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Chapter 321: I Can’t Rest

When they heard that Su Zimo was going to participate in the Spirit Ranking competition, many Golden Cores at the spectator area felt a chill run down their spines.

Perfected Being Cang Lang and the True Fire Sect elders were contemplating about how to deal with Su Zimo – they did not expect a great opportunity to present itself right before them.

In the eyes of everyone, Su Zimo’s entry into the Five Elements Umbrella as a three meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator was merely courting death!

If they could kill Su Zimo within the Five Elements Umbrella, they ensured that they would eliminate all future troubles forever.

As for Perfected Being Yun Shan and other cultivators, killing Su Zimo meant that they would be able to get their hands on that perfect-grade Blood Quencher!

In reality, Su Zimo had always been at the center of the storm.

However, this was the Great Zhou Dynasty. With the might of the emperor suppressing the entire area, no one would dare to act rashly even if they harbored evil designs.

Yet, Su Zimo’s decision was akin to planting himself in the midst of danger, allowing everyone a chance to steal his treasures!

Perfected Being Cang Lang and Sima Zhi exchanged glances and tacitly walked towards the square.

Perfected Being Cang Lang said in a low voice, “Si Yutang, all five of you, listen up! The moment you enter the Five Elements Umbrella, the first thing to do is to meet up with cultivators of True Fire Sect and join forces with them. No matter which region Su Zimo is assigned to, you have to try your best to kill him there! Do you understand?”

“Yes!” Si Yutang and the others nodded.

Shen Mengqi lowered her head with a conflicted expression; she did not say anything.

Even though she had long severed her relationship with Su Zimo, she still could not bear to kill him personally.

Perfected Being Cang Lang narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Mengqi, I don’t care what sort of a relationship you had with Su Zimo in the past. However, he killed your sect mates and is bent on being enemies with your master. You should know what you need to do!”

“Yes,” Shen Mengqi lowered her head even further and responded.

When Perfected Being Cang Lang heard Shen Mengqi’s perfunctory tone, a baleful aura appeared on his face instantly. However, his tone turned calmer instead as he said indifferently, “If you can’t do it, I can arrange for someone to replace you.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Mengqi’s heart skipped a beat.

Even though she was only a four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator, she had a chance of obtaining a spot in the Spirit Ranking.

If someone were to replace her to enter the Five Elements Umbrella, she would lose the rights to fight for a spot completely as well as a chance to enter the ancient battlefield.

Hurriedly, Shen Mengqi replied, “Don’t worry, master. I know what to do.”


It was only then that Perfected Being Cang Lang nodded in satisfaction.

On the other side, He Jiang let out a chilling laugh. “Don’t worry, master. Once I meet Su Zimo, I’ll definitely take his life and seek revenge for my younger brother!”

Perfected Being Yun Shan was also talking to Shi Jian, a legacy disciple of Southern Mountains Sect.

However, Shi Jian frowned slightly as if he was against it. After a moment of silence, he finally nodded.

The Blood Crow King said darkly, “Haoyu, I’ve got a mission for you.”

“Please speak, sir.”

“If you truly encounter Su Zimo in the Five Elements Umbrella, capture him alive. Remember, I want him alive, not dead!”


Spectator area.

Xuan Yi shook his head. “Zimo, you can’t go. The difference in strength between you two is great. Furthermore, Feng Haoyu has already cultivated all three of Ethereal Peak’s major secret skills and you’ve only cultivated Ethereal Peak Foundation Establishment. There’s no advantage you have against him.”

“Furthermore, you will have too many enemies once you enter the Five Elements Umbrella! Zimo, everyone is targeting you right now. Blood Quencher is a perfect-grade spirit weapon, something that can cause people to lose their minds!”

“That’s right.”

Liu Hui persuaded as well, “Zimo, you’re still young. Don’t act rashly for that moment of impulse.”

Su Zimo replied, “Peak masters, please do not dissuade me. My mind is set. I’m not being impulsive, I’m just glad to have the chance to seek revenge. I can’t rest as long as Feng Haoyu’s alive!”

Xuan Yi and Liu Hui exchanged glances – both could tell of the helplessness in the other’s eyes.

Ji Yaoxue could feel Su Zimo’s determination and knew that it would be futile even if she tried to dissuade him.

Shaking her head, she looked at the emperor in a pleading manner.

Even though the emperor could not openly be biased towards Su Zimo, he could still render some subtle help.

In all honesty, the emperor was rather curious. He wanted to make use of the Spirit Ranking competition to check out the extent of Su Zimo’s strength.

First, there was the assassination attempt from two Golden Cores of True Fire Sect.

Next, there was Dai Xu’s death.

Both incidents were extremely strange and indicated that Su Zimo’s strength was far from what it seems on the surface.

However, Ji Yaoxue’s pleading eyes softened the emperor’s heart as he lamented internally, “Forget it.”

Demoness Ji remained silent the entire time as she quietly moved her seat back beside Gu Xi.

Obtaining a jade talisman from the emperor, Su Zimo came before Ji Chengtian and little fatty. He secretly stuffed a storage bag in both their hands and whispered, “There’s an offensive and defensive supreme-grade spirit weapon within the storage bags.”

Upon hearing that, the eyes of both Ji Chengtian and little fatty lit up.

He was a five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator to begin with. Now that he had an additional offensive and defensive supreme-grade spirit weapon on hand, as long as he was not surrounded, no one should be a match for him one-on-one.

Little fatty blinked his beady eyes. Just as he was about to ask, Su Zimo spoke first, “Yours is a gigantic axe and shield.”

A broad smile filled little fatty’s face – those two weapons were clearly customized for him!

With the gigantic axe and shield, his strength would also be nothing to scoff at!

The emperor’s eyes flickered and a small thick rod the size of a finger shot out from the emperor’s glabella.

When the rod landed in the square, it expanded rapidly, forming an umbrelllike weapon.

With a bang, five different colors of umbrella cloths that represented metal, wood, water, fire and earth spread from the top of the umbrella, covering half of the skies!

Dharmic weapon, Five Elements Umbrella!

On the square, the five thousand odd cultivators who wanted to participate in the Spirit Ranking competition looked up instinctively.

Everyone’s gaze could not help but be drawn into the multicolored umbrella cloth as their hearts pounded.

That umbrella cloth was like a world of its own!

“Everyone is ready. Let the Spirit Ranking competition officially begin.”

The moment the emperor said that, the Five Elements Umbrella started to spin.

The first people to be drawn into the umbrella were the five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators in the square.

The respective five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators of the five major sects were separated into different regions.

Ji Chengtian was placed in the water region.

Including Feng Haoyu, there were four other five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators left on the square.

This meant that there would be a region within the Five Elements Umbrella that would only have a single five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

That way, the pressure provided by the five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator of this region would be extremely small and basically, anyone could obtain a spot on the Spirit Ranking as long as they held through to the end.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Four figures rose into the air and entered four regions.

Su Zimo kept his eye on Feng Haoyu and saw him enter the gold region.

Apart from Feng Haoyu, there was another five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator in the gold region – He Jiang of True Fire Sect.

As for the water region where Ji Chengtian was located, he was the only five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

Everyone knew what was going on when they saw the allocation – it meant that the emperor intended to take care of Ethereal Peak.

The Five Elements Umbrella continued spinning.

The cultivators in the square flew into the world within the Five Elements Umbrella.

A massacre was about to begin!






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