtian was nervous internally and his palms were sweating – the situation was extremely unfavorable for them.

 The three Meridian Unlocking Elixirs instantly turned Ji Yaoxue and everyone else into public enemies!

If not for Ji Chengtian and Night Spirit’s consecutive attacks that cleanly killed off some of the cultivators that attacked them, they might have already been drowned in the chaos.


The Great You prince chuckled. “Fellow Daoist, you don’t have to act tough. There’s hundreds of us here. You guys will die soon enough with just a single sword strike from each of us.”

“But none of you will be able to escape unscathed as well!” Even though Ji Yaoxue was a woman, there was a sharp and murderous look on her face, showing her resolve.

There was no way anyone would hand over the Meridian Unlocking Elixirs that they have obtained.

The reason why the other cultivators had not attacked was because they were wary of Ji Chengtian who was in midair and Night Spirit on the ground.

However, as time passed by, the cultivators gathered outside increased and the patience of the cultivators here was running out.

All of them looked menacing and conjured hand seals while summoning their flying swords – they could strike at any moment!

The Great You prince swept his gaze past Ji Yaoxue, Leng Rou and Su Xiaoning before laughing coldly. “Three beauties, I really can’t bear to trample on you guys as such. You had better know your place or I won’t be able to protect you as well once the fight breaks out, fufu…”

“This is a feud between the Great Zhou and Great You dynasties. Some cultivators, I’m advising you not to be used as a weapon!” Ji Yaoxue ignored the Great You prince and looked at the other cultivators, trying to make some of them back off.

The Great You prince snorted coldly with a vicious glint in his eyes before declaring loudly, “Everyone, blood must be spilled if you want the elixirs! Meridian Unlocking Elixirs are getting rarer these days. Right now, there’s three of them here! May they end up in the hands of the strongest ones!”

With that said, he waved his arm and shouted coldly, “Kill!”


That command lit up the flames of war as a roar erupted from the crowd.

Hundreds of cultivators conjured hand seals and pointed their fingers towards Ji Yaoxue and the rest. The spirit arts rained down like a torrential rain, sweeping over in an encompassing blanket of light.

The spirit qi within the elixir chamber surged instantly, almost turning corporeal!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Sword qi tore through the air and came one after another.

Hundreds and thousands of sword lights flashed, beaming forth with an endless brightness as the temperature within the elixir chamber dipped all of a sudden.

These were absolutely devastating attacks!

At that moment, even Ji Chengtian who was at six meridian Foundation Establishment looked somewhat pale.

The situation before him was much more treacherous than when they were surrounded by the Great Xia and Great Shang dynasties 10 days ago!

Ji Yaoxue and the others hurried and crushed their protection talismans.

Leng Rou poured out all the defensive talismans from her storage bag and cast them out at one go. Dozens of talismans formed layers of barriers around them.

This was the strength of a Talisman Master.

While they were not considered strong in head-on combats, if they had sufficient talismans, they could kill foes of even higher cultivation realms by overwhelming them with offensive and defensive talismans!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The spirit arts slammed against the talisman barriers and let out a huge boom.

With hundreds of cultivators attacking at the same time, the amount of burst power was too much and Leng Rou’s talisman barriers disintegrated one after another.

Dozens of Great You cultivators clad in heavy armor rushed towards Ji Yaoxue’s group, wielding steel sabers.

In the crowd, some body tempered cultivators were rapidly approaching as well.

All of a sudden!

A shadow darted by, dashing towards the incoming Great You cultivators like a ghost in the night.

It was Night Spirit!

Ten sharp claws extended silently, shimmering with a cold glint as they reached out for the throats of two cultivators.

With a thud, their throats were mangled and filled with blood – they fell dead on the spot.

Night Spirit’s whip-like tail waved around the crowd, ripping apart the bodies of a few cultivators and the sharp spike on its tip only stopped after it penetrated the heads of two cultivators!


Lowering its head,, Night Spirit opened its bloodied mouth and let out a deafening roar. It revealed its ferocious fangs and looked like it was ready to pounce.

The entire elixir chamber shook as dust drifted down.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

Many cultivators cried out in pain as they stopped to cover their ears subconsciously.

Some of the cultivators laid out protection talisman barriers beforehand but everything shattered from the sound!

A row of cultivators standing closest to Night Spirit had their eyes bulge out with veins as fresh blood seeped from their eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

They were bleeding from all orifices!

The light in the eyes of those cultivators dimmed as they collapsed limply on the floor – they were shocked to death by Night Spirit’s voice!

Many cultivators were shocked when they saw this.

Right after, Night Spirit returned to Su Xiaoning’s side and surveyed its surroundings coldly, guarding her carefully.


An imperceptible ripple appeared in the void, as though it was the surface of a shimmering lake, and pierced into the crowd.

Ethereal Sword, Void level!


A cultivator’s head was pierced and he died on the spot.

Ji Yaoxue, little fatty and the others struck as well.

In the blink of an eye, the Great You Dynasty lost dozens of cultivators and a look of hatred flashed through the prince’s eyes. However, he gathered his spirits and yelled, “Everyone, hold steady! There’s only 10 of them! There’s no need for us to fear that demon beast if we work together!”

In that exchange of blows, Leng Rou’s dozens of talisman barriers were already disintegrated.

Although Ji Yaoxue and the rest were fine and they managed to get some counter-kills with the help of Night Spirit, the number of opposing cultivators was increasing. As long as their enemies worked together, they were bound to be severely injured or dead!

Against such intense attacks, even Night Spirit might not be able to protect Su Xiaoning completely.

“Kill them!”

The Great You prince raised his hand and hollered.

“Let’s see who dares to move!”

Suddenly, a frosty voice sounded from behind the crowd.

Immediately after, the sound of clothes fluttering through the air at an extremely fast speed arrived as a chilling aura that rattled one’s heart accompanied it!






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