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Chapter 217: Clash of Phenomenons

“Haoyu, I haven’t treated you badly and our sect hasn’t let you down either! Why? Give me a reason as to why you betrayed the sect!”

Wen Xuan turned around, quivering as his gaze flashed with rage, shock, confusion… and deep disappointment.

Elder Chen’s betrayal did not crush Wen Xuan.

However, Feng Haoyu’s betrayal was an immense blow to Wen Xuan mentally!

Back when Feng Haoyu was only at Qi Condensation realm, Wen Xuan requested for the sect master to impart Ethereal Sword to Feng Haoyu in advance.

Within the inner sect, other than the three great legacy disciples, Feng Haoyu was the only Foundation Establishment Cultivator who had learned all three major secret skills!


Feng Haoyu scoffed coldly, “I’m not from Ethereal Peak to begin with. The reason why I joined Ethereal Peak was just to learn the three major secret skills. In other words, I’ve never ever thought of you as my master!”

“Sinful disciple!”

Wen Xuan hollered coldly, “I’ll kill you today!”

“We’ll talk about that if you can survive today, old dog,” Feng Haoyu sneered.

All of a sudden!

The two elders beside Wen Xuan exclaimed, “Watch out!”

Elder Yu and the other sect elder attacked simultaneously to intercept two incoming flying swords.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right then, Peng Fei, the Golden Core beside the blood robed cultivator, suddenly strode forth. His expression was ice cold and the spirit energy around him started to surge.

A sinister black gust of wild wind appeared around Peng Fei, howling by as sand covered the skies.

When he saw that, Elder Yu’s expression changed starkly.

The other sect elder’s pupils constricted violently and his movements slowed down. His flying sword was swept into the black wind and the sound of countless fine sand striking the sword could be heard.

Cling! Clang!


In almost the blink of an eye, the flying sword shattered and its spirit light dimmed, plummeting from the skies.

That superior-grade flying sword could not last more than a breath within that black wind!

When he saw that, Su Zimo was shocked.

Elder Yu’s expression turned terrible as he said slowly, “Golden Core phenomenon… Bone Corroding Black Wind!”

“So, that’s a Golden Core phenomenon.”

Su Zimo was secretly speechless.

Even though he had heard about how terrifying Golden Core phenomenons were, this was the first time he had seen one.

Of Golden Cores, only very few could cultivate a Golden Core phenomenon!

Those that possessed the Golden Core phenomenons could crush any Golden Cores with no phenomenons!

Be it at the Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment or Golden Core realms, the energy source was spirit qi and energy. The methods they used for cultivation and killing were all spirit arts.

A Golden Core phenomenon was the epitome of all spirit arts!

It reigned supreme across all spirit arts!

Therefore, those who had the Golden Core phenomenons beneath Nascent Soul realm were all the strongest Golden Core Perfected Beings.

“Go to hell!”

Peng Fei’s voice was ice cold as he waved his sleeves, causing a huge vortex to form within the black wind. It was like an ancient beast opening its mouth, threatening to devour the Ethereal Peak sect elder within.

Wen Xuan wanted to save him, but it was too late.


The protection talisman on the sect elder shattered instantaneously.


A blood curdling scream could be heard.

Against the black wind, the sect elder’s body began to dissipate. Within a few seconds, there was only a pitch black skeleton with no signs of life left.


It was yet another shriek.

A Golden Core of Blood Crow Palace was suddenly struck by a shower of rain, causing countless bloodied holes to appear all over his body.

Riddled with holes, that person’s gaze was dim as he fell from the skies – it was clear he wouldn’t be able to survive.

Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter!

It was only then that everyone heard the sound of rain falling.

It got heavier, clearer and evidently more hurried!

Where did the rain come from?

Everyone turned towards the sound.

Around Wen Xuan, it was suddenly raining cats and dogs with a heavy downpour.

The raindrops were as long as swords, exuding an extremely intense sharpness!

Golden Core phenomenon, Ethereal Sword Rain!

Against Wen Xuan’s Golden Core phenomenon, the Golden Cores of Blood Crow Palace were defenseless and perished on the spot as well!

The reason why Wen Xuan could maintain his cool despite 10 Golden Cores on the other end alongside Elder Chen’s betrayal was because he was at perfected Golden Core and had even cultivated a Golden Core phenomenon!

Even if there were 10 Golden Cores on the other end, Wen Xuan was confident that he could kill all of them later on!

That was the power of a Golden Core phenomenon!

The moment Peng Fei displayed his Golden Core phenomenon, Wen Xuan realized that the situation wasn’t right.

To be precise, it was extremely serious and was a matter of life and death!

The Golden Core spirit demon, Yu Fei, was calm and cold as he protected the blood robed youth to descend to the ground.

Scoffing coldly, the blood robed youth waved his hand. “Split up the battlefield, Peng Fei. Kill the two remaining Golden Cores in the air as soon as possible and leave the rest of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators to us.”


Peng Fei, who was in midair, nodded.

On the ground, hundreds of Foundation Establishment Cultivators from Blood Crow Palace wrapped around Yu Fei and the blood robed youth, charging towards the many Ethereal Peak disciples!

“Do not fight! Quickly break out of the encirclement and inform the sect!”

When he saw that, Wen Xuan bellowed and gave the order decisively.

Right now, he and Elder Yu were barely able to fend for themselves – they could not get out and provide support.

What the blood robed youth meant by splitting up the battlefield was for Peng Fei and the other Golden Cores to hold and kill Wen Xuan and Elder Yu in midair.

The other Foundation Establishment Cultivators would then massacre everyone else on the ground.

That way, be it in terms of the fight between the Golden Cores or Foundation Establishment Cultivators, Blood Crow Palace would have complete advantage over the situations.

“Break out of the encirclement?”

The blood robed youth reared his head and roared into laughter. “Stop dreaming. I had no intention of letting you guys leave this place alive today. None of you shall escape!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At that moment, Peng Fei’s Bone Corroding Black Wind collided against Wen Xuan’s Ethereal Sword Rain and created a deafening bang.

The two completely different phenomena powers clashed in midair, causing a terrifying sight.

Both their Golden Core phenomenons were similar in strength and it was difficult to tell who would take the immediate lead.

Apart from Peng Fei, Blood Crow Palace had nine other Golden Cores.

However, there was only Elder Yu beside Wen Xuan.


Elder Chen hollered and took the initiative, attacking without mercy.

Gritting his teeth, Elder Yu defended with all his might. However, he fell into a disadvantage almost immediately and was in a dire situation. Bombarded by dangers, Elder Yu could die at any moment.

When he saw that, Wen Xuan let out a long roar and frantically channeled his Golden Core, sending spirit energy endlessly into his phenomenon recklessly!


Waving his sleeves, Wen Xuan’s endless sword rain enveloped Elder Chen as well.

“You must be courting death!”

Peng Fei harrumphed coldly and the black wind gusted, almost forming a hurricane that connected to the heavens as it sucked in the falling sword rain.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The two different phenomena powers clashed once more, interlacing with one another and becoming more intense.

Wen Xuan’s face was pale and his body swayed.

At that moment, it was akin to him facing off against 10 Golden Cores alone!

Moreover, one of those Golden Cores had a Golden Core phenomenon!

He could not hold on for long.




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