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Chapter 243: Minor Transference Talisman


The dragon’s tail collided heavily with the head of the skeleton and let out a earth-shattering sound in the air.

Almost instantly, the skull was crushed into power and dispersed in the surroundings.


The dragon tail’s momentum did not stop and whipped the Blood Crow Palace’s Lord’s body viciously.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even the stacked talismans were unable to withstand the ferocity of the divine dragon’s tail!

The Palace Lord’s glabella lit up as a tyrannical spirit consciousness surged forth, resisting it with all its might.


Like a kite that was snapped, the Palace Lord was sent flying from half of the mountain and landed heavily on the ground, creating a massive dust cloud.


He coughed out a mouthful of blood as color drained from his face. His eyes dimmed as his bones were all broken; even his organs were shattered!

If not for his final attempt to fight back, that tail would have whipped him into a mist of blood!

The difference was too great.

They were on completely different levels.

“It’s really… not me! I’ve only just arrived and didn’t even enter.”

Enduring the massive pain, the Palace Lord gasped with a trembling voice.

“Who else could it be if it wasn’t you!”

The divine dragon hovered in midair and looked down at the Palace Lord as it questioned him loudly. Its eyes were filled with a frosty killing intent.

The Palace Lord took a deep breath and said, “Fellow Daoist of the dragon race, please listen to me. The reason why I came here was because I was trying to kill someone. Your descendant must have been eaten by that person. He’s the true murderer!”

“I believe that he is still around here! He must have used some kind of trick to conceal himself and must not have gone far!”

Upon hearing that, Su Zimo and the gray robed cultivator who were hiding in the corner felt their hearts clench – they were so scared that they did not even dare to take deep breaths.

The gray robed cultivator lamented internally.

While it was true that his rag had the ability to deceive one’s vision, it was also based on the circumstances.

Be it whether the dragon’s egg was stolen or eaten, the divine dragon would definitely be heavily affected by that blow. In that troubled state, it would go crazy and lose its mind, rushing out to hunt for the murderer immediately.

With the rag to conceal their bodies and hide their auras, it would be easy to escape at that moment.

Furthermore, the divine dragon would not have expected that instead of leaving right away, they would be hiding within the cave.

That was the psychological blind spot.

However, the gray robed cultivator did not expect that this Palace Lord would appear out of nowhere in the chaos.

Hunting Su Zimo to this place, he deduced that Su Zimo was in the cave with the guidance of the blood curse’s power!

That was the reason why the Palace Lord said what he said.

If the dragon turned around and searched the cave, the gray robed cultivator’s rag turn into a complete ornament!

The rag could hide them from the detection of Golden Cores or even Nascent Souls with extreme ease.

However, it was a fool’s dream to think that it could hide them from the detection of an adult dragon.

Right after the Palace Lord said that, silence descended outside.

The atmosphere turned extremely strange.

The world seemed to have stopped!

A look of determination flashed through the gray robed cultivator’s eyes as he reached for his storage bag while putting away the rag at the same time.

At this moment, if they continued hiding, it would just be deceiving themselves.

A talisman appeared in the palms of the gray robed cultivator.

Minor Transference Talisman!

This was a type of talisman in the ancient era which had been lost through the times.

Even in the ancient era, the Minor Transference Talisman was famous and was extremely rare.

Crushing a Minor Transference Talisman could bring someone away from their current location instantly, teleporting them thousands of kilometers away!

While the end point was uncertain, an ability like that was enough to move every cultivator.

After all, it meant that any cultivators in possession of the Minor Transference Talisman could instantly escape from danger and ensure that they would not die!

The value of a Minor Transference Talisman was self-evident.

Using one meant that there was one less available.

In the current cultivation world, the Minor Transference Talisman was something considered to be priceless. No amount of spirit stones could buy one.

To be fair, the gray robed cultivator had not expected to make use of the Minor Transference Talisman in his original plans.

However, given the pressing circumstances, he was going to die if he did not use it!

The moment the gray robed cultivator pulled away the rag, two men appeared, standing in the deepest corner of the cave.

The Palace Lord blinked his green eyes – this was the first time he caught sight of Su Zimo.

As for Su Zimo, this was also the first time he saw his pursuer.

Even though it was a short moment, the two of them memorized each other immediately.

The next moment, Su Zimo caught sight of the primordial life form spiraled in the skies.


His heart skipped a beat as his pupils constricted right away, gasping for a breath of cold air.

It was too shocking!

If he had not seen it himself, Su Zimo would not have been able to imagine that a life form could grow to such an extent while radiating such a terrifying and intimidating presence!

In front of this primordial life form, Su Zimo actually felt a sense of insignificance and an urge to prostrate himself in worship.

It was as if the other party was incomparably noble and supreme!

The thought gushed into his mind, as though it was deeply embedded in the foundation of his bloodline.

Su Zimo frowned.

This feeling made him feel extremely disgusted.

Unless he was willing, Su Zimo would not bow down or kneel to anyone!

He narrowed his eyes with a burning gaze. Against the might of the divine dragon, he puffed up his chest instead while a trace of sharp killing intent was revealed in his eyes!

The moment that humble feeling emerged, Su Zimo crushed it into nothingness!

While the change that happened in Su Zimo was extremely short, almost instantaneous, the gray robed cultivator sensed it.

He looked at Su Zimo deeply.

This was the first time he felt that this green-robed cultivator was not simple.

He was the only one who knew clearly how difficult it would be to break free from the authoritative might and aura of someone from the dragon race.

Not only did it require an indestructible willpower, it also required a confidence that bordered towards arrogance and a type of dominance that would have one look down upon the entire world and fear nothing!

There might be cultivators out there who could fulfill some of those requirements.

However, there were only a few who could meet all three.

Su Zimo in front of him was one of them.

If Su Zimo had already given the gray robed cultivator a newfound respect, the black and unassuming little dog in Su Zimo’s robes was even more incredible!

“How is that possible?”

The gray robed cultivator’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

Against the divine dragon that was spiraling in the skies with a holy light shimmering around it and menacing horns on its head, there was no trace of fear to be found in Night Spirit’s eyes!

Most of its body was hidden in Su Zimo’s embrace, revealing only a pair of pitch black eyes. With a calm expression, it glared at the divine dragon in the skies coldly.

Night Spirit’s gaze was a little strange such that the gray robed cultivator could not put it to words.

However, he would always remember that gaze.

Many years later, when the gray robed cultivator finally found out about Night Spirit’s origin, he would be enlightened upon recalling this gaze…




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