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Chapter 326: Honest Man

The torrent and fallen trees formed from the supreme Dharmic powers shook the entire world, exuding an imposing aura. Even the audiences were able to feel that power of annihilation as though they were experiencing it personally!

In the square, some of the cultivators were so scared that their faces were pale despite merely watching.

That was the power of Grade 4 killing formations!

That was the power that belonged to the Dharma.

Be it spirit energy, art or weapons, none of them could be stronger than Dharmic powers, arts and weapons.

One can only understand the secrets of the Dharma after entering Nascent Soul state and cultivating an Essence Spirit; even Golden Cores can’t comprehend them!

Between the endless falling trees and torrential waves, the figure that was moving forward was so tiny. In fact, it looked a little humble, as though it could be crushed into nothingness at any moment.

However, for some reason, everyone was feeling a deep sense of shock that was even more intense than the impact of a Grade 4 killing formation!

What sort of a willpower did that man possess?

Despite the arduous dangers that were laden with killing intent, no one could stop his intentions!

If he wanted to kill someone today, they would not get to live till the next day!

Peak Master Wen Xuan’s wish was finally going to be fulfilled by someone.

In the battle at Dongling Valley, many Ethereal Peak disciples perished… someone was going to have to pay for that debt!

“I can’t rest as long as Feng Haoyu’s alive!”

Die Yue was not wrong. There was indeed a ferocious tiger hidden within Su Zimo’s heart that was sleeping.

Back when Die Yue brought Su Zimo onto the path of cultivation, that ferocious tiger had already awoken.

Naturally, people were meant to be eaten when a ferocious tiger was awake!

Both in the square and at the spectator area, more than a hundred thousand pairs of eyes watched that figure cross the treacheries of a Grade 4 killing formation. It was extremely silent and no one spoke.

“How did he do it?”

Even as a Nascent Soul, the emperor could not understand what was going on.

“Hehe, that nerd’s full of surprises. He’s truly getting more interesting by the day,” Ji Yaoxue pursed her lips together and smiled, her bright eyes curving into crescent moons.

Gu Xi gave a half-smile and rolled her eyes at Demoness Ji; her gaze shimmered.

“Look, he’s about to cross it.”

Finally, under everyone’s gaze, Su Zimo crossed to the wood region from the water region.

Everyone from Ethereal Peak heaved a sigh of relief and looked invigorated.

Discussions rose from the crowd again.

“By the looks of it, perhaps only five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators are able to stop Su Zimo now.”

“There are two five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators in the wood region, Shi Jian of Southern Mountains Sect and an itinerant cultivator.”

“Su Zimo must be absolutely tuckered out after crossing a Grade 4 killing formation. He will most likely die if he were to encounter a five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator.”

At the spectator area, Perfected Being Yun Shan of Southern Mountains Sect gloated and lamented, “Seems like Su Zimo’s storage bag is about to land in the hands of Southern Mountains Sect!”

Crossing the Grade 4 killing formation, Su Zimo arrived at the wood region.

Even though he survived the dangerous journey, Su Zimo’s mental and spirit energy were extremely taxed and his green robe was drenched in sweat.

That was a Grade 4 killing formation. If it was a Grade 5 killing formation, Su Zimo reckoned that even with his keen spirit perception, his body would not be able to react in time and he would die within!

It was way too dangerous!

Behind him was the Grade 4 killing formation and there were no other cultivators nearby.

Retrieving two superior-grade spirit stones from his storage bag, Su Zimo sped forward while recovering spirit energy.

He had to recover his spirit energy completely before arriving at the next Grade 4 killing formation. As such, Su Zimo chose to conserve spirit energy by sprinting on the ground instead of riding his flying sword. However, his speed was not compromised.

Along the way, he encountered many signs of fighting.

There were even some corpses on the ground with warmth – the cultivators had died without being able to crush their jade talismans in time.


After a while, an exclamation was heard.

A figure flashed forward and blocked Su Zimo’s path.

Raising his head, Su Zimo saw that it was the legacy disciple of Southern Mountains Sect, Shi Jian. He was one of the hot favorites for the Spirit Ranking competition and it was said that he was also at five meridian Foundation Establishment.

“Greetings, Mr. Mo. I am Shi Jian.”

To Su Zimo’s surprise, Shi Jian was unlike other cultivators and did not attack him right away. Instead, the latter cupped his fists and greeted.

When he saw that this person looked simple and honest, Su Zimo had a better impression of him and nodded in response.

“Are you also located in the wood region, Mr. Mo? I’m seeing you for the first time,” There was no way Shi Jian would know that Su Zimo had crossed over from the water region.

Su Zimo did not explain and merely smiled.

Shi Jian looked uneasy. He wanted to say something but stopped himself, as though he was too embarrassed to do so.

“What’s the matter?” Su Zimo raised his brow slightly.

Shi Jian hesitated for a moment before replying, “Well, I’m also here for your Blood Quencher, Mr. Mo.”

Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold.

Bowing hurriedly, Shi Jian explained himself, “However, that was not my intention. I can’t defy my master’s orders. I seek your understanding in this, fellow Daoist.”

Su Zimo noticed that Shi Jian’s words were sincere and did not seem like he was lying – he truly had no choice.

It was only then that Su Zimo’s expression relaxed and the killing intent in his heart dissipated.

Shi Jian continued, “Mr. Mo, don’t worry, I will definitely not harm your life. Furthermore, as an exchange, I will do my best to help guarantee a spot in the Spirit Ranking for you!”

There were two slots for every region.

By saying that, Shi Jian was implying that he would try his best to help Su Zimo obtain the other spot in the wood region.

Su Zimo smiled but did not say anything.

Shi Jian did not know what happened in the water region nor did he know of Su Zimo’s motives.

When he saw Su Zimo smile, he misunderstood and thought for a long time before saying, “Mr. Mo, I know that perfect spirit weapons are priceless. However, there’s not much I can do. How about this? Apart from helping you obtain a spot in the Spirit Ranking, I’ll give you all the treasures in my storage bag?”

“There’s no need to say anything more, let’s fight.”

Su Zimo said with a calm expression.


Shi Jian was stunned for a moment and asked confusedly, “Mr. Mo, do you want to fight me? If I didn’t see wrongly, you only just advanced to three meridian Foundation Establishment while I’m at five meridian Foundation Establishment. You’re not going to be my match.”

Su Zimo smiled and replied, “If you beat me, Blood Quencher will naturally be yours.”

Shi Jian pondered for a long time before nodding. However, his expression was still somewhat lost, as though he could not understand Su Zimo’s intentions.

Retrieving an alloy steel rod that was engraved with complicated patterns from his storage bag, Shi Jian injected spirit energy into it and the rod shone with three spirit patterns!

It was a superior-grade spirit weapon!

“Mr. Mo, you have to be careful. Southern Mountains Sect prides ourselves in our strong physique and melee combat is our forte.”

As if afraid that Su Zimo would not know of his prowess, Shi Jian reminded again.

Su Zimo nodded.

After waiting for a while, Shi Jian noticed that Su Zimo’s hands were still empty and the latter had not summoned any flying swords or other spirit weapons!

Coughing gently, Shi Jian reminded him kindly, “Mr. Mo, you’ve got to use flying swords or other weapons against cultivators like us who specialize in melee combat. That way, you can increase the distance between us and prevent me from getting close.”

Shi Jian gestured in a serious manner and continued, “Look, the way you are right now, I’ll be able to reach you within a few steps. It’ll be too late for you to summon a flying sword by then. Within a single move, you will be defeated.”

Outside the Five Elements Umbrella, the hundred thousand odd cultivators stared in bewilderment.

Xue Yi could not help but lament, “This Brother Shi is truly a honest man!”






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