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Chapter 218: Escape!

On the ground, countless Foundation Establishment Cultivators of Blood Crow Palace swarmed over.

Wen Xuan and Elder Yu were occupied in the air and could not extricate themselves.

Given the situation, there was only a clear option for the Ethereal Peak disciples – escape!

Furthermore, they did not have much time left.

Once Wen Xuan and Elder Yu could not hold on any longer, their opponents would no longer be just the hundreds of Foundation Establishment Cultivators on the ground – the Golden Cores would come after them as well.

“Hurry, let’s go!”

The leader of the legacy disciples, Qin Yu, roared and turned to escape, not daring to linger.

The other legacy disciple, Ji Chengtian, followed closely behind.

Many Ethereal Sword disciples flew on their swords as they scattered and fled towards the outsides of Dongling Valley.

“Bro, Senior Sister Leng! Let’s flee!”

Little fatty shouted, nervous and sweating profusely.

Leng Rou nodded.

Both of them looked towards Su Zimo instinctively.

Right then, Su Zimo’s gaze was narrowed as he let out a chilling killing intent. Wielding the supreme-grade flying sword in his palm, it trembled continuously.

Naturally, Su Zimo knew that the smartest thing to do right now was to escape from this place.

However, he was indignant!

“You guys go ahead first! I’m going to kill him!”

Su Zimo waved his sleeves and the supreme-grade flying sword in his palm shone with four dazzling beams of light. With a swoosh, it tore through the air and pierced towards Feng Haoyu.


At the same time, Su Zimo took a step forward with his left foot and landed heavily on the ground. Exerting strength in both legs, he was like a divine steed, dashing madly leaving a series of afterimages in his wake.


Feng Haoyu sensed an extremely sharp aura akin to a beam stabbing on his back. The air was ripped apart, letting out strange, hissing noises.

Furrowing his brows, Feng Haoyu turned his flying sword and channeled Ethereal Sword without thinking twice.


His sword quivered and entered the voids.

Because it was so fast, the superior-grade flying sword was almost melded into the void and became translucent, almost impossible to detect.

In terms of sword wielding technique, Feng Haoyu was indeed far superior compared to Su Zimo.


Feng Haoyu’s flying sword arrived first and managed to block Su Zimo’s sword, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

“Supreme-grade flying sword!”

Noticing the four spirit patterns on Su Zimo’s flying sword, Feng Haoyu’s gaze turned fervent with a trace of greed.

“Feng Haoyu, hand your life over!”

Su Zimo’s voice boomed out like thunder and his aura was torrential. Bearing a deadly killing intent, he possessed an indomitable force that came crashing down!

Feng Haoyu’s expression changed starkly.

“Su Zimo, how dare you…”

Feng Haoyu had not expected that instead of escaping, Su Zimo would choose to charge at the hundreds of Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

Naturally, Su Zimo knew that he was no match for Feng Haoyu when it came to sword wielding technique.

Even with the supreme-grade flying sword, he would only be able to tie with Feng Haoyu at most if they were to have a sword fight.

Hence, the reason why Su Zimo summoned his flying sword was merely to serve as a distraction for Feng Haoyu.

His true killing move was still behind!

Right now, Su Zimo was less than five steps away from Feng Haoyu.

Given this distance, even if Feng Haoyu was at perfected Foundation Establishment, he would have to die of regret!


With a backhand punch, Su Zimo’s right arm drew a gigantic arc in the air as he punched his fist like a seal, compressing the air and erupting into a deafening bang.

Feng Haoyu did not have time to dodge and crushed a protection talisman in his hand instantly.

A barrier of light rose up.


The seal slammed heavily against the barrier with a supreme might.


A Grade 2 Protection Talisman was destroyed by Su Zimo with a single punch!


Gasping, Feng Haoyu’s pupils constricted furiously.

Su Zimo’s gaze was ice cold, his eyes laden with killing intent. Taking a step forth, he threw another punch.

That single punch sealed all of Feng Haoyu’s escape paths!


Feng Haoyu spun around furiously and a pair of huge wings extended strangely from his back.

Unlike real wings, his wings were formed by a secret skill to condense spirit energy.

That secret skill was none other than one of Ethereal Peak’s three major ones – Ethereal Wings!

Ethereal Wings was considered as a support technique.

With that, Foundation Establishment Cultivators could soar through the air without the help of any external objects just like Golden Cores!

Compared to Sword Kinesis Flight, Ethereal Wings made one even more agile. Used appropriately, the increase to a cultivator’s strength would be extremely obvious.

Given the situation, Feng Haoyu turned and fled. If he were to run on the ground, he would not be able to escape Su Zimo’s pursuit.

If he were to use Sword Kinesis Flight, he had to summon his flying sword and there would be a delay in that.

The only way he could escape alive was by making use of Ethereal Wings!


The wings flapped as Feng Haoyu soared into the skies and sped through the air.

That change had completely exceeded Su Zimo’s expectations.

Seeing that he was about to punch into air, Su Zimo stomped on the ground and leaped into the skies by making use of the rebound force.


At the same time, his tendons and bones resonated at the same time and his right arm suddenly expanded by an entire foot. Using his fist like a palm, he grabbed at Feng Haoyu’s back.


Blood filled the air.


A tragic cry was heard in midair.

A large piece of flesh was ripped off from Feng Haoyu’s left leg, revealing his bones and tendons in a shocking manner!

If Feng Haoyu had been any slower, his entire heart would have been ripped out!

Su Zimo landed on the ground.

Flapping his Ethereal Wings, Feng Haoyu’s face was pale and cold sweat trickled down his face.

He escaped to the side of the blood robed youth, panting heavily as he looked back with lingering fear.

At that moment, hundreds of Foundation Establishment Cultivators from Blood Crow Palace had already rushed up, causing flying swords and spirit arts to rain down.

The blood robed youth was not the only one beside Feng Haoyu, there was the Golden Core spirit demon as well.

It was no longer practical for Su Zimo to rush up and slay Feng Haoyu.

Gritting his teeth, he retreated.


The supreme-grade flying sword tore through the voids and returned to Su Zimo’s side while slaying a Foundation Establishment Cultivator at the same time.


Another Foundation Establishment Cultivator rushed over and was met with a casual punch by Su Zimo that caused his entire body to explode as he died on the spot.


Churning his bloodline, a terrifying tsunami sound came from within Su Zimo’s body, gushing rapidly in a frightening manner.

In the vast crowd, Su Zimo was like an ancient demon with an overwhelming aura.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

He strode forth with the Plow Heaven Stride.

Instantly, the many cultivators in front of him exploded on the spot as their flesh splattered, leaving nothing but corpses and a river of blood on the ground.

Stepping on the corpses and river of blood, Su Zimo was like a god of death, charging towards the outside of Dongling Valley.


Not far away, the blood robed youth’s gaze landed on Su Zimo. He exclaimed softly as he looked on with curiosity.

“What a powerful bloodline. Interesting. Who is that?”

The blood robed youth asked.

Gulping, Feng Haoyu replied with a deep voice, “That is Su Zimo. He’s the one that killed your blood slave outside of Linfeng City.”

“I’ve finally found him.”

The blood robed youth smirked in a lazy manner. “It would be a pity if I killed someone with that bloodline just like that. I want to turn him into my blood slave. He shall bow to me as his master and be used by me for the rest of his life!”




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