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Chapter 220: Wrath of Thunder

Although the clash between both parties seemed short, it was filled with spirit arts, a clash of secret skills and psychological warfare.

Given another battlefield or environment, Su Zimo may not have been able to win.

Furthermore, he was left with almost no spirit energy after releasing Fiend Suppression Seal.

Right then, Su Zimo’s scalp tingled as he felt a sense of danger!

He realized that he had been targeted.

Furthermore, that person was extremely strong and wasn’t someone he could resist!

It was a Golden Core expert!

It could be the Golden Core that was fighting Wen Xuan and Elder Yu in midair or the spirit demon Golden Core that was standing beside the blood robed youth.

Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and tried hard to compose himself. Breaking through the encirclement, he sped until he was outside Qin Yu and the others.

“Caw, caw!”

Many blood-eyed crows caught the scent of fresh blood and let out unpleasant cries as they swarmed towards Su Zimo in the hundreds.

Those blood-eyed crows were all spirit demons with powerful bodies – they posed a huge threat for Qin Yu and the other Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

Qin Yu and the others did not dare let the blood-eyed crows come close at all!

However, Su Zimo’s body was much stronger than those ordinary blood-eyed crows!

Even if more blood-eyed crows were to surround him, they may not be able to injure him.

It was no exaggeration to claim that although Su Zimo was human, even the physique of ancient remnant demon beasts may not be able to match his!

Even against pure-blooded ferocious beasts, Su Zimo’s body and bloodline were superior.

Su Zimo’s expression did not change when he saw the blood-eyed crows swarming towards him. A roaring sound of tigers and leopards alongside thunder rumbling echoed forth from his body.


Bang! Boom! Boom!

The blood-eyed crows were not only not scared of such a formidable bloodline, the sanguine light in their eyes grew even brighter as they turned more ferocious!

They saw Su Zimo was nothing more than a delicious piece of tonic!

After all, blood-eyed crows were only ordinary demon beasts. How could they have the chance to devour the flesh of an ancient remnant beast or pure-blooded ferocious beast on a day to day basis?

Su Zimo on the other hand was a living, breathing pure-blooded ferocious beast right in front of them!

As long as they could eat a piece of Su Zimo’s flesh and drink a mouthful of his blood, their strength would increase significantly!


When he saw that, little fatty exclaimed.

However, his voice was drowned by the cries of the endless blood-eyed crows and couldn’t be heard.

Leng Rou’s heart skipped a beat and her gaze dimmed.

They knew clearly well how terrifying the blood-eyed crows were. None of the cultivators that were left behind could escape from being devoured alive by those beasts.

So what if Su Zimo was strong in melee combat?

He was a human after all. How could he withstand so many blood-eyed crows?

Little fatty and Leng Rou could only watch on helplessly as the blood-eyed crows swarmed at Su Zimo, drowning him in their midst.

“Forget it.”

Leng Rou sighed inwardly and shook her head.

They could not hold on much longer either.

Their resistance was merely a momentary respite. Before long, they would end up in the same tragic state.

Disheartened, Leng Rou switched her flying sword’s direction and was prepare to commit suicide.

She did not want to experience being torn apart by the blood-eyed crows till she was unrecognizable. Rather than that, she would rather do it herself!

Right then, a strange sound burst forth from the blood-eyed crows that were surrounding Su Zimo.


Endless flashes of lightning burst forth from Su Zimo’s body in a blinding manner.


Thunder boomed.

A thick thunderbolt shot down from the skies, connecting to Su Zimo’s body without dissipating for a long time as though he was a link to the heavens.

In the middle of everything, dazzling thunderbolts extended in all directions from Su Zimo like pythons. They surged wildly, as if forming an ocean of lightning with raging waves, enveloping the blood-eyed crows in its midst!

The power of thunder was the most terrifying among all various powers.

Furthermore, thunder was strong and masculine, purging evil with ease – it was the nemesis of something vile like these blood-eyed crows.

Under the sweeping of the lightning ocean, the blood-eyed crows cried out tragically as they fell from the skies, covered in thick smoke.

It was an extremely shocking sight!

Be it the Blood Crow Palace cultivators or Ethereal Peak disciples, all of them watched on dumbfounded as disbelief filled their eyes.

Through the depths of the firmaments, thunder descended onto Su Zimo’s body.

Standing in the middle of the lightning ocean, he stood unmoved. He was like a god undergoing a catharsis of lightning, looking down at the vast sky and purging all evil in the world!

This was the wrath of thunder!

“Well, well, well!”

The blood robed youth was the first to react. His eyes lit up as he laughed instead of getting angry, nodding repeatedly without concealing the admiration in his eyes.

As for Feng Haoyu, his eyes revealed a hint of fear and even envy!

Even though he had learned the three major secret skills of the sect, he did not know of any thunder art as such.

The Golden Core spirit demon, Yu Fei, had an indifferent expression as he looked on coldly.

No matter what tricks Su Zimo had up his sleeves, it did not affect the current situation at all.

Golden Cores and Foundation Establishment Cultivators were a world of a difference that could not be closed!

As long as he made a move, Su Zimo would not be able to fight back.


A series of cheers broke out from the crowd of Ethereal Peak.

After Su Zimo’s attack, the number of blood-eyed crows decreased rapidly and that eased the pressure on Qin Yu and the others significantly.

“Su Zimo, I’ll offer you a chance to live. Be my blood slave.”

Right then, the blood robed youth walked towards Su Zimo. His pace was unhurried and his tone was calm. However, it carried a hint of unquestionable power.

Turning around, Su Zimo’s gaze lingered momentarily on the blood robed youth.

To the people of Ethereal Peak, the situation in front of them was a deadly trap.

But right at that moment, Su Zimo vaguely sensed that there was a sliver of life in this deadly trap.

The blood robed youth had an extremely high status and the Golden Core spirit demon did not leave his side at all, guarding like a shadow.

If Su Zimo could lure the blood robed youth away, that Golden Core spirit demon would leave as well.

That way, a massive threat would be removed for everyone of Ethereal Peak!

Even though there were still quite a number of blood-eyed crows and Foundation Establishment Cultivators left in the battlefield, the Ethereal Peak disciples might have a chance of escaping since they were all at Foundation Establishment realm!

This was the only chance for everyone of Ethereal Peak!

Even though it was a sliver of hope, it was worth a try.

“Someone like you?”

Su Zimo scoffed coldly at the blood robed youth before turning around suddenly, speeding towards the outside of Dongling Valley.

The formidable bloodline aura emitted by Su Zimo attracted a large number of blood-eyed crows to chase after him as well.

He was extremely fast. Making use of Divine Steed Fleeting, even perfected Foundation Establishment Cultivators would not be able to match his full speed!

“Oh? You want to escape?”

The blood robed youth focused his gaze and withdrew a white bone staff from his storage bag. With a single leap, he stood on it and sped forth, his body bursting with spirit energy.

The light of spirit meridians flashed endlessly from the blood robed youth’s body.




Four spirit meridians!

The blood robed youth was a four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator!




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