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Chapter 307: Very Beautiful

“That must be the third princess of Great Zhou!”

“I heard that the third princess entered Azure Frost Sect for cultivation under the name of Yaoxue. Now that she has regained her identity, she will most probably not return to Azure Frost Sect.”

“I heard that the third princess is beautiful and ravishing. If only we could take a closer look at her.”

A commotion broke out among the crowd.

Pondering for a moment, Tao Feng’s eyes lit up in realization. “So, it’s Fellow Daoist Yaoxue. In that case, I’ve met the third princess before.”

“Amazing, Senior Brother Tao!”

“Senior Brother Tao, is the third princess really as beautiful as the legends say?”

Many True Fire Sect disciples beside Tao Feng revealed looks of envy as they fought to ask questions.

Tao Feng was delighted.

On the other side, Si Yutang smiled leisurely and said, “I was fortunate enough to have conversed with Fellow Daoist Yaoxue before. Back then, I already had a feeling that she was unique and had an extraordinary aura. So, this is her true identity. It’s no wonder then.”

Si Yutang’s sentence was extremely particular. On the one hand, he was boasting that he had once chatted with the third princess of Great Zhou. On the other hand, he was subtly praising himself for his keen observation.

Naturally, his words attracted flattering from a group of cultivators as well.

Apart from Iridescent Clouds Palace, Ethereal Peak and True Fire Sect, there were hundreds of Foundation Establishment disciples from Azure Frost Sect.

When they heard the discussions over at the side of Tao Feng and Si Yutang, many Azure Frost Sect disciples scoffed coldly.

One of them said, “Senior Brother Jun and Senior Sister Yaoxue are close friends and yet he isn’t even saying anything. Yet, you guys are bragging over seeing her or talking to her once. How laughable!”

“Isn’t that right! Only Senior Brother Jun is worthy of Senior Sister Yaoxue!”

The Senior Brother Jun that the Azure Frost Sect disciples were mentioning was Jun Hao, the number one of all Foundation Establishment Cultivators in Azure Frost Sect!

He had courted Yaoxue painstakingly for many years but her attitude towards him had always been neutral.

At that moment, Jun Hao was standing in front of the many disciples of Azure Frost Sect. Hands behind his back, he looked dignified and merely smiled faintly without saying anything upon hearing the comments.

As everyone discussed, the carriage that was originally headed for the spectator area suddenly paused. Changing directions, it moved towards them slowly.


“Could it be that the third princess is coming over?”

Tao Feng suddenly straightened his clothes, feeling a little nervous.

Si Yutang’s heart also started thumping and his mouth was dry.

A thought flashed across their minds at the same moment, “Could the third princess be here to see me?”

The carriage in midair was clearly about to descend in front of them!

“Senior Sister Yaoxue is coming over!”

“Senior Brother Jun, the third princess is definitely here for you!”

A few Azure Frost Sect disciples said excitedly.

Jun Hao of Azure Frost Sect smiled and looked at the person inside the carriage with a gentle gaze.


A white lotus-like arm reached out and lifted the bead curtain, revealing a refreshing and flawlessly beautiful face.

Everyone’s breathing stopped.

Ji Yaoxue was wearing a faint yellow long robe; it was made of unique materials and had intricate patterns carved on it, looking extremely gorgeous as though it was created by the heavens.

“So beautiful!”

The crowd gasped.

In truth, Ji Yaoxue’s appearance could not be considered as peerless nor could she match against Die Yue. She was merely comparable to Leng Rou and each had their own merits.

However, she was the princess of Great Zhou after all.

The light yellow robe on her today was extraordinary and fit her perfectly, accentuating her slim and graceful figure as well as adding a layer of class and elegance.

A Weapon Refinement Master’s eyes flickered as he said in a deep voice, “This robe is not simple. It seems to be an extremely high-graded defensive spirit weapon!”

“That’s the princess of the Great Zhou Dynasty for you. Even a single robe is a high-graded defensive spirit weapon. By the looks of it, that seems to be customized for her.”

Many cultivators revealed looks of envy.

Some of the female cultivators were even feeling jealous, fantasizing about how the pale yellow robe would look on them instead.

With light steps, Ji Yaoxue walked towards the crowd.

The crowd subconsciously parted to make way for her.

Jun Hao of Azure Frost Sect cupped his fists and said sincerely with a smile, “Junior Sister Yaoxue, it’s only been a few days since we last met but you’re really becoming prettier…”

Jun Hao could not continue.

Initially, he thought that Ji Yaoxue was here for him.

However, she merely glanced at him nonchalantly and nodded her head as a form of greeting.

Brushing by him, Ji Yaoxue did not say a single word at all.

In fact, she did not even pause for a moment.

A gust of fragrant wind blew past, leaving Jun Hao with his hands that were hovering in midair and a slightly stiff expression on his face.

Tao Feng was overjoyed when he saw that!

Although he was looking forward to it, Tao Feng did not bear much hope – after all, he had only met Ji Yaoxue once.

But now, Ji Yaoxue did not bother about Jun Hao from Azure Frost Sect and was headed in his direction!

When he saw Ji Yaoxue approaching, Tao Feng coughed lightly and revealed a bright smile. “Greetings, third princess, I am Tao…”

Tao Feng could not continue either.

Ji Yaoxue glanced at him and walked past without even nodding her head.

She looked as though she was glancing at a stranger.

Little fatty seized the rare opportunity and could not help but laugh. “My, the princess doesn’t even know who you are and yet you’re bragging about meeting her once.”

Tao Feng’s expression darkened as he snorted.

Si Yutang took a deep breath of air and calmed himself down when he saw the third princess headed towards him. He took a few steps forward and bowed slightly, cupping his fists. “I am…”

Ji Yaoxue walked past him without even glancing once at him.

Flushing red with embarrassment, Si Yutang looked awkward and wished he could dig a hole and hide in it.

“Who is the third princess looking for?”

“I don’t know.”

As Ji Yaoxue walked, the crowd dispersed to both sides and only a single person did not budge, looking extremely striking.

“Su Zimo, what are you still standing there for? Make way!”

Shen Mengqi frowned and hollered.

Su Zimo did not say anything.

Scoffing coldly, Shen Mengqi continued, “Su Zimo, perhaps no one could do anything to you in the capital for offending True Fire Sect and Iridescent Clouds Palace. However, if you offend the third princess of Great Zhou, no one can save you!”

Su Zimo remained silent.

“Why are you still as stubborn as when you were young? You refuse to kneel when you’re asked to and now, you refuse to move away as well!”

Shen Mengqi gritted her teeth and walked towards Su Zimo, wanting to push the latter away.

Right then, Ji Yaoxue had already arrived in front of Su Zimo and stopped in her tracks.

Shen Mengqi was also rooted in her tracks instinctively.

The originally noisy crowd quietened down.

Everyone’s gaze was on Ji Yaoxue while her gaze was on Su Zimo.

Their eyes met.

Ji Yaoxue turned her body slightly, causing her pale yellow dress to flutter slightly – she looked like a young girl in love.

Blinking her bright eyes, Ji Yaoxue asked with a smile, “Zimo, how is it?”

Everyone was stunned and their jaws nearly dropped to the ground.

Shen Mengqi’s mind was in a state of chaos.


The third princess was referring to him as Zimo?

Why was she calling him so intimately?

What rights did she have?

Ji Yaoxue’s question was vague and no one understood what she was asking.

However, she knew that Su Zimo would definitely understand.

After all, that pale yellow dress was personally gifted to her by this person.

Su Zimo nodded. “Very beautiful.”

The next moment.

She smiled like a flower.



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