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Chapter 312: I’ll Teach You How to Refine Weapons

“The rules of the sect competition are the same as the previous ones. For the four ranking lists of spirit, talisman, elixir and weapon, we’ll choose the top ten of each as the experts for this year’s competition!”

“All ten people on the Spirit Ranking can choose a spirit art of their liking; all ten on the Talisman Ranking can choose a talisman method; all ten on the Elixir Ranking can choose an elixir recipe; all ten on the Weapon Ranking can choose a superior-grade spirit weapon! Of course, apart from that, there will be a reward of many spirit stones!”

The Great Zhou Dynasty had been established for more than ten thousand years. After so many years of accumulation and heritage, there was definitely going to be many secret skills and elixir recipes in their treasure vault. In fact, some of them might even be extinct and it was definitely enough to tempt any cultivator out there!

Most Foundation Establishment Cultivators merely used middle-grade spirit weapons.

For Foundation Establishment Cultivators, superior-grade spirit weapons were fatally attractive.

Of course, the most important thing was that the people on the ranking lists could enter the ancient battlefield to train for a year!

With just a few simple words from the emperor, the hundred thousand odd Foundation Establishment Cultivators on the square were burning with zeal and raring to go.

The emperor declared, “Since Mr. Mo was invited as the judge for this sect competition, we’ll start off with the competition for weapon refinement. Because Mr. Mo belongs to Ethereal Peak and needs to enter the ancient battlefield as well, it means that there are only nine spots left to contest for in the Weapon Ranking.”

The meaning behind the emperor’s words was clear – given Su Zimo’s ability, he was naturally the number one on the Weapon Ranking without the need to even compete!

No one had any objections to that.

Even Weapon Refinement Masters who had been immersed in the art of weapon refinement for hundreds of years would not dare to compete against Su Zimo, let alone the young Weapon Refinement Masters on the square.

“Is there anything else you’d like to add, Mr. Mo?” The emperor asked.

Rising, Su Zimo gazed at the hundred thousand odd Foundation Establishment Cultivators on the square deeply before saying in a slow manner, “When I arrived, I heard someone mention that there is no one from Ethereal Peak who can refine weapons…”

Upon hearing this, the square and the spectator area entered an uproar.

If it was prior to this, those words wouldn’t have been a big deal since it was something everyone publicly acknowledged.

But now, anyone who dared say something as such was definitely stubbing their toes!

Everyone swept their gazes and noticed that Su Zimo had a hint of killing intent on his face – they all realized that the number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou was about to take someone down!

“Who was the one who said that! Stand forth!”

Su Zimo was almost at the top of the spectator area as he looked down at the square from above. Even though his tone was calm, it was laced with a dominance that was above everyone else!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Countless gazes landed on Tao Feng.

Prior to this, everyone around the area had witnessed the conflict between Tao Feng and Su Zimo.

Tao Feng felt the pressure on him multiply – his face was pale and his expression was filled with fear.

“Who is Mr. Mo talking about?”

“Someone from True Fire Sect. I heard that he’s the number one Weapon Refinement Master of the younger generation.”

“Pfft, what a joke. Mr. Mo is only in his twenties and this guy dares to claim that he’s the number one Weapon Refinement Master of the younger generation?”

The discussions in the crowd grew louder.

The crowd around True Fire Sect gradually dispersed. Seeing that he was about to be singled out, Tao Feng grit his teeth and stood out with a venomous look in his eyes.

He said hatefully, “It was me.”

The Golden Cores of True Fire Sect frowned with ugly expressions.

“Very good.”

Su Zimo nodded. “Since you were so arrogant, I suppose that the standards of Weapon Refinement Masters from True Fire Sect must have already surpassed me. Which one of you is so formidable? Stand forth and let me have a look.”

Sweeping his gaze across True Fire Sect’s Golden Cores at the spectator area, Su Zimo’s eyes had a mocking look in them.

“Su Zimo, don’t go overboard!” Elder Zhang said coldly.


Su Zimo shook his head and replied indifferently, “I don’t think so. Compared to that unscrupulous assassination attempt from True Fire Sect three years ago, this is nothing.”

Elder Zhang was speechless.

Although there was no evidence of it, everyone was well aware of it. In fact, even the emperor’s notice was posted at the entrance of True Fire Weapon Workshop.

“Su Zimo is trying to establish his dominance!”

“Yes, it’s not only for himself, it’s also for Ethereal Peak. This is equivalent to taking revenge for Ethereal Peak.”

Upon hearing the discussions around them, Xuan Yi and Liu Hui exchanged glances – both could read the gratification in the other’s eyes.

After Su Zimo appeared, they could clearly sense that the few disciples of Ethereal Peak were in high spirits and were no longer demoralized!

Turning towards Tao Feng, Su Zimo continued, “You even said that the Weapon Refinement Masters of Ethereal Peak are jokes? Let me ask you now, who is the joke?”

Tao Feng was almost grinding his teeth into dust as his entire body trembled. Lowering his head slightly, his cheeks were filled with ferociousness and his eyes were getting more deranged by the second.

“Su Zimo, I’m not convinced of you!”

Suddenly, Tao Feng raised his head and shouted with reddened eyes, “There are more than a hundred thousand cultivators present but no one has witnessed you refine weapons personally! Who knows if you’re as good as you claim to be? Why are you able to claim a spot on the Weapon Ranking without even having to refine weapons?!”

Tao Feng seemed to have lost his mind but in reality, his words struck lethally.

Su Zimo was only in his twenties and was at Foundation Establishment realm. However, he was able to customize supreme-grade spirit weapons – that did seem a little ridiculous.

Even if he had started refining weapons in his mother’s womb, that would only be twenty odd years at best – could he really be better than Weapon Refinement Masters out there who have immersed themselves in the art of weapon refinement for hundreds of years?

Everyone present had doubts to begin with. After Tao Feng’s words, their suspicions only intensified.

Could there be someone powerful expert backing Su Zimo?

That expert would step in when it came to refining weapons while Su Zimo was only a front?

After all, no one had seen Su Zimo refine weapons before.

Many people thought about it and pondered to themselves, “If the Mo from Mo Ling came from Su Zimo, could the Ling be from the expert?”

That thought seemed to have gotten them closer to the truth of things.

The way many cultivators looked at Su Zimo changed slowly, carrying doubt and scrutiny within their gazes.

In the blink of an eye, Tao Feng was now the center of attention as he laughed into the skies. “Su Zimo, if you have the guts, come and compete with me down here! We’ll let everyone judge who the joke is! I believe that everyone would like to see your so-called Mo Clan’s Spirit Gathering Technique!”

The emperor’s expression was calm as he thought to himself, ‘Impressive.’

With those words, True Fire Sect was going to benefit no matter what.

If Su Zimo was not as good as he claimed to be, he would naturally be exposed by competing and Tao Feng would become famous because of this.

Even if Su Zimo truly was Mo Ling, he might end up committing a mistake under such immense pressure in front of everyone.

Furthermore, this would not be of any loss for True Fire Sect as they would be able to observe Su Zimo’s weapon refinement process and even possibly get a glimpse of the secrets within!

You want to learn my spirit gathering technique?

Su Zimo’s heart stirred as he could tell Tao Feng’s intentions.

However, he did not have to fear letting others watch or learn from his spirit gathering technique!

After all, no one would be able to master it!

The Weapon Refinement Masters of Ethereal Peak had that tragic experience – whoever that learned from him were the unlucky ones!

“Su Zimo, do you dare to compete? Say something!” Tao Feng shouted provocatively.

“I’m not going to compete with you, because you’re not qualified. However…”

Changing the topic, Su Zimo continue calmly, “In a bit, I’ll teach you how to refine spirit weapons on the spot. Learn well and don’t embarrass True Fire Sect.”

I’ll teach you!

It was the tone and attitude of an elder teaching the younger generation.

Everyone was dumbfounded.




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