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Chapter 244: Escape

Towards Su Zimo, the gray robed cultivator bore extreme resentment the entire time.

If not for this person, he would have long escaped unscathed after stealing the dragon’s egg. In the future, he would have nurtured a divine dragon – how glorious would that be?

But now, not only was the dragon’s egg gone, even the most precious and rarest treasure in his possession, the Minor Transference Talisman, was taken out!

‘This is a huge loss!”

The gray robed cultivator cursed internally. After crushing the Minor Transference Talisman, his first instinct was to send Su Zimo flying with a kick!

He was vengeful!

Why else would he have landed in such a sorry state if not for that green-robed cultivator?

However, when he sensed the change in Su Zimo alongside Night Spirit’s gaze, the gray robed cultivator changed his mind at the last minute.

He decided to take the green-robed cultivator and that black dog along with him!

“That’s…. a Minor Transference Talisman?”

The Blood Crow Palace’s Lord’s gaze narrowed as he instantly recognized that talisman.

The Minor Transference Talisman was crushed.

An extremely strange energy fluctuation burst forth from the gray robed cultivator’s palm.

A sudden violent tremble broke out in the space!

Right after, a humongous vortex appeared behind the gray robed cultivator; its core was dark and bottomless like a black hole!

An extremely powerful suction force worked itself on the gray robed cultivator.

Before he was dragged into the black hole, the gray robed cultivator reached out and grabbed Su Zimo’s arm, yanking the latter along.

The entire process seemed very slow upon narration but in fact, it occurred in the split of a moment.


The two figures were swallowed whole by the black hole and disappeared.

Almost instantly, the divine dragon that was still in the skies transformed into a massive beam of green light and descended upon the middle of the mountain, causing the godly mountain to crack and collapse on the spot!

Even though the divine dragon’s speed was fast enough, it was still a step slower.


Enraged, it opened its blood red mouth and saliva dripped down, howling with an earth-shattering dragon’s roar that reverberated through the world!

Around the head of the divine dragon, the sound seemed to be corporeal and formed ripples that spread in all directions, sweeping through the entire primordial ruin such that the countless corpses in the sea of bones were sent jumping!

Countless white boned beasts were awakened, seemingly summoned.

Even the skeleton of a dragon that permeated through the entire sea of bones was vibrating as if it wanted to soar into the heavens!

The moment the dragon’s roar ended, a faint dragon’s roar could be heard from a valley made up of a mountain range behind the godly mountain.

The dragon’s roar from the valley was neither loud nor clear, but it carried the weight of time – it was dignified and majestic!


The Palace Lord grunted in pain, looking even more terrible.

The dragon roar from the valley seemed insignificant, but it almost shattered his Essence Spirit!

The white boned beasts that were formed in the sea of bones collapsed into many bones and fell to the ground once more.

Intersecting in the air, the two dragon roars seemed to be communicating something.

The divine dragon in the air above was extremely furious, howling in a frenzied manner.

However, the dragon roar from the valley seemed to be trying to stop it.

The argument between both parties grew more intense and could not sustain any longer. Finally, the divine dragon let out a final roar and turned into a green beam of light, disappearing from the skies above the godly mountain as it sped towards the outside of the sea of bones.

There were many cultivators pacing around the perimeter of the primordial forest still.

These were extremely cautious cultivators who did not dare to step foot into the primordial forest casually.

However, they were indignant about leaving just like that as well.

Not long later, a loud roar burst forth from the direction of the primordial ruin.

Some of the cultivators frowned. Vaguely sensing that something was amiss, fear flickered in their eyes as they turned and left.

But for most of the cultivators, they were excited as they discussed fervently. Flying into the skies, they kept looking towards the ruin.

“That voice is so strange. I wonder what sort of beast that is.”

“By the sounds of it, that beast is not weak. It might be a beast from the primordial era that’s already extinct in Tianhuang Mainland.”

“Hmph, if that beast dares to show itself, I’ll definitely take it down personally and force it into a blood oath with me!”

Before long, a towering divine dragon with a head of horns crossed the sea of bones, the primordial forest, and arrived in the air with an imposing aura. Looking down at the vast land, it emitted a terrifying pressure with a murderous look in its eyes.

Everyone was aghast!

The cultivators that were in midair felt their limbs go cold and limp as they fell to the ground one after another.

Thud! Thud!

The cultivators that were standing all knelt down.

Under the boundless might of the dragon, the thousands of cultivators trembled with pale faces in silence.

The cultivator who said that he was going to take down the beast was already scared out of his wits, peeing and shitting on the spot. Kneeling on the ground, he kowtowed profusely.


The divine dragon roared into the sky.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Outside the primordial forest, thousands of cultivators exploded, turning into a bloody mist of flesh and sludge as they died on the spot!

The cultivators who left earlier were shocked when they saw the scene from afar.

It was too tragic!

Several thousand cultivators, including Golden Cores, could not even withstand the howl of a divine dragon!

In the blink of an eye, the area outside the primordial forest turned into an Asura hell with corpses strewn all over and rivers of blood.

The divine dragon hated those cultivators to the core.

To it, those people were no different from the two who had escaped.

After taking a closer look, the divine dragon soared into the skies and flew above the nine heavens with a murderous killing intent. Speeding into the distance, it disappeared into the skies above the primordial ruin before long.

It was only until then that the Palace Lord let out a heave of relief.

He had survived?

Lying on the ground, everything felt surreal and the Palace Lord had a dazed expression.

Fortunately, the divine dragon chose to leave in the end. Otherwise, he was dead for sure!

Standing up with much difficulty, the Palace Lord clutched his blood-colored bone staff and trawled his immensely injured body to cross the sea of bones, arriving before the primordial forest once more.


The Blood Crow King had been waiting for a long time. When he saw the terrible state the Palace Lord was in, his expression changed as he hurriedly rushed up to support the latter.

“What’s going on? How did this happen?” The Blood Crow King was a little lost.

Gritting his teeth, the Palace Lord clenched his teeth, revealing an endless amount of hatred in his eyes as he trembled in rage.

At this moment, he was finally regaining his senses.

Right from the beginning, this chase was already part of Su Zimo’s trap.

Not only did he fail to kill that lad personally, he nearly died – it was a complete failure!

The injuries on his body were immense and he would require several decades of recuperation to recover.

“Su Zimo, fufufu… you must live well. Don’t let anything happen to you. The moment I reappear, that will be the time for you to die!”

The Palace Lord’s expression was grim as he let out a series of laughter with a vicious gaze.

The Blood Crow King stood at the side, not daring to say anything.

A long while later, the Palace Lord took a deep breath of air and said in a low voice, “Let’s go! Back to Black Crow Mountain!”

“Master, it’s going to be hard for us to cross this primordial forest given your serious injuries.”

“Call all of your clansmen here! Even if those blood crows have to die here, they have to make a path for me to get out!”

After a moment of silence, the Blood Crow King nodded. “Understood.”




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