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Chapter 352: Quasi-Connate Spirit Weapon

Inside the cave abode, an ancient aura gushed out and the only things that could be seen were five dark tunnels leading deep into the unknown.

The cultivators who entered the cave abode paused, looking hesitant.

All five tunnels looked identical and nobody knew which one would lead to a Meridian Unlocking Elixir or other treasures at the end – they could only try their luck.

However, if they chose the wrong tunnel, there was a high chance they would return with nothing!

They only had one chance!

Many cultivators hesitated for a moment before choosing a tunnel to rush inside.

The Great You cultivators entered, marching neatly and disciplined; a single look could tell that they were iron-blooded warriors.

“Split into five teams and enter the different tunnels. Return here immediately if you find nothing!” The Great You prince’s voice rang.


The Great You cultivators replied in unison.

Ji Yaoxue and the others instinctively looked at Su Zimo. Unknowingly, he was long regarded as the commander of the expedition by everyone.

The safest way would naturally be to split up like the Great You Dynasty. That way, the chances of them finding treasures would increase as well.

However, there were only 11 of them. Once they separated, their strength would be divided and they could be easily killed given the chaotic situation.

A look of determination flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes as he said in a deep voice, “We’ll split up. I’ll take the second tunnel from the left alone while the 10 of you choose another tunnel.”

Even if he was alone, Su Zimo was confident that he could escape unscathed.

Among the 10 people of Ji Yaoxue’s group, most of them were at five meridian Foundation Establishment and Ji Chengtian was at six. Furthermore, Night Spirit would be with them and they would be able to defend themselves if they met with danger.

Su Xiaoning closed her eyes and sensed her surroundings before saying suddenly, “Let’s take the fourth tunnel from the right.”

Along the journey, Su Xiaoning rarely spoke nor gave suggestions. Her sudden decision surprised everyone.

Ji Yaoxue pondered for a while before nodding. “We’ll listen to Xiaoning. She’s the only Elixir Refinement Master among us.”

She paused for a moment before turning to Su Zimo with a worried expression. “Be careful too, Zimo.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll look for you guys as soon as possible.”

After saying that, he patted Night Spirit on the head and sped towards the second tunnel in a flash.

Ji Yaoxue and the others followed suit and rushed towards the fourth tunnel.

In the blink of an eye, the hall of the cave abode was empty, leaving only a mess.

Even though the cave abode had five tunnels, there were even more cultivators who had entered and each tunnel had more than 200 cultivators in them!

Condensing his Ethereal Wings, Su Zimo sped forward and overtook a group of cultivators before long.

“Bang!” Boom! “Bang!”

There was a loud crash ahead.

Su Zimo looked over and saw that there was a stone chamber at the end of the tunnel. The cultivators who had arrived first were already working together to break the door.

However, the stone door was extremely thick and shone with a metallic luster. Even after countless years, it did not corrode and was still indestructible.

Against the impact of many spirit arts and weapons, the stone door shook endlessly and dust fell. However, it refused to go down.


Bang! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the sound of a tsunami wave mixed with rolling thunder could be heard above the heads of the cultivators, echoing in a terrifying manner.

Right after, a figure flew past their head and crashed against the stone door heavily!


There was a deafening noise.

Under countless frightful gazes, that thick stone door was shattered by that figure and crumbled on the spot into a pile of rubble!


The cultivators gasped.

Was that even a human?

After smashing the stone door, Su Zimo entered the chamber without hesitation.

It was a spirit weapon chamber!

The stone chamber was extremely spacious and there was a crack as thick as an arm on the ceiling. It crossed the entire room and one could see the skies outside that was gradually darkening.

There were many spirit weapons in the stone chamber. Most of them were flying swords but there were also armors, shields and other defensive spirit weapons. They were mostly scattered on aged stone racks.

At a glance, there were hundreds of them!

When the cultivators rushed in and caught sight of the spirit weapons, their eyes reddened slightly with greed.


Without any hesitation, the cultivators started fighting for the spirit weapons on the stone racks.

“Three superior-grade spirit weapons!”

“Hahaha! This is a supreme-grade flying sword! The heavens are on my side!”

Su Zimo was calm and unhurried. His eyes were clear and shone with a glint as he swept his gaze across the spirit weapons on the stone rack.

To be fair, he did not have much of an interest towards spirit weapons.

That was unless they were perfect-grade or the legendary connate spirit weapons.

However, the chances of him coming across a connate spirit weapon in a cave abode at the borders of the ancient battlefield was extremely slim.

Su Zimo was merely looking around to see if there were any perfect spirit weapons.

All of a sudden!

His gaze landed on a gigantic dark bow.

The bow was placed in a corner and looked extremely ordinary and inconspicuous.

However, it was almost night outside and the moon was hanging high in the sky. The cool and gentle moonlight shone through the crack on the ceiling and spilled onto the gigantic dark bow.

A ray of moonlight slid down the curve of the bow, revealing that there was no dust on it at all!

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.


With a swift motion, he sprinted towards the corner. Lifting the gigantic bow in the blink of an eye, he injected spirit energy into it.


The bow quivered and let out a trembling sound that rattled one’s heart.

Five beams of spirit light shone on the gigantic bow!

Five spirit patterns, it was a perfect spirit weapon!

Su Zimo was elated.

There were three small words etched inside the bow.

Moon Concealment Bow.

Right after, Su Zimo’s heart stirred as he exclaimed softly.

Behind the three words was a faint spirit pattern that emitted a soft glow. It was barely discernible against the five spirit patterns.

“This is…”

A connate spirit pattern!

Su Zimo was shocked.

He finally understood the crack on the ceiling of the stone chamber existed.

The direction of the crack was aligned to the moon’s trajectory. Every night, moonlight would spill onto this gigantic bow, nourishing it!

In the ancient battlefield where the spirit qi was so rich, there could only be a single reason why the owner of the cave abode did this.

He was trying to make use of the moon essence and the ancient spirit qi to create a connate spirit weapon!

However, it was a pity that the connate spirit pattern was not fully formed and could only be considered as half-nourished.

The Moon Concealment Bow could only be considered as a quasi-connate spirit weapon.

Suddenly, Su Zimo felt a sense of danger as he sensed scorching gazes piercing his back.

The stone chamber seemed to have gone quiet all of a sudden.

The five spirit lights emanating from the Moon Concealment Bow were completely exposed to the other cultivators, attracting everyone’s attention!

A perfect spirit weapon!

A treasure that even Golden Cores would bleed for!

No one spoke and everyone’s breathing became heavier…






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