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Chapter 309: Please Head to the Spectator Area


Xuan Yi clenched his fists and cursed through gritted teeth.

To begin with, Ethereal Peak was already weaker for this sect competition with only a single five meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator who could compete. If he was specifically targeted, they would stand no chance at all.


Right then, a heaven-shaking roar could be heard from the distant horizon, shaking the entire void in an extremely imposing manner.

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat as they looked over.

Five massive and ferocious lions rushed over side by side with an aggressive momentum. They were covered with golden fur from head to toe without any impurities, as though their bodies were burning with golden flames.

“Those are Golden Lions!”

“Golden Lions are ancient remnant beasts that are at Golden Core realm!”

The five Golden Lions were tied with iron chains and dragged an ancient war chariot behind them.

On it, a middle-aged man stood wearing a long golden robe. His eyes were like lightning, exuding authority by themselves and he exuded a domineering aura that swept across the world!

The man on the chariot was none other than the Emperor of Great Zhou!

“Greetings, Your Majesty!”

All the Imperial Army soldiers knelt on one knee and roared in unison. They were so loud that it was terrifying!

All the Golden Cores at the spectator area got up hurriedly and cupped their fists, nodding in acknowledgment.

“Soldiers, please rise. Everyone, please sit.”

The emperor’s tone was calm as he leaped down from the war chariot. Arriving at the highest seat of the spectator area, he sat down.

“I finally caught sight of the Emperor of Great Zhou. We didn’t come for this sect competition in vain.”

“What a strong aura. I almost knelt down because of it too!”

Around the four jade pillars, many Foundation Establishment Cultivators were impressed by the magnificence of the emperor as they discussed excitedly in hushed voices.

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent and his eyes were calm as water – it was as though he was unaffected by the emperor’s arrival.

Shen Mengqi swept her glance over and asked in a seemingly casual manner, “Su Zimo, how did you know the princess of Great Zhou?”

“What has it got to do with you?” Su Zimo asked instead without even looking at Shen Mengqi.

She harrumphed coldly. “Shen Mengqi, don’t be smug. What’s so great about knowing the princess?”

“Besides, let me remind you that you were already enemies of Iridescent Clouds Palace and True Fire Sect to begin with. Now, even the disciples of Azure Frost Sect are showing signs of hostility towards you because of the princess!”

Scoffing coldly, Shen Mengqi continued, “The princess’s actions have unknowingly established many powerful foes for you. Let’s see how you deal with things later on!”

Su Zimo smiled calmly.

Spectator area.

The emperor pushed his hands down the air and the crowd gradually quietened.

In a low voice, the emperor said, “The sect competition’s about to begin soon. Before this, I want to introduce a Weapon Refinement Master that I believe everyone has heard of.”

“The number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou!”

“Mr. Mo, Mo Ling!”

“Of course we know about him!”

Many Golden Cores at the spectator area smiled and nodded with anticipation in their eyes.

The emperor continued, “Although all of you have heard of his name, not many have seen his true appearance.”

“That’s right.”

Perfected Being Yi Ning smiled bitterly. “Previously, I wanted to thank Mr. Mo personally. It’s a pity I didn’t get to meet him.”

Perfected Being Yun Shan of Southern Mountains Sect nodded as well. “That’s right. Mr. Mo is way too mysterious.”

The emperor smiled and said, “I invited Mr. Mo here to be the judge of the weapon refinement segment for the sect competition this time round. Soon, all of you will be able to meet him.”

Many Golden Cores were shaken.

Which Golden Core wouldn’t want to befriend a Weapon Refinement Master who could customize supreme-grade spirit weapons?

Perfected Being Cang Lang narrowed his eyes and scanned the surroundings.

He wanted to see who exactly this Mr. Mo was and what grudges they had such that the latter humiliated him in public!

Around the four jade pillars, many Foundation Establishment Cultivators stared at the distant sky with widened eyes, wanting to see the legendary Mr. Mo at the first instance.

“How do you guys think Mr. Mo’s going to arrive?”

“Don’t worry, his entrance will definitely not be lesser compared to the princes and princesses.”

“Given Mr. Mo’s status and strength, I believe he can even ride a pure-blooded ferocious beast over.”

Everyone discussed excitedly.

Little fatty turned around as well and asked excitedly, “Bro, how old do you think Mr. Mo is? How does he look like?”

Su Zimo replied, “In his twenties…”


The moment Su Zimo spoke, everyone burst into laughter. Many people looked at Su Zimo as though they were looking at an idiot.

Tao Feng’s eyes were filled with mockery as he chuckled. “Weapon Refinement Masters of Ethereal Peak are truly jokes! Fufu!”

Shen Mengqi frowned. “Su Zimo, if you don’t know, just say that you don’t know. Nobody is going to blame you for that. By spouting nonsense, you will only attract ridicule by others and expose your ignorance!”

“Oh?” Su Zimo raised his brow.

Shen Mengqi continued in a low voice, “Mr. Mo can customize supreme-grade spirit weapons. Do you think that someone in his twenties can do that? Even someone like me who doesn’t know how to refine weapons know of that logic.”

At that moment, the emperor’s voice sounded once more.

“In fact, Mr. Mo has long arrived and he’s amongst you guys!”


“Mr. Mo is already here? Where?”

At the spectator area, all the Golden Cores turned around instinctively, only to realize that the people around them were also looking back with confused expressions.

The emperor raised his voice, “Mr. Mo, please head to the spectator area.”

The moment he finished speaking, more than a thousand Golden Cores and more than a hundred thousand Foundation Establishment Cultivators fell silent suddenly.

Everyone scanned their surroundings constantly with bated breaths.

Everyone from Ethereal Peak, Tao Feng, Jun Hao, Si Yutang and Shen Mengqi were searching instinctively as well.

All of a sudden!

A figure moved past the crowd, attracting the attention of everyone.

“Su Zimo, what are you doing?!”

Shen Mengqi frowned and yelled.

Su Zimo was unmoved.

Tao Feng laughed coldly. “This guy really doesn’t know any better. He’s even acting brazenly before the emperor!”

“They’re calling for Mr. Mo, not you…” Shen Mengqi shouted again. However, her expression changed starkly, as though she had suddenly realized something.

Seemingly oblivious to everything, Su Zimo continued to walk forward. He patted little fatty who was dumbstricken on the shoulders and smiled faintly before exiting the crowd.

Jun Hao of Azure Frost Sect shuddered as he looked at Su Zimo’s back view, guessing a vague possibility.

It did not matter how absurd or crazy that possibility was.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo was exposed in the midst of more than a hundred thousand Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

Under everyone’s scorching gazes, Su Zimo did not look uneasy at all. Instead, he walked forward calmly with his hands behind his back.

Crossing the sunken area, he headed towards the spectator area.

“Who is that person? Why is he heading there?”

“He’s only in his twenties, he can’t be Mr. Mo!”

“That’s right! How can Mr. Mo be a Foundation Establishment Cultivator!”

Many cultivators in the crowd sneered.

After sneering, everyone looked at Su Zimo who was getting further away from them. Suddenly, a strange silence filled the crowd.

A weak voice sounded, “None of us have ever met Mr. Mo before. Why can’t he be a Foundation Establishment Cultivator in his twenties?”

No one replied.

Everyone was waiting for an answer.




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