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Chapter 323: Unusual

In the spectator area, Demoness Ji was the most composed towards Su Zimo’s performance.

“Was he already so strong in melee combat back in the Blood Fiend’s grave three years ago?” Gu Xi asked with a voice transmission of her spirit consciousness.


Ji Yaoxue made use of a voice transmission technique unique to the fiend sects and replied, “This nerd is even stronger than three years ago!”

In the spectator area, some Golden Cores were also discussing quietly.

“Hmph, what’s the point of having a strong physique? He won’t be able to defend against the sharpness of a sword nevertheless.”

“That’s right. If he comes across cultivators, who’s going to engage in melee combat with him?”

The emperor sat alone in the middle and frowned as he looked at Su Zimo who was speeding forward.

“The direction that lad is heading… what’s he trying to do?”

Five Elements Umbrella, Water Region.

After dashing out of the forest, Su Zimo determined his direction and brushed his palm across his storage bag, summoning a flying sword before injecting spirit energy into it.


The sword quivered and four bedazzling lights shone from it.

“Supreme-grade flying sword!”

Right then, a shriek was heard beside him.

Su Zimo glanced at that person and was not bothered. Leaping onto his flying sword, he sped ahead on it.


Sounds of sharp blades tearing through the void rang behind him.


Narrowing his gaze, Su Zimo turned his head slightly and a cold light flashed past his ears, emitting a sharp killing intent.

That sword was aimed at taking his life without any mercy!

Su Zimo paused and turned behind.

Not far behind him, the cultivator who exclaimed earlier stood with a murderous aura, his eyes shining with a deep lust and ferociousness.

“You want to kill me?” Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold.

Normally, one would not kill within the Five Elements Umbrella and would let their enemies escape using the jade talisman if they did not bear any deep grudges.

After all, the Golden Cores and the Emperor of Great Zhou were watching the battle from outside. Killing enemies would sow grudges with them and it was not a wise move.

However, Su Zimo did not expect that apart from Iridescent Clouds Palace, True Fire Sect and Feng Haoyu, there were other cultivators who wanted to kill him!

“Su Zimo, I’m not asking for your Blood Quencher either. As long as you hand over that supreme-grade flying sword in your hands, I can spare your life.”

That person was wearing gray robes and because he was at four meridian Foundation Establishment, he was naturally confident.

“You want the supreme-grade flying sword? Sure.”

Su Zimo nodded and slapped his storage bag, changing the topic. “However, I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle it!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Waving his robes, three sword beams shot out in three different directions, surrounding the gray-robed cultivator and blocking all paths of escape!


The expression of the gray-robed cultivator changed as he yelped, “Three supreme-grade flying swords!”

Outside the Five Elements Umbrella, a series of commotion broke out from the square and spectator area as well.

Not to mention the Foundation Establishment Cultivators present, even most of the Golden Cores who had cultivated for hundreds of years did not possess a single supreme-grade spirit weapon.

However, as a three meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator, Su Zimo had summoned three supreme-grade flying swords in one go!

The gray-robed cultivator was calm as spirit energy surged within him rampantly. Bursting forth with his power of four spirit meridians, he retrieved his flying sword and used it to defend against an incoming supreme-grade flying sword.


Right after, the gray-robed cultivator conjured a spirit seal and released his spirit art to defend against another incoming supreme-grade flying sword.

Against the third supreme-grade flying sword, the gray-robed cultivator’s left arm shone with a bedazzling light, revealing a steel bracer – it was a middle-grade defensive spirit weapon.

Waving his arms, the gray-robed cultivator defended against the trajectories of the three supreme-grade flying swords.

All who dared to enter the Five Elements Umbrella for the Spirit Ranking competition were the elites of their respective sects – none of them were easy kills.

The crowd could not help but gasp when they saw the gray-robed cultivator unleash three consecutive attacks to deflect the three incoming supreme-grade flying swords.

In the spectator area, the Golden Cores of Starlight Sect stroked their long beards and nodded repeatedly, remarking in calm tones, “Not bad. He did not embarrass Starlight Sect.”

The moment they said that, the situation within the Five Elements Umbrella changed.

Right as the gray-robed cultivator defended against three supreme-grade flying swords, Su Zimo swiped his storage bag expressionlessly and another three flying swords appeared before him!


The swords quivered gently, illuminating four spirit patterns.

Another three supreme-grade flying swords!

Upon seeing this, the crowd was in an uproar.

Many Golden Cores were filled with envy and wished that they could rush into the Five Elements Umbrella to snatch Su Zimo’s storage bag so that they could check how much treasures were hidden within.

In the final year of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop, after Su Zimo was able to refine supreme-grade spirit weapons, he refined one daily.

In other words, there were more than 300 supreme-grade spirit weapons within his storage bag!

Of the 300 items, Su Zimo had customized a set of supreme-grade flying swords for himself.

The six flying swords that were sent out were merely a part of the set.

On the battlefield, the gray-robed cultivator could not even catch his breath after defending against three flying swords when he was greeted with another patch of sword lights.

“Why are there more…”


Before he could finish his sentence, his chest was penetrated by a flying sword. Blood gushed out relentlessly as he fell to the ground with an indignant expression. The greed in his eyes had yet to dissipate and he muttered while frothing with blood foam, “Supreme-grade flying sword, supreme-grade…”

Upon seeing that, the Golden Cores of Starlight Sect harrumphed coldly with terrible expressions.

No matter what, the gray-robed cultivator was the one who attacked Su Zimo first; even if he were to die in the Five Elements Umbrella, he could not blame anyone.

Waving his sleeves, Su Zimo retrieved the six supreme-grade flying swords and sped into the distance.

He hadn’t set off for long when he was blocked by another four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

Without a single word, Su Zimo waved his hand and six supreme-grade flying swords flew out!

The person on the other end had just summoned his flying sword when his vision blurred and six shimmering flying swords with four spirit patterns on them charged at him.

Immensely frightened, the person dropped his flying sword and swapped out a gigantic shield. He channeled his four meridian spirit energy and the shield expanded, defending in front of him.


The six flying swords struck the shield at almost the same time and gave out a loud bang.


The person spat out fresh blood and was sent flying, his face extremely pale. He crushed his jade talisman in midair.

A power radiated from the jade talisman, teleporting that man out of the Five Elements Umbrella.

Landing in the square slowly, the cultivator’s mouth was still flowing with fresh blood.

A Golden Core of Aqua Mirror Sect rushed forth and took out an elixir to stuff in that person’s mouth.

“Master, I’ve let you down. I…” The cultivator’s eyes dimmed as he slumped his head dejectedly.

The Golden Core of Aqua Mirror Sect sighed and replied exasperatedly, “It’s not your fault, that Su Zimo is way too despicable! He’s clearly being a bully by summoning six supreme-grade flying swords at one go! No one would be able to take that!”

Even though that person was a four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator and was much stronger than Su Zimo in terms of spirit energy, the difference between them was compensated by the brute force of the six supreme-grade flying swords.

Apart from Ji Chengtian, there were no five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators within the Five Elements Umbrella who could stand in Su Zimo’s path.

As time went by, not only did cultivators fail to kill Su Zimo, they were sent out one after another, losing their chance of vying for a spot in the Spirit Ranking.

At the same time, some Golden Cores were frowning as they gradually realized that there was something unusual about the direction Su Zimo was heading in.






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