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Chapter 245: Targeting Night Spirit

In the void thousands of kilometers away from the primordial ruin, a gigantic black hole appeared and two figures tumbled out of it, landing heavily onto the ground with a massive dust cloud.

Su Zimo’s body was strong and he felt nothing much.


On the other hand, the gray robed cultivator was crying out in pain.

While he was a Golden Core, his physique was not as strong as Su Zimo’s. The fall had him baring his teeth and hissing in pain.

Looking around, Su Zimo realized that they had left the primordial ruin and arrived at a completely foreign place.

Minor Transference Talisman.”

His eyes shimmered as he murmured.

He knew nothing about talismans and that was the first time he had heard of that talisman as well.

However, the ability of the Minor Transference Talisman was an eye-opener for Su Zimo.

Space teleportation!

In Tianhuang Mainland, most cultivators who wanted to teleport had to set up teleportation formations in advance.

The higher the level of the teleportation formation, the further they could be teleported.

Su Zimo had never expected that a seemingly simple talisman could actually activate the effect of space teleportation!

To be fair, given those circumstances, it would be impossible for him and the gray robed cultivator to escape if not for the Minor Transference Talisman.

His mind flashed as he recalled that shocking final glimpse he had before leaving the primordial ruin.

That massively slender body that was covered in scales as though it was flowing with water of steel. Its head was hideous and it had sharp claws, letting out an explosive power of might from head to toe!

That loud and clear roar that could pierce gold and crack rocks could only be perfectly described as a dragon’s roar.

“Was… that really a dragon?”

Looking at the gray robed cultivator, Su Zimo could not help but ask.

The many things that Su Zimo experienced today had completely exceeded his understanding of the world, the cultivation world and Tianhuang Mainland.

Until now, Su Zimo could not believe that an actual living, breathing dragon had appeared before him!

Furthermore, he was nearly killed by that dragon!

When he heard Su Zimo’s question, the gray robed cultivator rolled his eyes and scoffed coldly, “What else do you think?”

It was really a dragon!

In the distant primordial era, there was an incomparably strong race known as the dragon race.

Right after, Su Zimo thought of something.

Since that green life form was a dragon, that meant that the gigantic egg inside the cave… was a dragon’s egg!

“I actually ate a dragon!”

Su Zimo was shocked.

Or rather, to be accurate, it was half a dragon.

Night Spirit ate the other half.

The gray robed cultivator who was still seated on the ground got more frustrated the more he thought about it.

When he heard Su Zimo mumbling to himself at the side, he was even more furious and could not help but stand up. Advancing forward, he glared at Su Zimo and gritted his teeth. “You also know that you ate a dragon?!”

“Of all things, why did you have to eat a dragon’s egg?”

“If you didn’t eat that egg, it’ll definitely give birth to a divine dragon in the future after I steal it! And now? I got nothing at all!”

Before Su Zimo could react, Night Spirit, who was hiding in his robes, suddenly extended its sharp claws with a cold gaze.

It was as if it would attack without hesitation if the gray robed cultivator had any strange movements!

The moment Night Spirit extended its claws, the gray robed cultivator felt a cold air blow past his back.

Sensing something, he lowered his head and glared at Night Spirit, hollering, “Why? You want to bite me, black dog? You arrogant little… eh?”

Looking at Night Spirit’s claws, the gray robed cultivator narrowed his gaze and remarked softly.

The thickness of Night Spirit’s claw was almost identical to the hole on the dragon’s egg!


Realization dawned on the gray robed cultivator as he said, “That whole mess… this black dog was actually the one that started it!”

Seeing the crazy manner of the gray robed cultivator, Night Spirit did not sense any hostility from him and was no longer bothered. It half-closed its eyes and sprawled on Su Zimo’s chest again.

The gray robed cultivator sized Night Spirit up and pondered deeply.

Initially, he thought that Night Spirit was nothing but a mere dog.

He even mocked Su Zimo for raising a dog as a spirit beast.

However, from the looks of it, Night Spirit was not so simple!

A mere dog aside, even ancient remnant beasts or pure-blooded ferocious beasts might hesitate to eat if a dragon’s egg was placed in front of them.

However, no matter how the gray robed cultivator thought about it, he could not find any demon beasts that could match with Night Spirit.

Rubbing his chin, the gray robed cultivator rolled his eyes as a thought slowly arose in his mind.

Right then, Su Zimo asked at the side, “I’m Su Zimo of Ethereal Peak. Fellow Daoist, may I know your name?”

“Lin Xuanji.”

The gray robed cultivator’s attention was mostly on Night Spirit as he replied without much thought.

Nodding his head, Su Zimo cupped his fists solemnly. “Thank you for saving me this time. If I have a chance, I’ll definitely repay you in the future.”

“There’s no need for a future. You can do it now.”

Lin Xuanji let out a smile and pointed to Night Spirit in Su Zimo’s embrace. “Daoist, we’ll consider your debt repaid if you give me that dog. How about it?”

Even though Lin Xuanji could not tell Night Spirit’s background, he could tell that it had a great potential!

Even if it was truly a dog, it could definitely transform into a ferocious and terrifying spirit beast after eating half a dragon’s egg!

Lin Xuanji could vaguely sense that if he could take Night Spirit away, it would definitely make up for his loss this time.

“Night Spirit?”

Su Zimo froze for a moment.

He had not expected that Lin Xuanji would target Night Spirit.

Chuckling, Su Zimo replied, “It’s not a problem for me to agree. However, Night Spirit will definitely not leave with you.”


Lin Xuanji let out a strange chuckle and asked, “So, you’re agreeable to that? If you are, then we are even and no one owes anyone anything. How about that?”


Su Zimo nodded, smiling internally.

He knew Night Spirit’s temperament best – the gray robed cultivator would definitely be at a loss for wanting to target Night Spirit!


Lin Xuanji patted Su Zimo on the shoulder. “As long as you’re agreeable, leave the rest to me. I’ll show you my capabilities too!”

Su Zimo smiled without replying.

Coming before Night Spirit, Lin Xuanji asked with a smile, “Little black dog, come with me?”

Night Spirit ignored him and closed its eyes, seemingly asleep.

Lin Xuanji lifted the folding fan in his hands and tapped towards Night Spirit’s head, chiding softly, “This little fellow is quite good at pretending.”

Just as the folding fan was about to land on Night Spirit’s head, it suddenly woke up!

It raised its head and bit Lin Xuanji’s folding fan, letting out a threatening growl from its throat.


Lin Xuanji panicked and withdrew his folding fan hurriedly.

However, Night Spirit bit on tightly and refused to relent.


Lin Xuanji waved the folding fan in his hands so frantically that his arm was almost dislocated. Only then did he manage to throw Night Spirit off.

Su Zimo swept his gaze over Lin Xuanji’s folding fan with a calm expression.

That folding fan was a treasure!

Night Spirit’s bite was strong enough to snap even the Demon Suppressing Rope. However, the folding fan was not even scratched at all!




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