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Chapter 327: Something Impossible

Su Zimo did not continue explaining to Shi Jian. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he took a step forward.


With that single step, the ground shook.

It was the stance of the Plow Heaven Stride – at its maximum extent, it could even plow a ravine in the heavens!

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had truly arrived nearby.

Shi Jian’s heart skipped a beat and he had no time to think. Sensing the danger, he subconsciously struck out and the alloy steel rod in his hands shone brightly, sweeping towards Su Zimo!

With an unchanged expression, Su Zimo welcomed the attack with his soft palm.

Su Zimo’s palm looked to be fair and weak as his long, slender fingers slid on the surface of the incoming long rod. With a sudden burst of strength, he coiled and trembled!


Shi Jian exclaimed and his hand cracked, blood dripping from his palm.

That moment of distraction was all it took for Shi Jian’s alloy steel rod to end up in Su Zimo’s hands instead.

That gigantic steel rod was pressed against Shi Jian’s throat, emitting a cold and chilling aura.

As long as Su Zimo exerted strength, Shi Jian’s throat would be smashed to pieces!

As Shi Jian had said, a single move was all it took.

However, the one that lost was him, not Su Zimo.

Throughout the entire process, Shi Jian was dumbfounded; he lost without even understanding anything.

Even when Su Zimo returned the alloy steel rod by stuffing it in Shi Jian’s hand, the latter could not really react to it and muttered instinctively, “Thank you.”

Shi Jian had a simple and honest character that was a little cute even. He did not have much animosity towards Su Zimo and merely had no choice.

As such, Su Zimo would naturally not hurt his life.

“How many cultivators are left in the wood region?” Su Zimo asked.

Shi Jian’s mind was in a mess – he was still thinking about what had happened earlier – and replied, “I’m not sure about the exact figure. However, I’m certain that more than half have been eliminated.”

Su Zimo frowned.

In other words, if he lingered too long in the wood region, it might already be too late by the time he crossed this region and another Grade 4 killing formation to reach the metal region.

After all, the battle royale in a region would end when there were only two people remaining.

Those two would also be teleported out.

Therefore, Su Zimo had to get to the metal region as soon as possible to get a chance to kill Feng Haoyu!

Some cultivators were already noticing the activity around the area and were watching from afar – it looked like more were gathering.

If he was surrounded by those cultivators again, Su Zimo might truly not make it in time.

At that thought, his figure flashed and he tunneled into a dense forest at the side.

“Mr. Mo, where are you going?” Shi Jian asked.

“The metal region!”

After a while, Su Zimo’s voice could be heard from deep within the forest.

“Mr. Mo, you really love to joke. Metal region, huh? You might as well say that you’re flying into the heavens.”

Shi Jian rubbed the back of his head and mumbled before turning to leave.

After walking for a while, when no one was around, Shi Jian retrieved his alloy steel rod from his storage bag all of a sudden. He had a grave expression as though he was met with a great enemy.

With widened eyes, Shi Jian stared at the alloy steel rod in his hands for a long time. After a while, he slapped his head in realization. “I got it! During that fight earlier on, my rod was snatched away by Mr. Mo and he returned it to me thereafter!”

“Mr. Mo is truly a nice guy!” Shi Jian lamented.

At the spectator area, Perfected Being Yun Shan frowned as he covered his face and gave a long sigh.

In the wood region, there was a sumptuous variety of plants and leaves.

Ancient trees, bushes, vines and grasslands were connected together, green and full of vitality.

Of course, that seemingly peaceful place also possessed endless killing intent!

The forest was practically a paradise for spirit demons and one would die there with a single misstep!

Some cultivators had discovered Su Zimo’s traces but he burrowed into the forest before they could strike.

Everyone had no choice but to chase after him.

The onlookers outside the Five Elements Umbrella were seeing things more clearly. In their eyes, cultivators were being lured into the forest repeatedly without being able to escape.

Those cultivators would often chase endlessly before losing track of Su Zimo.

By the time they realized what was happening, they would already be surrounded by spirit demons!

“Is that Su Zimo born in the year of the monkey? Scurrying left and right, he’s gone in the blink of an eye.”

At the spectator area, some of the Golden Cores grumbled indignantly when they saw their disciples being played like fools.

When he heard that, Xuan Yi chuckled internally.

Back when he joined Ethereal Peak, Su Zimo’s skills were truly similar to a monkey’s as he scaled the walls of the steep mountain like he was on the ground.

The emperor frowned.

He realized that he could no longer see through Su Zimo.

How did a scholar from a remote town of a vassal state gain such capabilities?

In the wood region, Su Zimo arrived at the edge without wasting too much time and dived headfirst into the Grade 4 killing formation.

He was still cautious as ever, inching arduously towards the metal region step by step as though he was on thin ice.

It was only then that the audience realized… Su Zimo was truly able to cross two regions and killing formations to enter the metal region!

However, was it possible for him to kill Feng Haoyu?

Many cultivators had caught a rough glimpse of how Feng Haoyu was killing others as well – it was a one-sided crush!

Apart from five spirit meridians and Ethereal Peak’s three major secret skills, Feng Haoyu seemed to be in possession of some unique secret skills that were sinister and mysterious.

All of those methods not only showed how terrifying Feng Haoyu was, it enabled him to crush the other cultivators completely as well!

One would not even consider killing someone like Feng Haoyu.

In fact, even if Su Zimo merely wanted to defeat Feng Haoyu, it would be as difficult as ascending the heavens given his current capabilities.

Perfected Lord Ming Ze pondered deeply. “If Su Zimo can close in to Feng Haoyu, there might be a chance of him winning.”

“It’s too difficult.”

The emperor shook his head. “Feng Haoyu possesses Ethereal Wings. Be it in terms of speed or agility, he is far superior compared to Sword Kinesis Flight. There’s no way Su Zimo will be able to close in.”

Pausing for a moment, the emperor continued, “In other words, even if Su Zimo could close in, the most he can do is defeat Feng Haoyu. How is he going to kill that guy?”

Perfected Lord Ming Ze nodded as well.

In the worst case scenario, even if Feng Haoyu was not a match for Su Zimo, he had the escape jade talisman in his possession that he could crush as long as he sensed something amiss about the situation.

There were not many cultivators remaining in the metal region.

Apart from Feng Haoyu, the other five meridian cultivator, He Jiang of True Fire Sect was inside as well!

Furthermore, both of them were enemies with Su Zimo!

Even if Su Zimo could barge into the metal region, it would be impossible for him to kill Feng Haoyu given such circumstances.

“Auntie Gu, guess what will happen in the end?” Demoness Ji whispered.

Gu Xi’s gaze swept past the face of the Blood Crow King who was nearby and shook her head. “The outcome inside isn’t important. Su Zimo has already offended that person from Blood Crow Palace and he’s doomed!”






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