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Chapter 353: Might of Moon Concealment


Finally, some of the cultivators could not hold back anymore and struck, conjuring hand seals and pointing towards Su Zimo.


A fiery fireball flew over.

Clang! Clang!

The sound of swords clanging rang as countless spirit lights flashed. In the blink of an eye, the stone chamber was filled with sword qi that were all directed towards a single person – Su Zimo!

The cultivators who struck came from different factions and sects. However, all of them had a tacit understanding at that moment.

To them, even a six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator would die without a doubt against such furious attacks!

The fiery fireball shot by and the air crackled from the heat.


Suddenly, Su Zimo extended his palm and trails of lightning wrapped around his arm as he grabbed the incoming fireball.

His palm was unharmed!

Spirit arts of that level could not threaten Su Zimo at all. Perhaps, he might have been more concerned if they were cast by a seven meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

When the cultivators saw that, their pupils constricted.

Right after, everyone’s vision blurred.

Su Zimo had already vanished from where he was.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A bloody path appeared within the crowd as people were knocked away by a tremendous force, turning into blood mists.

Some of them smashed against the stone walls, bleeding from head to toe with broken bones.

Some of them were ruptured before they could even react and died on the spot!

It was too fast!

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had already charged into the crowd.

Within a stone chamber as such, Su Zimo’s melee combat strength was thoroughly maximized!

A Great You cultivator on the left slashed over. Su Zimo sidestepped and threw out a punch, striking his enemy right in the chest.


The person’s chest sank in and a bone-crushing sound could be heard.

Flying from the spot, the person’s eyes dimmed and he died on the spot!

Suddenly, Su Zimo retreated furiously. Focusing his strength on his back, he leaned backwards with an explosive force.

A cultivator behind him was sent flying and exploded into a blood mist in midair.

Su Zimo’s footsteps changed continuously and he took another sidestep. Ramming his knees straight, he zigzagged forward and trampled a cultivator into two!

Mountain Reliance, Sanguine Ape Fist Seal and Divine Steed Dismemberment were all killing moves of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness – anyone who was struck was bound to die!

All of those moves were cultivated in life and death situations, nourished through the baptism of blood and each of them exemplified the maximum prowess of their respective demon kings.

Su Zimo tossed and turned in the crowd and with every step he took, chaos ensued. He barged left and right with a torrential aura and no one was a match for him at all!

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s mind flashed with a warning within that extremely chaotic battlefield.

A barely perceptible sound pierced towards the back of his head – Su Zimo would not have heard it if he had not cleared his ear orifices.

Without thinking twice, he released Ethereal Wings and soared into the air while curling into a ball.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A streak of blue light shot past Su Zimo’s feet, giving off a pungent stench.

It was a chain of needles as thick as a cow’s hair!

“Oh? It’s poisoned!”

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

If it was any ordinary poison, Su Zimo would have nothing to fear.

His spirit perception did not warn him at all even when he was tainted with the blood of the Blood Centipede King.

However, his spirit perception gave off a warning against this chain of bright blue poison needles.

The poison was either so strong that even his bloodline could not endure it or it had to be very famous!

Before Su Zimo could finish that thought, the poison needles landed in the crowd and struck a few cultivators who did not manage to dodge in time.

Their expressions changed and their foreheads turned black instantly. Before they could take a few steps, they turned black from head to toe and collapsed to the ground, dying from the poison!

The entire process took less than three breaths!

“What a strong poison!”

Su Zimo swept his gaze across the crowd and could not help but frown when he could not find the perpetrator.


Suddenly, he extended his arm and a ball of lightning condensed in his palm. The ball exploded in front of everyone in a blinding manner.

Thunder rumbled and echoed back and forth within that stone chamber, turning increasingly clear and deafening!

The thunder art of the Void Thunder Manual could make use of the explosiveness of thunder to blind the five senses of a cultivator.

Worried about the safety of Ji Yaoxue and the others, Su Zimo had no intention of getting held back by the cultivators in the stone chamber. Furthermore, there was even a cultivator that was like a viper hidden in the midst.

With the help of Mystify, he charged out of the stone chamber in a flash and sped out the tunnel he came from.


“He has a perfect spirit weapon! We can’t let him run just like that!”

Many cultivators adapted through Mystify and shouted together, riding on the flying swords as they chased through the tunnel.

In the crowd, a skinny man that looked extremely ordinary glared at Su Zimo’s back view. A cold light flashed through his eyes and he followed the others in the pursuit.

Within the tunnel, flying swords and spirit arts were shot out continuously.

Su Zimo was extremely annoyed. Suddenly, he recalled the quasi-connate spirit weapon he had just obtained and retrieved the Moon Concealment Bow from his storage bag.

Arrow, load and strung bow like a full moon!

The entire action was done in one go and the five spirit patterns on the Moon Concealment Bow shone with a cold and gentle gleam, resembling a full moon.


Three arrows shot out in succession but there was only a single sound streaking through the void.

The cultivator at the front of the chase was a six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator. When he saw Su Zimo load the arrow, he was already prepared and crushed a protection talisman instantly.


There was a crisp sound.

The moment the protection talisman was formed, it was pierced by an arrow. That person’s head was pierced as well and exploded on the spot.

A cultivator behind the person was totally unprepared and was struck by the arrow which still had momentum, falling from midair.

Confident of his heavy armor, a Great You cultivator did not reduce his speed while injecting spirit energy furiously, causing his armor to shine with three spirit lights.

It was a superior-grade defensive spirit weapon!


An arrow tore through the air and pierced the person’s armor instantly.

The person’s heart protecting mirror shattered and a bloodied hole appeared in his chest where blood spurted out.

Taking a few more steps forward, that person landed heavily on the ground with widened eyes, unable to die in peace.

Su Zimo was secretly shocked at the sight.

The might of the Moon Concealment Bow was astonishing and it could even destroy the defense of a superior-grade spirit weapon with ease – its killing potential was even greater than Blood Quencher! There was no wonder why it was a quasi-connate spirit weapon!

With three arrows, five cultivators, including a six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator, were already killed!

The cultivators who were hot on Su Zimo’s tail slowed down immediately as no one wanted to run in front.

If the green-robed cultivator ahead were to turn back and fire a couple more arrows in this narrow tunnel, they were bound to die as they were all squeezed with nowhere to hide.

With that delay, Su Zimo had already run further and further.

Returning to the hall of the cave abode, Su Zimo looked around but he did not find Ji Yaoxue and the others. Instead, he saw quite a number of cultivators coming forth from the other tunnels, heading into the fourth tunnel from the left.

That was the tunnel that Ji Yaoxue and the others had chosen.

“I heard it’s an elixir chamber at this side and there’s a Meridian Unlocking Elixir!”

“Hurry! We’ll miss it if we’re too late!”

When he heard those comments, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.


Suddenly, a terrifying roar echoed from the depths of that tunnel, chilling as though it was a god of war from hell.

“Night Spirit!”

Su Zimo narrowed his gaze. Without hesitation, he sprinted towards the fourth tunnel in a flash.






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