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Chapter 219: Slaying Meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

Not far away, screams could be heard.

The blood-eyed crows that were initially hovering in the skies flapped their wings as demonic qi swirled around them. Rushing down, they circled the disciples of Ethereal Peak and bit them continuously!

Every single blood-eyed crow had the strength of a Foundation Establishment spirit demon!

They possessed terrifying strength that could not be ignored.

Any Ethereal Peak disciples that fell behind would be devoured cleanly by the blood-eyed crows in the blink of an eye, leaving nothing but white bones.

Before long, there were only a few dozen Ethereal Peak disciples left.

Other than Su Zimo, all the other disciples that fell behind had all died!

Qin Yu and Ji Chengtian, the two legacy disciples, were in a sorry state as they shouted with all their might to command the situation.

With their efforts, they gathered the remaining dozens of disciples together and deployed their flying swords, spirit arts and talismans to weave out a defensive barrier, temporarily blocking the blood-eyed crows.

However, the difference in strength between both sides was too great!

The blood-eyed crows were endless, blotting out the skies and attacking the defensive barrier set by the Ethereal Peak disciples relentlessly.

It was as if Qin Yu and the rest were walking through a swamp at an extremely slow speed as they sank deeper and deeper.

It wouldn’t last long. The moment Qin Yu and the others did not have enough spirit qi to continue or exposed any flaws, the entire defensive barrier would collapse.

By then, the remaining dozens of people would turn into food for the blood-eyed crows.

This was a complete massacre!

With Elder Chen and Feng Haoyu as the spies, Blood Crow Palace had a complete grasp of Ethereal Peak’s strength for this trap and planned this trap meticulously.

Blood Crow Palace did not give Ethereal Peak any chance at all.

After all, the blood robed youth and the Golden Core spirit demon were still watching idly by the sidelines and had yet to take any action.

Once the two of them attacked, the last hope of everyone from Ethereal Peak would be extinguished as well!

The only choice left for the cultivators of Ethereal Peak today was to turn into blood slaves for the blood robed cultivator – no one would be able to leave this place alive!

At that moment, the blood robed youth gazed at Su Zimo who was battling in the crowd and nodded repeatedly, feeling increasingly satisfied.

“Not bad, not bad.”

He said with a smile, “Only a cultivator as such is worthy to be my blood slave. He can follow me and conquer the ancient battlefield!”

“Young master, do you want me to capture that lad?”

Yu Fei, the Golden Core spirit demon behind the blood robed youth, leaned in and asked with a cold expression.

The blood robed youth chuckled and waved it off. “There’s no need to hurry. Let’s wait and see. I’m curious about this Su Zimo’s limits and how long he can last.”

On the battlefield.

Four Foundation Establishment Cultivators stood side by side, blocking Su Zimo’s path forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were sounds coming from the four of their bodies as spirit meridians surfaced on their bodies, illuminating through their robes.

There were two One Meridian, one Two Meridian and one Three Meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

To begin with, it was already ridiculous to have a cultivator with unlocked meridians fight a mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

Now, there were four cultivators with unlocked meridians and one of them was even at three meridian Foundation Establishment!

The spirit energy of a one meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator was already superior to Su Zimo, let alone a three meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

Su Zimo was definitely not a match for them in terms of brute strength.

Furthermore, the four meridian cultivators worked together in sync, interweaving their spirit arts and flying sword together to form an impenetrable trap to block Su Zimo’s escape path.

There was no way Su Zimo could escape at all.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo opened his mouth wide and took a deep breath, causing a massive air current to surge down his throat with a faint pain.

With a puffed up chest, Su Zimo nearly took in all the surrounding air through a single breath!

Anaconda Eclipse!

At the same time, the thumb and middle of his left hand joined together to form a strange hand seal, causing spirit energy to circulate insanely within him.

Even though the Fiend Suppression Seal was extremely strong, it consumed too much spirit energy.

Once he used that move, Su Zimo would be left with almost no spirit energy. That was also why he waited till now before releasing it.

“Fiend Suppression Seal!”

A gigantic golden palm descended from the skies. The patterns on the palm could be seen clearly as it emitted a golden glow and tore through the layers of fog, crushing the bodies of many blood-eyed crows that it passed.


The four meridian cultivators narrowed their gazes and instantly recognized how formidable that hand seal was.

However, the four of them were composed.

With their eyesight, they were able to deduce that even though the power of that hand seal was immense, the spirit energy in Su Zimo’s body was too little.

He was unable to unleash the full might of the Fiend Suppression Seal.

The combined strength of the four of them would be enough to destroy the Fiend Suppression Seal!

“Flying Immortal Art!”

“Sky Capital Fist!”

“Silver Frost!”

“Cloud Tearing Finger!”

The four of them released their spirit arts at the same time, pointing it at the gigantic golden palm that was descending from the skies.

Right then, Su Zimo opened his mouth and roared.


His voice was like thunder, booming through the crowd.

The other cultivators froze for a brief moment.

The four meridian cultivators in front of him trembled slightly and the spirit energy in their hands nearly dispersed. Naturally, the power of their spirit arts could not be used to their fullest extent.

That was the Thunderclap Kill.

That surprise attack through his voice was enough to confuse his opponents.

In truth, Su Zimo was unable to unleash the true might of Thunderclap Kill at this moment due to restrictions of his physique.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The gigantic golden palm crushed from the skies and clashed with the four spirit arts. A series of loud booms echoed out but the palm was not destroyed right away.


A strange sword beam appeared, slicing at the side of the four meridian cultivators with a cold killing intent.

Four spirit patterns shone on the sword.

It was Su Zimo’s supreme-grade flying sword!

In fact, Su Zimo had already sent out his flying sword at the same time as when he released the Fiend Suppression Seal and Thunderclap Kill.

The two moves earlier were all superficial trump cards – his true killing move was the flying sword at the back!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Three consecutive crisp sounds could be heard.

The necks of three meridian cultivators were pierced.

Blood flashed.

Looking terrified, all three of them clutched at their wounds furiously. However, blood continued to gush out in an unstoppable momentum.

Their eyes dimmed as they sensed their lives draining away from their moment.

That attack had not only pierced their throats. The sword qi emitted was so sharp that it even severed their large arteries.

That was equivalent to chopping their heads off entirely!


Falling to the ground one after another, all three pairs of eyes were widened as their bodies convulsed limply. Blood flowed from their bodies and stained the ground.

Of the four people, only the three meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator had managed to escape that tragedy.

However, he was also scared out of his wits after that exchange of blows. Retreating to the side, he looked at Su Zimo fearfully.

If he had not experienced it himself, this would have been truly unimaginable.

To think that a mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator would be able to slay meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivators with the use of so many secret killing moves!

If someone like that were to cultivate to the state of meridian Foundation Establishment, how frightening would his combat strength be?




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