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Chapter 328: Final Battle

The battle royales in the five regions were gradually coming to an end.

The thousand odd cultivators in each region had whittled down to less than hundred – these remaining cultivators were the strongest ones with the most methods.

At the edge of the metal region, there was a huge, shimmering light screen that connected Heaven and Earth. There was no one nearby; even spirit demons would not linger around this area.

All of a sudden!

A figure slowly walked out of the light screen. His green robes were almost drenched in sweat and he could not conceal his fatigue.

After crossing the killing formation, the green-robed cultivator’s eyes were still closed as he sensed the long-awaited peace and tranquility around him. Letting out a deep sigh, he savored the feeling of life after escaping a calamity.

A long time later, the green-robed cultivator opened his eyes and stared into the distance with a deep gaze, murmuring, “Here I come!”

In the Five Elements Umbrella, it was impossible for one to hide until the end.

There were countless birds and beasts within every region of the Five Elements Umbrella. If any outsider were to linger in a certain place, they would definitely attract spirit demons to hunt them and that would result in a battle, revealing their location.

Even if they were lucky enough to escape the initial chaos, once a region has less than 50 people remaining, all of them would be teleported to the very core of the region for a final battle no matter where they were located.

This was the final battle and at the end of the day, everything depended on one’s strength.

Metal region, core area.

50 beams of light flashed as figures appeared out of nowhere. Most of them were soaked in blood and some were even injured.

Only a rare few looked idyllic and were neatly attired.

Among them, a corpse had been teleported here as well. It laid on the ground motionlessly, its body plump and its face mangled such that its appearance could no longer be made out. There was a deep gash on its neck that was horrifying to look at.

In reality, if it was truly a corpse, it would not have been teleported over.

However, now that the 50 cultivators were gathered all of a sudden, all of them became extremely nervous as though they were faced with great enemies. All of them pulled their distance away and no one noticed the corpse on the ground.

He Jiang of True Fire Sect held a small tripod cauldron in his left hand while his right index finger controlled a flying sword that scanned the surroundings. Suddenly, his gaze landed on someone and froze with a deep killing intent!

Feng Haoyu’s hands were behind his back and he had a haughty expression as he looked around casually. All of a sudden, his eyes narrowed and he smirked.

The rest of the cultivators’ attention was initially on Feng Haoyu and He Jiang, the two five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

Now that everyone saw the strange expressions on their faces, they could not help but look in the same direction.

Not far away, a green-robed cultivator stood with a calm expression. He had delicate features, looking like a frail scholar.

“Su Zimo!”

“Mr. Mo!”

Cries of surprises came from the crowd.

The flesh on the corpse’s face suddenly twitched.

“Su Zimo, I didn’t expect you to persevere till now. I’m truly impressed,” Feng Haoyu laughed as he clapped his hands.

With Su Zimo’s appearance, a magical change suddenly occurred on the battlefield.

Many cultivators began to harbor designs on Su Zimo.

The attraction of a perfect spirit weapon was too great for everyone!

If they could steal Su Zimo’s storage bag and crush their jade talismans to escape from the place, they would benefit even if they lost the rights for a spot in the Spirit Ranking!

“Su Zimo, you killed my younger brother! I’m going to make you pay with blood!” He Jiang’s voice was chilling to the bones with endless hatred.

The surrounding cultivators summoned their flying swords and stared at Su Zimo with greed in their eyes.

Feng Haoyu looked at the situation calmly and shrugged his shoulders gently, saying in a relaxed manner, “Seems like I don’t even have to make a move myself. Su Zimo, you’re now the common target. No one is going to help you.”

The moment Feng Haoyu said that, the corpse on the ground suddenly jumped up.

That rotund body was surprisingly agile as it rolled across the ground. Arriving in front of a cultivator, it extended a chubby palm and slapped the escape jade talisman that was hanging on the cultivator’s waist.

The person had a blank look on his face. Before he could even react, he was teleported out of the Five Elements Umbrella by a beam of light.

Extending its sleeves to wipe away the blood on its face and the gash disguise on its neck, the corpse revealed a round face – it was little fatty of Ethereal Peak.

Little fatty pointed at Feng Haoyu and shouted, “What nonsense are you spouting, traitor? Am I not a person?!”

He ran to Su Zimo’s side and whispered, “Bro, don’t worry! I’m here! If that doesn’t work out, we’ll crush the jade talisman and escape!”

In reality, little fatty could have continued with his disguise and held on to the end if not for the fact that he was worried Su Zimo had to fight alone.

Little fatty was not the only one who had thought up such a method.

However, he was the one with the thickest skin.

There were more than a hundred thousand cultivators and Golden Cores of various sects spectating outside – which cultivator would want to disguise themselves as such and fake death to sail through the competition?

Su Zimo patted little fatty’s shoulder to reassure him before turning around and replying coldly, “Feng Haoyu, don’t waste time talking. Prepare to die!”

Right after he said that, Su Zimo walked towards Feng Haoyu at a decent speed.


The eyes of one of the cultivators ahead lit up and he suddenly struck. Using his flying sword in one hand, he stabbed towards Su Zimo’s glabella while conjuring a spirit seal with his other hand.

Using Divine Steed Fleeting, Su Zimo suddenly accelerated, leaving a series of afterimages in the air as he dodged the incoming flying sword by a hair’s breadth and appeared before that person instantaneously.

That person merely saw a flash before his eyes as a massive fist landed on his head heavily.

The next moment, that person felt a sharp pain in his head and lost consciousness completely.

Everyone was shocked.

Within a single round, that four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator died on the spot before he could even conjure his spirit art!

Everyone had heard that Su Zimo was strong in melee combat, but no one expected him to be this strong!

Everyone dispersed one after another, distancing themselves from Su Zimo.

Su Zimo’s gaze was burning and was locked on Feng Haoyu right from the beginning. His killing intent was intensifying and a chilling aura emanated from him, as though he was a ferocious beast that was treading through a sea of corpses!


All of a sudden, a shimmering pair of spirit wings flapped from Feng Haoyu’s back. He soared into the air and looked at Su Zimo with a fake smile, his eyes filled with mockery.

On the other side, He Jiang of True Fire Sect hollered and his five meridian spirit energy exploded. The flying sword in his hand quivered slightly, shining with three spirit lights – it was a superior-grade flying sword.


He Jiang hid far away and pointed forward.

The sword seemed to be burning with a layer of flame as it streaked across the void. Even the air burned and produced an explosive sound.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At least dozens of flying swords shot out with ferocious auras and they were all aimed at the same target – Su Zimo!

Stunned, little fatty was rooted on the ground as the sight of everything sent chills down his spine.

“Bro, crush the jade talisman!” Little fatty yelled.

The only way for them to survive such an intense attack was to crush the escape jade talisman!






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