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Chapter 221: Turning Tides

The speed of a four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator on his flying sword was astonishing once he released his spirit energy.

The wind howled in his ears as the blood-robed youth rode his white bone staff, chasing after Su Zimo who was running away in the distance.

A few seconds later, the blood-robed youth realized to his shock that despite his terrifying speed, he could not catch up to Su Zimo who was sprinting on the ground!

Even if he used all his strength, it was useless.

At most, he could only ensure that Su Zimo could not shake him off.

“This guy’s physique is actually so strong that he possesses such burst power?”

The blood-robed youth’s evaluation of Su Zimo was already very high.

But now, he realized that he had still underestimated this person.

Right then, Yu Fei’s voice rang out. “That lad’s bloodline is extremely strong and he’s already at the legendary tsunami blood state. His physique and bloodline is not weaker than ancient remnant beasts. In fact, it’s even comparable to pure-blooded ferocious beasts!”

As a Golden Core spirit demon, Yu Fei’s gaze was naturally brilliant.

At that moment, he traveled through the skies with hands behind his back, following after the blood-robed youth with a relaxed expression.

“Yu Fei, take me along to chase after him!”

Seeing that he was unable to catch up to Su Zimo, the blood-robed youth was indignant as he said with a darkened expression and cold gaze.


Yu Fei agreed to it casually.

In midair, Yu Fei’s body changed constantly; it was contorting, shrinking in some places twisted in others as his bones and tendons rang out with the sound of beans being fried.

In the blink of an eye, Yu Fei had transformed into a gigantic blood-eyed crow!

The blood-robed youth understood what it implied and with a single leap, hopped onto the blood crow that Yu Fei had transformed into.

Although he was carrying someone, Yu Fei’s speed increased rapidly and his body almost turned into a stream of light.

“So fast?”

Su Zimo turned back and was secretly alarmed.

The speed of a Golden Core spirit demon was way faster than he was!

Carrying the blood-robed youth, Yu Fei descended in front of Su Zimo before long, blocking his path forward!

With a spin, Yu Fei returned to his human form and followed behind the blood-robed youth indifferently.

“Fufufu, you can’t escape!”

Looking at Su Zimo who was speeding over with no intention of slowing down, the blood-robed youth scoffed coldly. He waved the white bone staff in his left hand and muttered a mysterious incantation.

After his incantation, five pitch black skulls flew out from the white bone staff, splitting in five different directions before striking at Su Zimo.

“Ah! Ah!”

Before they arrived, the five skulls let out blood-red rays of light from their sockets while crying sinisterly.


Upon seeing that, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

That technique seemed to have exceeded the limits of spirit arts. Those five skulls were even emitting a terrifyingly baneful aura!

How much blood and how many lives did it take for something so evil to be created?

Su Zimo collected himself quickly, his gaze icy and his expression unchanged.

The situation in front of him was clear – even if he were to retreat, it would be difficult to escape death.

If he chose to fight head on, he might have a chance of dragging someone down with him!

In the blink of an eye, the five skulls landed on Su Zimo’s body, chomping down with wide open mouths!


With a loud bang, the sound of tsunami and thunder could be heard from Su Zimo’s body!

Blinding lightning shone from Su Zimo’s body in a terrifying manner!

The pitch black skulls were merely slightly blocked by the lightning, lessening the evil aura that they emitted. Suddenly, they broke through the lightning barrier and bit Su Zimo’s flesh!

How strong was Su Zimo’s body?

With Body Petrification, even a middle-grade flying sword would not be able to hurt him.

However, those five skulls managed to tear through Su Zimo’s skin the moment they bit down!

Sucking continuously, the skulls gulped down excitedly on Su Zimo’s blood essence as the red glow in their eyes intensified – it was as though they were gaining a life of their own!

“If you want to eat, I’ll let you have your fill!”

Right then, Su Zimo bellowed all of a sudden. No longer suppressing the demonic qi in his body, he released everything alongside his surging bloodline!

That was the power of blood qi!

It was even stronger than the power of blood alone!

At that moment, demonic qi swirled around Su Zimo as his bloodline rumbled, causing his body to expand. His eyes revealed an endless chill in them, looking massive as if an ancient demon with a fervent killing intent had possessed him.

Naturally, most cultivators could detect the appearance of demonic qi.

However, Su Zimo was far away from the battlefield at the moment – he was almost at the boundaries of Dongling Valley.

Given that distance, the cultivators that were stuck in the battlefield could not sense the demonic qi that was coming forth from Su Zimo.

Furthermore, they did have have the attention nor energy to do so.

As for the blood-robed youth opposite Su Zimo, he was shocked as his expression changed.

The difference between him and Su Zimo was too close!

At that distance, Su Zimo was practically an invincible god!

The skulls that were initially sucking Su Zimo’s blood were suddenly repelled by a terrifying power of blood qi.

The tides had turned entirely.

Initially, Su Zimo was disadvantaged and could have been turned into a blood slave at any time.

Now, they were in a completely different situation.

The blood-robed youth’s life was hanging on a thread!


Su Zimo’s gaze was sharp as a knife. With a roar, he strode forth, causing the ground to tremble violently.

“Hand your life over!”

Su Zimo stretched his arms, grabbing at the blood-robed youth whose face was pale and was retreating endlessly. Su Zimo was trying to use a killing move of The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness – Divine Steed Dismemberment!

If he managed to grab the blood-robed youth, the latter would not be able to escape a fate of being torn apart!

From Su Zimo’s point of view, as long as he could drag this blood-robed youth down with him before he died, he would have made a killing.

The blood-robed youth was close to being caught by Su Zimo when suddenly, a figure appeared behind him.

Golden Core spirit demon – Yu Fei!

He was equally surprised when he saw Su Zimo releasing demonic qi.

However, his reaction was extremely fast. Before Su Zimo could do anything, Yu Fei blocked in front of the blood-robed youth and saved the latter from the gates of hell.

Piak! Piak!

Sneering coldly, a hint of mockery flashed in Yu Fei’s eyes as he reached out and grabbed Su Zimo’s wrist.

At the same time, Yu Fei’s chest faintly emitted an even stronger aura that managed to suppress Su Zimo’s blood qi.

Inner Core!

That was his Inner Core!

With his wrists grabbed by Yu Fei, Su Zimo felt weak all over and his eyes dimmed.

“What a pity.”

He was so close.

If he had a single second more, the blood-robed youth would have died for sure!

Once Su Zimo released his power of blood qi, he was confident that he would be able to kill even a four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

“Su Zimo, you’re very strong indeed.”

Yu Fei said coldly, “But with me here today, you won’t be able to hurt Young Master at all!”

This time, Blood Crow Palace’s Lord had specially instructed Yu Fei and Peng Fei to protect the Young Master.

If anything were to happen to him, the Palace Lord would kill the both of them for sure!




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