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Chapter 329: Might of Candlelight

There was naturally no way Su Zimo was going to crush the jade talisman.

For this moment, he had crossed two major regions and Grade 4 killing formations. Everything he had experienced within was a hundred times more precarious than the current situation – there was no way he was going to give up.


With a wave of his sleeves, 18 flying swords flew out from his storage bag. Each of them shone with four bedazzling spirit lights and vibrated vigorously.

18 supreme-grade flying swords!

Many cultivators’ eyes lit up.

Even if they did not manage to obtain the perfect spirit weapon, it would be worth it if they could get their hands on a single supreme-grade spirit weapon.

Perfected Lord Ming Ze said in a deep voice, “Although there are fewer cultivators this time round, they are much stronger. Furthermore, the two five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators are too much of a threat for Su Zimo even with his Hexagonal Sword Formation. He’s going to get injured.”

The emperor nodded as well.

Given the two of their cultivation realms, their judgment was naturally not wrong.

However, the two of them were wrong about one thing.

The 18 flying swords were not there to create the Hexagonal Sword Formation; they were there for the Candlelight Sword Formation that Dao Lord Extreme Fire had obtained from the mysterious ruin!

Zeng! Zeng! Zeng!

Speeding through the air, the 18 flying swords left behind streams of sword qi that shone brightly.

“Candlelight Sword Formation!”

Su Zimo hollered and pointed forward.

Right after, the 18 flying swords gathered together with their tips pointing outwards in unison, forming a gigantic sword-shaped circular disk. 18 rays of sword qi were released like a blazing sun and was extremely dazzling!


The surrounding cultivators narrowed their eyes and exclaimed.

As soon as the sword formation was released, everyone felt a sharp pain on their bodies and their five senses went blurry.

It was hard to tell if the pain was due to the searing heat released from the sun rays or the sword qi cutting through the body.

The Foundation Establishment Cultivators in the square could not sense it clearly either.

As for the Golden Cores that were at the spectator area, they were alarmed when they caught sight of the Candlelight Sword Formation.

Even with the Five Elements Umbrellas between them, everyone could sense the terrifying power of the Candlelight Sword Formation!

“This sword formation… is so powerful!”

The emperor’s gaze froze as he secretly inhaled.

Gu Xi was stunned as her beautiful eyes stared unblinkingly at the Five Elements Umbrella. She leaned forward slightly without even realizing that her bosom was exposed as she tried to discover the origins of the Candlelight Sword Formation.

As Nascent Souls, they could vaguely sense another aura from that sword formation.

Vicissitude, desolate, ancient and vaguely perceivable…

That was an aura that was from the ancient era, or even beyond it!

As the only Sword Formation Master present, Xuan Yi had a different perception of the Candlelight Sword Formation.

Through the sword scars left behind by the flying swords, Xuan Yi could tell that what Su Zimo released was a Grade 2 sword formation.

While they were both Grade 2 sword formations, the Candlelight Sword Formation was much stronger than the Hexagonal Sword Formation!

On careful thought, even if it did not form a sword formation, the mere presence of 18 supreme-grade flying swords was a threat not to be underestimated.

Now that such a terrifying sword formation was condensed, how powerful would that be?

Clang! Clang!

The two flying swords collided against the Candlelight Sword Formation and let out crisp sounds.

Right after, in front of everyone, those two flying swords were minced into fragments by the Candlelight Sword Formation and fell to the ground in shatters!


Outside the Five Elements Umbrella, the crowd was in an uproar.

Those two flying swords were not scrap metal – they were middle-grade flying swords!

However, they were ground into pieces and wasted right after they collided with the Candlelight Sword Formation!

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Candlelight Sword Formation circled around Su Zimo’s body and emitted an extremely strong sword aura. With a flash of sword light, it smashed all the incoming flying swords!

Middle-grade flying swords were shattered on the spot, turning into useless weapons.

Only the superior-grade flying swords remained intact. However, they were still sent flying by the power of the Candlelight Sword Formation, dimming and falling to the ground.

This was the first time that Su Zimo had released his Candlelight Sword Formation against enemies and its power was far beyond his imagination!

Little fatty’s mouth was agape and his jaws nearly fell to the ground.

Although the light of the sword formation dimmed significantly upon receiving such an impact, it was still spinning.

The sound of the swords never ceased, but instead resounded clearer, piercing through metal and stone!

The way it spun was as though it wanted to tear through the heavens and crush the earth!

When the cultivators who attacked saw that, blood drained from their faces and they were quiet as cicadas in winter, afraid that Su Zimo would toss the sword-shaped circular disk at them.

At that instant, Su Zimo actually closed his eyes. His mind calmed down immediately, filled with emptiness.

Time seemed to have frozen around him as Su Zimo’s thoughts were churning at high speed.

Every choice that followed was going to affect the final result.

It was as the emperor and everyone else had said – it was impossible for him to kill Feng Haoyu within the Five Elements Umbrella.

It wasn’t because Su Zimo wasn’t strong enough – it was because Feng Haoyu had an escape jade talisman that he could use to leave at any time.

Therefore, Su Zimo only had a single window of opportunity if he wanted to kill Feng Haoyu!

Feng Haoyu was no fool and would definitely escape with his jade talisman if Su Zimo missed his strike.

While the might of the Candlelight Sword Formation was great, it might not kill with a single hit.

First, Feng Haoyu was at five meridian Foundation Establishment. Furthermore, his eyes were faint green, as though he had cultivated some secret skill of Blood Crow Palace – there was the chance that he might have other trump cards as well.

Second, Feng Haoyu had cultivated Ethereal Wings and was extremely agile – there was a high chance he could avoid the sharpness of the Candlelight Sword Formation.

While the Candlelight Sword Formation was not enough to kill Feng Haoyu, it was more than enough to kill someone else!

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo opened his eyes and sped towards Feng Haoyu with Divine Steed Fleeting. However, his arm was pointed at He Jiang of True Fire Sect as he shouted, “Instant Thunder!”


There was a deafening sound.

A bolt of lightning as thick as an adult’s arm descended on He Jiang’s head. However, the latter was extremely alert and had already crushed a protection talisman beforehand.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The power of the Instant Thunder collided against the protection talisman, causing the barrier that was formed by the talisman to disintegrate.

Clang! Clang!

Before He Jiang could catch his breath, the Candlelight Sword Formation released an extremely sharp sword qi and charged at him, tearing through the void as if it was ripping through a large cloth!

He Jiang’s expression changed in shock, his eyes filled with endless horror.

It was only then that he realized.

Su Zimo had no intention of killing him with that Instant Thunder earlier on – it was to keep him on the spot!

The true killing move was the incoming Candlelight Sword Formation!

The Candlelight Sword Formation was within reach and it was too late to dodge by then.

He Jiang’s flying sword was already ground to pieces by the Candlelight Sword Formation. Thankfully, he had a superior-grade Weapon Tripod in his hands that could be used.


He Jiang channeled the spirit energy in his dantian fanatically and five spirit meridians shone with light like a river. The Weapon Tripod illuminated and expanded instantly, blocking in front of He Jiang.

At the spectator area, many Golden Cores watched the scene unfold fixedly.

Sima Zhi and everyone else from True Fire Sect were nervous and could not contain their emotions. In fact, they were even standing up uncontrollably.

Although they were Golden Cores, they knew too little about the Candlelight Sword Formation and thus, none of them could determine the outcome of this head on battle using their naked eyes alone.






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