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Chapter 305: You’re Not Qualified


Many cultivators turned in the direction of the voice with curious expressions.

Upon hearing that voice, little fatty, Leng Rou and Xue Yi froze for a moment as confusion flashed across their eyes.

After a brief pause, little fatty widened his eyes and exclaimed softly, “It’s bro!”

Leng Rou’s expression changed as waves stirred in her eyes.

There could only be one person that little fatty referred to as bro – Su Zimo!

She could naturally tell that the person’s voice was extremely similar to Su Zimo’s. However, it was impossible. Su Zimo was clearly already…

With a trace of anticipation and uneasiness, everyone from Ethereal Peak turned around.

Not far away, a green-robed cultivator walked over from the crowd with Ethereal Peak’s sect badge hanging at his waist. He had delicate features and exuded an elegant aura, making him look like a frail scholar.

However, for some reason, as he walked through the massive crowd, the surrounding cultivators gave way to him subconsciously.

It was as though there was an invisible field of pressure surrounding the green-robed cultivator!

After he walked over, everyone regained their senses with lost expressions, wondering why they gave way to him in the first place.


At that moment, Leng Rou’s cold demeanor underwent a drastic change as she exclaimed and covered her mouth.

Ji Chengtian was stunned and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“J-Junior Brother Su! Y-You’re alive?!” Xue Yi’s voice was trembling with excitement.

Little fatty pushed through the crowd and rushed in front of Su Zimo in the blink of an eye. He pounded on Su Zimo’s chest which gave off a resounding echo before grinning foolishly. “It’s real, it’s real! Ha… hahaha!”

Su Zimo smiled gently and his gaze swept past Leng Rou, Xue Yi, Ji Chengtian and the others before nodding his head.

Even though he had asked about the outcome of the battle at Dongling Valley, Su Zimo felt a sense of sadness when he saw the small number of people arriving from the sect.

This should not have been the case.

Ethereal Peak should have had more than a hundred elite Foundation Establishment Cultivators and a majestic form.

Even disciples of True Fire Sect should not have dared to speak so rudely to disciples of Ethereal Peak.

But now, everyone from Ethereal Peak could only lower their heads in helplessness and choose to retreat against the provocations from disciples of True Fire Sect.

Su Zimo was enraged but his expression turned colder.

“Bro, where have you been for the past three years? Why haven’t there been any news of you at all? How did you manage to survive back then?” Little fatty had countless doubts and was waiting for Su Zimo to resolve them.

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you in the future if there’s a chance.”

Sweeping his gaze across the many disciples of True Fire Sect, Su Zimo asked in a cold manner, “Who was the one who said that there is no one from Ethereal Peak who can refine weapons?”

“I did.”

Tao Feng sized up Su Zimo, twisted his neck and scoffed, “Why? Are you unhappy?”

“You even said that the Weapon Refinement Masters of Ethereal Peak are jokes?” Su Zimo did not answer and continued asking.

“That’s right, I said that!”

Tao Feng laughed. “Also, I’m telling you that it is the truth! If you’re unhappy, it’s easy to settle things. Just come and compete against me!”

“Junior Brother Su, compete against him! We believe in you!” Xue Yi clenched his fists.

Even though Xue Yi had not seen Su Zimo for three years, he believed that the latter’s skill in weapon refinement was still stronger than his. In fact, Su Zimo might even be able to refine middle-grade spirit weapons by now.

“Do you dare to compete, huh?” Tao Feng glared at Su Zimo in a provocative manner.

Su Zimo did not even look back and remarked indifferently, “You’re not qualified to compete with me.”

The crowd quietened down instantly.

In an instant, it became even noisier.

“Haha! This kid is really funny! He’s the first one who dares to say that Tao Feng isn’t qualified!”

“Who is this guy? He really doesn’t know his place.”

“He should be inexperienced and ignorant. To think that he would dare spout of such nonsense without even knowing who Tao Feng is, he’s really an embarrassment to Ethereal Peak.”

Laughter erupted from the crowd and many cultivators pointed and gossiped about Su Zimo.

Tao Feng was very pleased as he smiled at Su Zimo smugly, as though he was looking at a joke.

“Su Zimo?”

Suddenly, a girl’s voice that carried some doubt in it came from the other side of the crowd.

Su Zimo turned around and their eyes met.

There was a slight pause before the two of them peeled their gazes away and returned to normal.

It was Shen Mengqi!

The crowd at that side was filled with disciples from Iridescent Clouds Palace and Shen Mengqi was amongst them!

Ever since they parted ways in the capital of Yan Country, Su Zimo no longer felt any stirs in his heart now that he was seeing Shen Mengqi again.

She came to Su Zimo’s side and frowned. “It’s indeed you. Even after three years, you’re still so arrogant!”

“Do you know who he is?” Shen Mengqi pointed at Tao Feng and questioned Su Zimo.

Su Zimo shook his head. “I don’t.”

With a tinge of reprimand in her tone, Shen Mengqi said in a deep voice, “He’s Tao Feng, a Weapon Refinement Master of True Fire Sect! True Fire Sect is renowned for their ability to control flames and they will occupy at least three spots on the elixir and weapon rankings each time. As for Ethereal Peak, you guys can’t even get a single spot! How can you compete with him in terms of weapon refinement?”

“I’m not intending to compete with him. Like I said, he’s not qualified,” Su Zimo’s tone was still as calm and natural, as though he was stating a fact.

However, Su Zimo’s words only attracted even more ridicule.

Shen Mengqi laughed out of anger. “Fellow Daoist Tao Feng is lauded as the number one Weapon Refinement Master of the younger generation. Saying that he’s not qualified only exemplifies your ignorance and arrogance!”

“Indeed, truly ignorant,” Su Zimo nodded with a mocking look in his eyes.

“I believe in Junior Brother Su!”

Right then, Leng Rou spoke all of a sudden. Even though her tone was cold, it was extremely firm.

“If he says that Tao Feng isn’t qualified, Tao Feng definitely isn’t qualified!”

When he heard that, Su Zimo smiled faintly at Leng Rou and nodded his head.

Shen Mengqi felt inexplicably vexed when she saw that.

“Fellow Daoist, I can understand how you want to support your fellow sect mate. However, you can’t do it blindly or it’ll only bring shame to Ethereal Peak!”

Shen Mengqi glared at Leng Rou and sneered, “Let me tell you, there’s only one person in the capital of Great Zhou who can say that Tao Feng is not qualified. That is none other than the number one Weapon Refinement Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, Mr. Mo, Mo Ling!”

The crowd fell silent upon hearing the words ‘Mr. Mo’.

That name indeed carried a strange magic to it.

Tao Feng nodded as well. “If Mr. Mo is here, I’m willing to listen to his teachings.”

He paused for a moment before glancing askance as Su Zimo. “But, who do you think you are!”

When Shen Mengqi saw how indifferent Su Zimo was towards the words ‘Mr. Mo’, she could not help but shake her head and sigh gently. “Seems like, you’ve never even heard of Mr. Mo before.”

Her sigh revealed a sense of superiority, as though it was an honor worth bragging about to know of Mr. Mo.




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