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Chapter 308: It’s Over for Ethereal Peak

In this woman’s heart, no amount of praises from anyone else could compare with the two words he had just said.

The woman’s smile stunned everyone, causing their hearts to flutter.

Many cultivators froze on the spot, unable to recover from their shocks.

There was something wrong with the conversation.

What were those two doing right in front of everyone?

Many cultivators initially had fantasies towards the third princess of Great Zhou. But now, they felt a sharp pain in their chests as though they had been severely injured.

Xue Yi muttered in disbelief, “This… Junior Brother Su actually knows the third princess?”


Little fatty pinched his chubby chin as the flames of gossip burned in his eyes. With a perverted smile, he said, “From the looks of it, their relationship isn’t simple at all.”

Tao Feng’s face darkened as he looked at Su Zimo with obvious hostility.

Si Yutang had long returned to the crowd after his utter embarrassment. He had a glum expression and snorted.

“What’s going on? She isn’t here for Senior Brother Jun?”

“Who is that man? Why is he so close to Senior Sister Yaoxue?”

Many of the Azure Frost Sect disciples frowned and whispered among themselves.

Jun Hao took a deep breath and lowered his eyes. His hands behind his back were clenched so tightly that veins popped out of them for a brief moment before disappearing thereafter.

Ji Yaoxue was delighted upon receiving Su Zimo’s acknowledgement and said softly, “Wait here for a while. The sect competition is about to start.”


Su Zimo nodded.

“I’ll head over first then.”

Smiling for a moment, Ji Yaoxue waved at Su Zimo before turning to leave in front of everyone.

Her actions earlier were rather bold and she had mustered up her courage. Now that she thought about it, her heart was still pounding.

In addition to the burning gazes around her, even though she was a princess, she could not help but feel a little shy and embarrassed to continue staying.

Ji Yaoxue noticed the occasional shyness and gentleness revealed by Ji Yaoxue. He could not help but frown with a subtle sadness in his eyes.

Right after, his expression changed and his eyes flickered in thought.

Something was not right!

There was something off about what Ji Yaoxue said!

She said that the sect competition was about to start and asked Su Zimo to stay here for a while – what was she going to do after that?

Or rather, what was this Su Zimo going to do?

Wasn’t he merely going to take part in the sect competition?

“I’ll head over first then.”

That was Ji Yaoxue’s second sentence. It did not sound like much at first glance but after thinking about it carefully, there was more to it.

As a princess of the Great Zhou Dynasty, the place where Ji Yaoxue was headed was the second spectator area – why would she tell Su Zimo that she was heading over first?

Unless… the reason why Ji Yaoxue said that was because Su Zimo was going to head over to the same place?

But, was that possible?

What rights does a Foundation Establishment Cultivator like him from Ethereal Peak have compared to the status of the other people seated at the second spectator area?

Subtly, Jun Hao surveyed his surroundings.

Many cultivators were excited as they discussed fervently about the peerless beauty of the third princess as well as her relationship with Su Zimo.

There were also some people who were still immersed in the previous scene and were in low spirits, unable to extricate themselves.

Apart from him, no one else noticed the abnormality in Ji Yaoxue’s words.

“Perhaps I’m overthinking it.”

Jun Hao muttered to himself.

“I’ve got it!”

Right then, a cultivator in the crowd suddenly said something as though he had discovered a huge secret.

“What?” Someone else asked.

The person said slowly, “Have you guys noticed that there’s a seat left in the second spectator area after the third princess took her seat?”

“Yeah, so what?”

The person smiled smugly and replied, “I dare to bet that the seat is reserved for Mr. Mo!”

Many cultivators pondered for a while before they came to a realization.

“That’s right, it must be Mr. Mo!”

“Yes, only Mr. Mo is qualified.”

“That seat is alongside the princes and princesses and is merely beneath a single person. Indeed, only Mr. Mo is able to suppress every other Golden Core out there.”

When he heard the discussions around him, Jun Hao let out a long breath and burst out in laughter.

“Since that seat is reserved for Mr. Mo, it has nothing to do with Su Zimo. In that case, I have indeed been overthinking things.”

In reality, among the spectators, the elders of True Fire Sect had seen how Mr. Mo looked like in the palace.

However, there was a huge distance between the spectator area and the sunken area. Furthermore, there were more than a hundred thousand Foundation Establishment Cultivators, making the crowd seem like a black patch – the elders were not paying attention to that side at all.

Most of the Golden Cores at the spectator area were chatting merrily as they toasted one another.

Even though the sect competition was between the Foundation Establishment Cultivators, it was also an opportunity for many Golden Cores to expand their networks and influence.

“Senior brother, what are you thinking about?”

Xuan Yi was staring at the large crowd of Foundation Establishment Cultivators in a daze with a hint of melancholy on his face. When Liu Hui saw that, she could not help but feel worried and asked.

Retracting his gaze, Xuan Yi shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

A commotion broke out in the crowd from afar earlier. In that confusion, he seemed to have caught sight of the sleeves of a familiar looking set of green robes. However, it was drowned in the crowd in the blink of an eye.

Xuan Yi sighed gently, knowing that he was merely hallucinating out of mental exhaustion.

“Fellow Daoist Xuan Yi.”

Right then, a greeting sounded from the side. Glancing over, Xuan Yi caught sight of the person who spoke – Perfected Being Cang Lang of Iridescent Clouds Palace.

Perfected Being Cang Lang raised his glass and asked with a smile, “I heard that Ethereal Peak has an inner sect disciple called Su Zimo. I wonder whose disciple he is?”

Xuan Yi frowned. “Why the question, Fellow Daoist Cang Lang?”

“Fu, nothing much.”

Perfected Being Cang Lang laughed gently. “I’ve got some grudges with that kid and I want to ask for him from Ethereal Peak. I wonder if you could do me the favor.”


Xuan Yi rejected him without thinking twice.

Perfected Being Cang Lang narrowed his long eyes slightly. He said slowly with a darkened expression, “That person killed two of my sect’s disciples. How should we settle that debt?”

“They have no one to blame for dying due to their inferiority in skills. Don’t you find it shameful for a Golden Core like yourself to come seek revenge?” Xuan Yi sneered.

Perfected Being Cang Lang replied leisurely, “Xuan Yi, let me advise you not to ruin the relationship between Iridescent Clouds Palace and Ethereal Peak over a mere Foundation Establishment Cultivator!”

“Are you representative of the entire Iridescent Clouds Palace, Perfected Being Cang Lang?”

With just a few words, the both of them were already at odds!

Right then, someone beside laughed sinisterly. “Brother Cang Lang, there’s no need to engage in a verbal battle with him. Ethereal Peak is already declining and yet he is so tough with his words? He’s only asking for trouble!”

“Sima Zhi, what are you trying to do?!” Xuan Yi’s expression changed slightly.

Perfected Being Cang Lang laughed. “Brother Sima, what do you need from me?”

Sima Zhi of True Fire Sect remarked casually, “Ethereal Peak merely brought a couple of people this time round. As long as our sects join forces for the Spirit Ranking competition, Ethereal Peak can do nothing even if they have a five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator!”

“Very well, we’ll let Ethereal Peak return empty-handed without a single spot this time round!”

A look of mockery flashed in Perfected Being Cang Lang’s eyes as he laughed. “One of the five major sects? Fufu, it’s over for Ethereal Peak!”




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