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Chapter 242: Dragon Race


The divine dragon let out a breath in the direction of the Blood Crow Palace’s Lord and a faint green mist spewed out from its mouth.

The surrounding air instantly burned!

As the green mist streaked through the void, the surrounding space went into a state of chaos while light distorted!

“Dragon Flame!”

The Palace Lord’s expression changed starkly as he exclaimed.

Dragon Flame was an innate ability unique to the dragon race. After every dragon was born, they would naturally be able to master this ability after growing to a certain state.

Furthermore, the older they grew, the deeper their cultivations would become. In turn, the might of Dragon Flame would grow as well, even till the point of being able to incinerate the heavens and seas!

That was the divine power of the legends.

While the Dragon Flame in front of him was far from the level of being a divine power, it was far beyond what the Palace Lord could withstand as well.

Slapping on his storage bag, the Palace Lord took out a talisman and crushed it on the spot.

Right after, he whipped out a blood-colored bone staff. At the very top, there was a skull that emitted an eerie aura embedded on it.

“Blood Pattern Curse!”

The Palace Lord waved his bone staff and two beams of bloody light shot out from the sockets of the skull!

As if alive, the skull suddenly opened its mouth and shot out a green beam of light.

The blood and green lights fused together to form a drop of blood.

Instantly, the blood exploded and formed a series of ripples in the air that flew towards the Dragon Flame.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The two completely different forces clashed, collided, corroded and fought in midair, letting out a series of sounds as three different colored lights spewed in all directions in an extremely dazzling manner!

While Su Zimo and the gray robed cultivator who were hidden in a corner could not see what was going on, they could sense the terrifying fluctuations of that energy!

Not to mention Su Zimo, even the Golden Core gray robed cultivator would lose his life on the spot if he was struck by the feedback of the fight between those two powerful beings.

Both Su Zimo and the gray robed cultivator looked terrible as their held their breaths, not daring to make a single sound.

The power of the Dragon Flame was clearly superior to the Blood Pattern Curse.

The two energies were locked in a stalemate for a moment before the Dragon Flame burned the series of blood patterns into a crisp and descended before the Palace Lord.

Having crushed the protection talisman earlier on, the Palace Lord was surrounded by a defensive barrier.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

This was the most advanced protection talisman amongst Grade 5 Talismans!

However, it was still incapable of withstanding the corrosion of the Dragon Flame as cracks appeared before long – it was about to disperse at any moment.

Naturally, the Dragon Flame’s might was also reduced after being mowed down by the defense of the Blood Pattern Curse and the Grade 5 Talisman.


The Palace Lord waved his blood-colored bone staff once more, his eyes flashing a faint green as he hollered.


Finally, the Dragon Flame dissipated into the air after three consecutive strikes from the Palace Lord.

At this moment, the divine dragon swayed in the air with its massive body completely expanded and exposed in front of the Palace Lord, radiating with an aura that could make one tremble!

The appearance of a divine dragon caused the weather to change!

By resisting, the Palace Lord made the divine dragon even more furious.

“Fellow Daoist of the dragon race, we’re both from the nine races. I barged into this treasure ground by accident, please show mercy,” The Palace Lord yelled immediately with a pale face.

In the corner, Su Zimo was shocked when he heard that.

Dragon race!

Could the primordial life form outside actually be from the dragon race?

Did dragons really exist in this world?

At that moment, an impulse surged in Su Zimo’s heart – he wanted to tear off the rag to see the appearance of one from the dragon race.

However, Su Zimo endured it still.

Back when he was studying in Ping Yang Town, he had already heard many legends about dragons.

Vague and without basis, those legends were merely folk tales that spread among the mortal realm.

Su Zimo had never taken them seriously before.

In fact, before he encountered Perfected Being Cang Lang, he did not believe that immortals existed as well.

Later on, Su Zimo stepped on the path of cultivation and joined Ethereal Peak.

In Ethereal Peak, Su Zimo read through some ancient books.

None of them had any records about dragons.

Even if there were, they were extremely short and vague.

By reading many ancient books, one could piece together some limited information.

Dragons were terrifying existences of the primordial era. They were not part of the demon race and were a unique race of their own, known as the dragon race.

Legend has it that the dragon race was extremely strong and they were incomparably glorious in the primordial era, reigning through the ancient times!

However, for some unknown reason, the dragon race disappeared from the sands of time and became extinct, turning into mere legends.

Su Zimo bore a sense of doubt towards those records.

From his point of view, since the dragon race possessed such a majestic history, there would definitely be some traces of them left in Tianhuang Mainland.

Before this, Su Zimo had never seen anything about it before.

Instantly, an image of the massive skeleton that nearly penetrated the entire sea of bones appeared in Su Zimo’s mind.

Could that have been… a dragon’s corpse?!

The thought of that possibility gave Su Zimo a shock.

Frowning, he recalled what was said earlier on and a thought flashed through his mind, “Nine races? What is that?”

On the other end, a glint flickered through the gray robed cultivator’s eyes momentarily upon hearing that.

“He’s someone of the nine races?”

“Blood Pattern Curse. Could it be…”

The gray robed cultivator’s eyes flashed as he guessed the identity of the Palace Lord.

“So what if you’re someone of the nine races? Notwithstanding the fact that your bloodline is impure making you a bastard child, even if you were pure-blooded, coming here to eat a descendant of the dragon race is just asking to die!”

Within the void, a deep and powerful voice boomed out. Every single word that came out was like a clap of thunder that shook one’s mind.


The divine dragon swayed its tail.

Filled with green scales, the dragon’s tail that was thick like a divine whip slammed down at the Palace Lord with a destructive force!


The Palace Lord’s expression changed starkly as he exclaimed.

Before the dragon’s tail even arrived, a suffocating aura of death had already approached.

The Palace Lord bit his tongue gently and spat out a drop of blood essence.

After spitting out the blood essence, the Palace Lord seemed to have weakened massively as his eyes dimmed in a dispirited manner.

By sacrificing that essence blood, he would have to take more than ten years of recuperation to recover even if he could survive that dragon’s tail.


The Palace Lord chanted a chain of obscure incantations and waved his blood-colored bone staff, pointing it forward.

The blood light transformed into a gigantic skeleton which gnawed towards the dragon’s tail!

At the same time, the Palace Lord took out a handful of talismans from his storage bag and crushed them all!

His eyes revealed a pained expression.

He had gathered those talismans through the course of many years, but he did not expect that they would all be used up in this one round.

He was painfully aggrieved for this battle!

He was originally chasing a mere Foundation Establishment Cultivator that was bound to be killed.

But for some reason, he was the one being put in a passive position for the entire situation, as if someone was leading him by the nose.

After a round of torture, he arrived at this place by some freak accident and took on the blame of being targeted by a divine dragon without even seeing anyone at all…!




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