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Chapter 322: Disregard

The remaining five thousand odd people flew into the sky at the same time and were drawn in by the Five Elements Umbrella that was spinning beneath the heavens. At a glance, it seemed like those five thousand odd people were being devoured by another world.

Of the hundred thousand odd cultivators that were spectating, more than half of them were paying attention to Su Zimo.

After all, his appearance in this sect competition had caused great commotion.

Furthermore, there was already a repressed killing intent that was emanating from the square before the Spirit Ranking competition; many factions were already trying their best to contain themselves.

The moment they entered the Five Elements Umbrella where outsiders could not interfere, massive clashes were bound to erupt!

As for Su Zimo, whichever region he was sent to would definitely result in the most intense clashes!

“Look! Junior Brother Su has entered the water region!” Xue Yi pointed to the sky and said excitedly.

Leng Rou’s expression relaxed and she heaved a sigh of relief.

There were no other five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators in the water region apart from Ji Chengtian of Ethereal Peak – it was the region with the least threat and was relatively safer.

As long as Su Zimo and Ji Chengtian could meet in time and join forces, they should be able to last till the end in the water region.

Perfected Being Cang Lang and the others frowned.

It was clear that the emperor’s arrangements were to protect Su Zimo.

The Blood Crow King scoffed coldly.

Xuan Yi and Liu Hui looked at the emperor gratefully, but they could not express their feelings directly.

After the five thousand odd cultivators were sucked into the Five Elements Umbrella, the emperor’s glabella shone with a divine light and an invisible force landed on the Five Elements Umbrella.

It gradually stopped spinning and the umbrella surface spread in all directions, expanding as though it was fusing into one with the heavens!

“Ah, look!”

“There’s Senior Brother He!”

“Wow! A golden bird just flew across the sky!”

On the surface of the umbrella, the five regions shone with different lusters, forming a gigantic screen of light.

Through that gigantic screen, the cultivators outside could see everything within the Five Elements Umbrella clearly, including the flora, fauna, birds and beasts.

In fact, they could even observe every single action of the cultivators within.

Cultivators who were taking part in the sect competition for the first time were deeply amazed when they witnessed such a scene.

“Look, Su Zimo is there!”

“Fufu, his luck is truly bad. To think that he would have landed in the forest.”

The landing location for everyone that entered the Five Elements Umbrella was random.

Upon landing, it was very common to see fights break out immediately if they were close to other people.

Of course, that was still a considerably alright situation.

Landing in the forest was the most fatal!

The forest could be considered as a lair for spirit demons where dangers lurked everywhere. All kinds of powerful spirit demons awaited and one could not guarantee that they could walk out alive if they were descended upon the forest!

If one was unlucky and landed right beside a powerful spirit demon, they might be crept on stealthily by the latter and die without a chance to even crush their escape jade talisman!

“Eh? There seems to be a spirit lion not far behind Su Zimo and it’s staring at him!”

“If the number one Weapon Refinement Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty were to be bitten to death by a spirit demon in the Five Elements Umbrella, that’s going to be the greatest joke in the entire cultivation world! Hehe!”

A gentle breeze blew past and the leaves behind Su Zimo swayed lightly, producing a sound.

He seemed oblivious to it.

All of a sudden!

A massive black shadow lunged over with an opened mouth, baring its white fangs and howling deeply as it bit towards Su Zimo’s neck!

The ferocious face of the spirit lion seemed as though it was right in front of everyone!


In the square, the crowd exclaimed.

Many cultivators felt as though they were witnessing the grisly sight of Su Zimo’s neck being snapped!

Even though the spirit lion was about to close in, Su Zimo did not even turn back. Suddenly, he swung his arm backwards as though it was boneless like an elephant’s trunk.


The sound of bones cracking could be heard from the spirit beast’s chin when it was struck.

Right after, everyone watched as the spirit lion was sent flying back even faster than it was lunging forth.

By the time it landed on the ground, its face was already smashed to bits and was unrecognizable. Twitching unconsciously on the ground, it was clear that the spirit lion was dead.

As for Su Zimo, he continued walking forth without even turning back, as though nothing had just happened.

In the square, the crowd was dumbfounded.

What sort of strength did he possess to be able to smash a spirit demon’s jawline?

Before that question could be answered, another bloodthirsty wolf pounced forward only to be punched by Su Zimo. Its brains split, splattering juice all over as it died on the spot!

Right after, everyone watched as Su Zimo barged through the treacherous forest with dominance, leaving nothing but a trail of corpses and blood in his wake.

A gigantic spirit crocodile that was covered in spikes had been lying in ambush for a long time and had just emerged from the waters.

With a single stomp on the spirit crocodile’s head, Su Zimo created a massive crater the size of a footprint.

The gigantic body of the spirit crocodile sank into the water again; its corpse attracted other spirit crocodiles to feast on it and before long, there was nothing left but a pile of bones.

Su Zimo had no intention of concealing his tracks in the jungle at all as he barged forth with complete disregard!

“Holy f*ck! What’s going on?”

“Is that person a Weapon Refinement Master?”

“Bloody hell… he’s a ferocious beast in human form!”

In the square, the hundred thousand odd Foundation Establishment Cultivators were stunned.

Wasn’t it said that it was the most dangerous in the forest of the Five Elements Umbrella?

Wasn’t it said that the spirit demons in the Five Elements Umbrella were extremely strong and were close to the peak of Foundation Establishment realm?

“I suspect that the emperor must be afraid of trouble, so he merely put together some large-sized wild beasts into the Five Elements Umbrella to scare everyone…”

“Yes, that’s possible. It’s not easy to capture spirit demons but wild beasts are everywhere.”

“Man, he’s the emperor but this is an utter scam.”

In the crowd, many cultivators whispered among themselves and looked at the emperor with strange gazes.

Although they were very soft, the emperor could naturally hear them clearly given his cultivation.

Even though he was expressionless, his eyelids were twitching uncontrollably.

It was true that the spirit demons in the Five Elements Umbrella were mighty and not to be underestimated.

However, they were the most common types of demon beasts

The strength of a demon beast was directly related to its bloodline!

Simply put, the strength of an ordinary demon beast at the peak of Foundation Establishment realm was way inferior compared to the strength of an ancient remnant beast at the same cultivation realm.

The difference between ordinary spirit beasts and pure-blooded ferocious beasts was even greater.

For Su Zimo who had cultivated The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, Void Thunder Manual and even devoured half a dragon, none of those ordinary spirit demons were a match for the might of his terrifying physique.

If the emperor had caught some ancient remnant beasts, they might have been able to pose some threat to Su Zimo.

However, there were indeed no ancient remnant beasts within the Five Elements Umbrella and the emperor could not be blamed for that.

Every ancient remnant beast out there would typically be protected by monstrous fiend demons and it wasn’t easy to capture them.

A cultivator was right in his statement.

Those spirit demons in the Five Elements Umbrella were not facing a human… they were facing a ferocious beast in human form!






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