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Chapter 311: Regret

Under everyone’s watchful gazes, in front of all the Golden Cores who were greeting with cupped fists, Su Zimo came before Xuan Yi and Liu Hui. He bowed deeply and said in a deep voice, “Disciple of Ethereal Peak, Su Zimo, pays his greetings to the peak masters.”

“G-Good child! Hurry, get up!”

Xuan Yi hurried forward and raised Su Zimo’s arms in an emotional manner.

“So, Mr. Mo’s real name is Su Zimo.”

“Mr. Mo is so young. He’s only at Foundation Establishment?”

“Didn’t everyone say that Ethereal Peak is bad at weapon refinement? Why did such a monster appear out of nowhere? This is phenomenal!”

Many Golden Cores muttered softly as they looked at Su Zimo curiously.

Liu Hui turned and wiped her tears, laughing and saying, “Xuan Yi, stop pulling him. Let him get to his seat.”

“Right, right!”

Xuan Yi snapped to his senses and replied, “Hurry over. We’ll talk when we get back. We’ve got plenty of time.”


Su Zimo nodded and turned to continue forward. His gaze landed on Perfected Being Cang Lang who was not far away.

Their eyes met.

Su Zimo smiled.

Perfected Being Cang Lang glared at the approaching Su Zimo with an ashen face – he truly could not bring himself to smile.

“How could this be?”

Three years ago, when he heard that Su Zimo had also become a cultivator, Perfected Being Cang Lang merely laughed indifferently.

There was no way Su Zimo could ever catch up to him even if the former had stepped into cultivation.

In his eyes, Su Zimo was still the same ant that he could trample, suppress and oppress as he willed!

However, that small ant had merely grown a little more.

He had cultivated for more than two hundred years – what was his identity, strength and status like?

Even the connections that he had accumulated over the past two hundred years were more than enough for him to crush that Su Zimo!

But now, the moment Su Zimo stepped foot on the golden carpet, Perfected Being Cang Lang realized that apart from his own strength, all his advantages were no longer existent!

He could not compare with Su Zimo in terms of status, influence and connections.

Or rather, he could not compare with Mr. Mo.

A month ago, right at the entrance of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop, Su Zimo promised that his head could be exchanged for a supreme-grade spirit weapon!

At that moment, Perfected Being Cang Lang could clearly feel that many Golden Cores were tempted; some of them even revealed their killing intents.

If not for the fact that he was in the capital and no one would dare to act rashly, there was a high chance he would have been mass attacked!

That was the unique way in which fate worked.

In the past, Perfected Being Cang Lang could delete Su Zimo’s life with a flick of his fingers.

But now, his head was almost gone just because of a promise from Su Zimo.

As he passed by Perfected Being Cang Lang, Su Zimo paused for a moment and turned to glance indifferently.

That single glance sent a chill down Perfected Being Cang Lang’s spine!

He realized that the frail youth in the past was now a deep thorn in his flesh!

In the square, more than a hundred thousand Foundation Establishment Cultivators were stunned.

Apart from everyone of Ethereal Peak who were cheering, the other cultivators had complex expressions.

Earlier on, everyone thought that Su Zimo was a joke. It was only at this moment that they realized that they were the true jokes.

Jun Hao of Azure Frost Sect let out a long sigh.

Even though he had expected it, the blow was still rather huge when the outcome was truly known.

Tao Feng of True Fire Sect had a dark expression on his face. Each time he recalled what he had just said, his face turned paler.

“Hey, Fellow Daoist Tao Feng, you seem like you were upset when my bro said that you’re not qualified?” Little fatty asked with a grin.

Tao Feng’s expression was grim as he remained silent.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

Little fatty pursed his lips and asked, “My, who was the one who was so arrogant that he wanted to compete with my bro in terms of weapon refinement? Why is he silent right now? Don’t be a coward!”

Tao Feng clenched his teeth and shivered. However, he could not say a word.

He had said too much earlier on. But now, every single word he said was being smashed back onto his face, causing it to burn!

Beside Tao Feng, a cold and sinister man stood glaring at Su Zimo in the spectator area with a killing intent in his eyes.

Recalling that he had provoked Su Zimo earlier on, Si Yutang felt a little guilty and laughed dryly, “Who would have thought that he would be Mr. Mo. Ha… ha ha!”

No one cared about him so it was a little awkward.

“Isn’t that right, junior sister?” Si Yutang turned to ask.

Shen Mengqi, who was beside him, seemed to have not heard anything. She stared blankly at the spectator area where that figure was getting further and rising higher, as though she had lost her soul.

Instantly, many things made sense to her.

Why Mr. Mo would send that message for her master, Perfected Being Cang Lang, to kneel down a month ago.

Why Su Zimo would dare declare that Tao Feng wasn’t qualified.

Why Su Zimo was indifferent at the mention of Mr. Mo.

Why Su Zimo would look at her strangely when she mentioned Mr. Mo.

Why even the third princess of Great Zhou would head over.


All of those questions could be explained with a single answer!

Su Zimo was Mr. Mo!

At that moment, she suddenly felt like a fool.

“The princess’s actions have unknowingly established many powerful foes for you. Let’s see how you deal with things later on!”

Shen Mengqi laughed at herself when she recalled what she had said earlier.

There was no need for Su Zimo to deal with things.

The moment he revealed his identity, it was more than enough.

Shen Mengqi was dazed.

Once upon a time, she thought that she would soar through the skies upon receiving that one in a million immortal affinity. She thought that she would be separated from Su Zimo and become someone of a completely different world from him.

But now, she suddenly realized.

Everything she had possessed in the past couple of years was nothing worth mentioning in front of Su Zimo.

Her life was perhaps lesser than a single promise of Su Zimo.

In that instant, Shen Mengqi regretted.

Before long, Su Zimo arrived at the second spectator area where there was only an empty seat.

It was a seat that was beneath a single person and above everyone else; one that ranked equally with the princes, princesses and the chief steward of Sky Treasure Auction House!

The emperor pointed and said, “Go on.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Ji Yaoxue was beside the empty seat.

Both of them smiled at each other. The moment Su Zimo sat down, a gust of fragrant wind blew over.

Right after, someone else appeared on the other side of Su Zimo.

He turned over and was slightly stunned.

Demoness Ji had moved her chair and ran to his left hand side to squeeze with him.

As such, Su Zimo’s seat was sandwiched between the two princesses.

Coughing gently, Su Zimo looked somewhat uneasy instantly.

“Hehe, I’ll sit here!” Demoness Ji chuckled.

Ji Yaoxue looked at her younger sister dotingly and shook her head to smile.

The princes seemed to understand Demoness Ji’s temper and did not say anything, merely smiling. Instead, they nodded to Su Zimo as a form of greeting.

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat. Even though no one could tell, he could vaguely sense that Demoness Ji’s laughter was odd!

“I wonder what this demoness is thinking about again.”

Frowning in secret, Su Zimo looked straight ahead.

Right then, the emperor’s voice echoed in all directions.

“Let the sect competition officially begin!”




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