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Chapter 306: Gathering

Su Zimo turned and asked with a fake smile, “Are you very close to Mr. Mo?”


Shen Mengqi was stunned by his question and looked flustered.

As a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, how would she have the chance to know Mr. Mo?

Su Zimo smiled. “Seems like you’re not close to him. In that case, have you met him before?”

Su Zimo’s gaze seemed to have a deeper meaning and it made Shen Mengqi feel inexplicably frustrated.

Composing herself, Shen Mengqi raised her chin and replied smugly, “I’ve never met Mr. Mo before but I took part in his auction once! Without experiencing and seeing it for yourself, it’s impossible for you to imagine how much influence a Weapon Refinement Master can possess!”

Su Zimo remained silent as he looked at Shen Mengqi with a faint smile on his face.

“You don’t have to look at me like that.”

Shen Mengqi harrumphed. “Who do you think Mr. Mo is? It’s only normal that I haven’t seen him before. Even among the thousands of Golden Cores sitting at the spectator area, few of them have seen the true face of Mr. Mo!”

Smiling, Su Zimo looked at Shen Mengqi quietly. “What exactly are you trying to say?”

“I just want to tell you that even though you’re here to take part in the sect competition, it doesn’t mean anything!”

Shen Mengqi clutched her fists tightly. “You’re still as brazen, arrogant and ignorant as ever! You haven’t even heard of Mr. Mo before! I advise you to not compete later on lest you embarrass yourself!”

There was something else that Shen Mengqi did not say.

Su Zimo, even though you’ve entered the cultivation world and are here at the sect competition as well, you’ll never be able to beat me!

Shen Mengqi only wanted to prove one thing.

That one single thing that she had never been able to let go for the past few years.

That year, that day, in that small town… she did not make the wrong choice.

“Your master is here too, right?” Suddenly, Su Zimo asked.

“What do you want?”

Suddenly, Shen Mengqi became nervous and frowned. “Su Zimo, I advise you to calm down. Do you have a death wish? My master was truly angered over what happened three years ago!”

Three years ago, in the capital of Yan Country, Su Zimo severely injured a group of disciples from Iridescent Clouds Palace and even killed one of them.

That matter naturally could not be hidden from Perfected Being Cang Lang.

Su Zimo smiled and said slowly, “I heard that your master, Perfected Being Cang Lang, is on good terms with Mr. Mo. In fact, Mr. Mo is even willing to customize a supreme-grade spirit weapon for him for free on just a single condition.”

Shen Mengqi’s expression changed.

That incident was an absolute humiliation for Perfected Being Cang Lang and had spread through the entire capital in less than a day.

No one in Iridescent Clouds Palace dared to discuss that matter!

With a profound gaze, Su Zimo said meaningfully, “Shen Mengqi, have you ever thought about why Mr. Mo would propose that condition?”

Almost everyone knew that the condition was for Perfected Being Cang Lang to kneel down.

At that moment, Shen Mengqi seemed to have thought of something. Just as she was in deep thought, she heard a call by her ear, interrupting her train of thought.

“Junior sister, he is Su Zimo?”

A man wearing the robes of Iridescent Clouds Palace strode over. He was handsome and extraordinary, carrying an elegance in his graceful steps as he stared at Su Zimo with a hint of killing intent.”

“Ah, he is…” Shen Mengqi replied instinctively.

She had vaguely thought of an answer to Su Zimo’s question but after being interrupted by Senior Brother Si Yutang, she could not recall anything.

“You were the one who killed one of our disciples, huh?” Si Yutang closed in to Su Zimo and asked coldly with an unfriendly expression.

“That’s me,” Su Zimo replied indifferently.

“This punk is really daring to kill cultivators of Iridescent Clouds Palace!”

“This time round, Ethereal Peak is already weak to begin with and yet they have a disciple who has so many enemies. In an instant, he offended both True Fire Sect and Iridescent Clouds Palace! I think Ethereal Peak is doomed.”

The surrounding cultivators discussed fervently at the side.

Frowning, Shen Mengqi dissuaded softly, “Senior brother, forget it. We’re in the capital of Great Zhou.”

“Forget it? Fufu.”

Si Yutang was unmoved and sneered coldly, “Si Zimo, do you dare to participate in the competition for the Spirit Ranking?”

Before Su Zimo could reply, a shout from the crowd drew away everyone’s attention.

“Look, over there!”

“He can actually fly in the capital? Who is he?”

“From the looks of it, they should be the princes!”

In the sky not far away, five men flew through the air under the escort of powerful Imperial Army Golden Cores. They were dressed in rich clothes, descending slowly onto the spectator area with a graceful bearing.

Arriving beneath the emperor’s throne, the five of them took their seats in the second major area and nodded to their surroundings.

Before long, there was another commotion among the crowd.

Not too far away, two women appeared in midair.

The woman in front had an extraordinary appearance. She had a smile on her face and body was full of curves, exuding a mature and alluring aura.

The other girl wore a pink dress and had a petite yet exquisitely shaped body. The only pity was that she was wearing a veil and her face could not be seen clearly.

Si Yutang coughed gently and declared proudly, “If I’m not wrong, the person in front should be Chief Steward Gu of the Sky Treasure Auction House!”

“Chief Steward Gu is truly a seductress,” Another cultivator looked infatuated as he gulped.

“Who is the girl behind her? Even though she’s wearing a veil, her eyes are really pretty and seem like they can speak.”

As everyone discussed, the girl in pink suddenly turned around and looked towards them.

Her big and clear eyes blinked before curving into a pair of crescents as she beamed widely.

“Look, that girl in pink is looking at me!”

“Don’t talk nonsense. She’s definitely looking at me!”

The surrounding cultivators started arguing.

Tao Feng of True Fire Sect sneered internally but he pretended to be calm and nodded towards the girl in pink.

It was the same for Si Yutang who hurriedly nodded and gestured, thinking that the girl in pink had noticed him.

When Su Zimo saw that, he sighed internally – Demoness Ji’s methods were truly formidable. If she were to grow further in the future, she would definitely be someone who could overturn the world with her fingers!

Under everyone’s watchful gazes, Gu Xi and Demoness Ji descended slowly, arriving at the second spectator area and sat down together with the princes!

Most of the cultivators were unsure who the second area was reserved for. But now, everyone was enlightened!

The second area was occupied either by the royal family or the most influential cultivators in the capital!

There weren’t many seats in the second area and there were only two remaining after Gu Xi and Demoness Ji took their seats.


Someone in the crowd pointed into the distance and exclaimed.

In the sky far away, a group of palace maids flew through the air. They wore thin veils with ribbons around their necks, looking extremely ravishing.

They seemed like they were treading on the clouds as they escorted a graceful and luxurious carriage over.

Within the carriage, a slender and exquisite figure sat – her appearance was faintly indiscernible under the guise of the bead curtain.

“This is…”

There were more than 100,000 cultivators surrounding the sunken area. At this moment, all of them watched with agape mouths and shocked expressions.




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