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Chapter 313: What Weapon Refinement Truly Is!

“I’ll teach you how to refine weapons.”

Against Tao Feng’s challenge, Su Zimo’s single statement widened the gap between them instantly.


Tao Feng laughed coldly. “I’ll see for myself what Mr. Mo has to teach me!”

The emperor waved his hand. “Let the competition for the Weapon Ranking officially begin.”

As the emperor finished his sentence, cultivators taking part in the Weapon Ranking competition broke free from the crowd and arrived at the spacious sunken area between the four jade pillars.

Tao Feng walked over. His gaze was provocative and had never left Su Zimo.

“All the best, Senior Brother Xue!”

“Junior Brother Xue, go on. With Junior Brother Su around, you can just give it all you’ve got without any pressure.”

Under the encouragement of little fatty, Leng Rou and the others, Xue Yi arrived at the sunken area as well. He was filled with confidence, spirited and in a perfect state.

Xue Yi knew that given his current state, there was even a chance he could outperform himself!

Su Zimo sat high and above, unmoving as he watched everything quietly without any intention of getting up.

No matter what, he was the judge selected by the emperor – his position was unshakable!

There was no restriction to the type of spirit weapon one could refine for the Weapon Ranking competition. However, each person only had three chances.

Within three rounds of weapon refinement, they had to select the spirit weapon with the best grade and quality for the final evaluation.

If they failed all three rounds of weapon refinement, it would mean that they have lost the rights to compete.

There were a total of 1,072 Weapon Refinement Masters taking part in the sect competition this time round and they were all gathered in the sunken area.

Almost at the same time, all of them took out their Weapon Tripods and placed it in front of them.


Instantly, countless flames soared, illuminating against one another. There were some Level 1 Spirit Fires and even some at Level 3.

He was warming his tripod.

Those who were able to compete in the sect competition were the elites of each sect. Naturally, they were extremely familiar with the process of weapon refinement.

The many cultivators had long chosen their materials. Right after warming their Weapon Tripods, they placed their materials within and increased the temperature of the flames to begin smelting.

For this step, the higher the level of the flame, the more the impurities that could be purged.

Xue Yi had already cultivated a Level 2 Spirit Fire while Tao Feng’s Spirit Fire was at the highest level of 3!

Time slowly passed.

The first to complete the smelting process was Tao Feng.

The next step, forging.

After that, tempering.

Cultivators from both the spectator area and the square were attracted to Tao Feng’s weapon refinement technique as they nodded silently.

Tao Feng’s technique was indeed far beyond those surrounding him.

It was truly rare for someone to have such an understanding and attainment towards weapon refinement at the age of 30.

However, another name flashed across everyone’s mind right after and they could not help but turn to look at Su Zimo who was seated at the top.

At that moment, Su Zimo was calm; Tao Feng’s brilliant weapon refinement technique did not seem to have any effect on him.


Just as everyone was attracted to the thousand odd Weapon Refinement Masters in the square, Demoness Ji snuck to Su Zimo’s side. She blew into his ear and called in a seductive manner.

Su Zimo was expressionless and did not move.

When Demoness Ji caught sight of Su Zimo’s slightly stiff body and blushed face, she could not help but purse her lips with a smile wheedled, “Second Young Master Su, you’re so biased!”

The corner of Su Zimo’s mouth twitched as he scanned his surroundings with an unnatural expression. When he saw that no one was looking in their direction, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Leaning close to Su Zimo’s body, Demoness Ji exhaled with the fragrance of flowers and whispered, “I heard that you customized the long robe that my sister is wearing?”

“Yes,” Su Zimo was helpless and could only reply with the truth.

“I want one too!”

Demoness Ji said exasperatedly, “I don’t even have clothes that are suitable for me. Look at what I’m wearing. It’s not even fitting at all!”

Su Zimo turned to look instinctively and caught sight of Demoness Ji’s fair, white chest.

Instantly, he spun his head back and took a deep breath of air while closing his eyes to compose himself.

Before he knew it, he had broken out in cold sweat and was looking disheveled.

“This demoness…”

Even though Su Zimo knew full well that these were Demoness Ji’s methods of seduction, there was nothing he could do to her.

Furthermore, the emperor was behind him and Ji Yaoxue was beside him. An indescribable sense of excitement plucked at his heart strings and it was hard for him to control himself.

By now, in the sunken area, Tao Feng was already one with tempering and had begun on spirit gathering.

Before long, he gathered his first spirit pattern.

Sima Zhi of True Fire Sect nodded to himself. He had witnessed Tao Feng’s entire weapon refinement process and there were no mistakes at all – there was a high chance a superior-grade spirit weapon could be refined!

A short while later, another ray of spirit light flashed!

A second spirit pattern!

While it was already a middle-grade spirit weapon, Tao Feng had no intention of stopping.

After yet another short while, a third spirit pattern shone in front of everyone!

Three spirit patterns… it was a superior-grade spirit weapon!

It was only then that Tao Feng let out a sigh of relief.

Before this, he had an extremely high failure rate of refining superior-grade spirit weapons. The fact that he succeeded within a single try today meant that he was in a good condition.

By securing a superior-grade spirit weapon in his first round of weapon refinement, Tao Feng ensured that he could continue pushing to try refining spirit weapons of higher grades in his next two attempts!

Quenching into shape!

A superior-grade spirit weapon was formed.

A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

There were very few people who could refine superior-grade spirit weapons in the previous sect tournaments!

By refining a superior-grade spirit weapon on his first attempt, Tao Feng had proven his skills as a Weapon Refinement Master.

He turned to Su Zimo, initially wanting to show off his success. However, he realized that Su Zimo was resting on his chair with closed eyes and was not looking at him at all!

As time passed by, all the Weapon Refinement Masters were done with their first round of weapon refinements.

Some succeeded while others failed.

Xue Yi had successfully refined an inferior-grade spirit weapon.

He was in no rush to attempt for a middle-grade spirit weapon and was making use of the first round to familiarize himself with the feeling of refining weapons so that he can get himself to his peak form!

The thousand odd Weapon Refinement Masters rested for a moment before preparing for the second round.

Right then, Su Zimo, who was seated high above, suddenly opened his eyes. Two dazzling lights sparkled for a brief moment before vanishing and calmness returned.


Sensing something, many Golden Cores turned their gazes over.

Sima Zhi of True Fire Sect said eccentrically, “My, Mr. Mo, are you preparing to attack?”

“As the number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou, you’re not going to be refining a superior-grade spirit weapon as well to hoodwink us, right?” Elder Zhang sneered.

The two of them had lived for hundreds of years and were no fools.

They naturally knew that a person’s condition and state of mind had a huge impact towards weapon refinement!

That was why they were trying to provoke Su Zimo with their words.

Right then, Tao Feng raised his voice and declared, “The great Mr. Mo probably doesn’t need three rounds. I heard that the Mo Clan’s Spirit Gathering Technique has an extremely high success rate. Given Mr. Mo’s capabilities, a single round should suffice!”


Continuous pressure!

As long as Su Zimo’s mood was affected, there would definitely be problems in his weapon refinement process!

However, in Su Zimo’s eyes, those people from True Fire Sect were just like clowns.

His spirit gathering technique was completely unrelated to his condition!

After three years of training, Su Zimo was already well prepared and the doubts and mockery of the outside world could not affect his mental state at all!

“You’re right. A single round is enough.”

Su Zimo smiled calmly. “Tao Feng, and everyone else from True Fire Sect. Open your eyes wide and clear to see what weapon refinement truly is!”






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