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Chapter 210: Wild Beast? Black Bear?

Su Zimo had once fantasized that it would be great if a pure-blooded ferocious beast was hatched as well.

However, the moment this life was born, Su Zimo felt a vague feeling in his bloodline – it was faint but extremely mysterious.

He smiled gently.

No matter the endowment or bloodline of the demon beast, Su Zimo decided that he would keep it by his side and raise it.

Monkey, spirit tiger and little crane looked at the shattered egg in the middle nervously too. Their eyes were widened with curiosity.

In the hearts of monkey and little crane, this little fellow was a shared child.

Be it a pure-blooded ferocious beast or ancient remnant beast, even if a sow was born, they were going to take good care of it and not let it suffer in the future!

In spirit tiger’s heart, it hoped that the little fellow would just be an ordinary demon beast. In fact, the weaker it was, the better.

That way, its standing would rise and it need not be bullied all day.

At the same time, it could also take in a lackey. If it had a sudden impulse, it could even bully that little fellow to feel good…

“Caw, caw!”

The spirit tiger’s mouth gaped and drooled with a foolish smile. It was completely immersed in its fantasies of a beautiful future.


Yet another talon stretched out. It was pitch black and tore at both sides.

The crack on the shell was turning bigger.

At the sight of that, everyone in the cave abode were increasingly disappointed as they shook their heads and sighed.

It was fine if there was no universal phenomenon and it wasn’t a pure-blooded ferocious beast.

But… Why aren’t there any spectacular colors now that the shell has cracked?

What did this prove?

It proved that the beast was not an ancient remnant beast as well!

All the top cultivators of Ethereal Peak were mobilized here in excitement… only to watch the birth of an ordinary demon beast?

The psychological disparity was too great.

The sect had already reared many of such ordinary demon beasts.


The shell was torn open by a small gap and a black head popped out. It looked like a dog with its eyes closed tightly and felt extremely weak.

Seemingly hungry, the little beast sniffed around with its nose and grabbed the eggshell shards beside it, stuffing them into its mouth.

Munch, munch.

In a short while, the little beast finished the egg shell that was the size of a fist.

Now, the little beast’s features were fully exposed to everyone.

It was bare and pitch black, looking extremely ordinary. Perhaps because it had just eaten the egg shell, its body was a little swollen.

Once again, the cave abode fell into silence.

The atmosphere was strange.

Everyone looked at the little beast with a weird expression, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Even though everyone had already determined that this was neither a pure-blooded ferocious beast or ancient remnant beast, this was way too ordinary…

An old man shook his head. “Even if there is no universal phenomenon or brilliant lights, a normal demon beast would contain demonic qi upon being born since they spent a long time in their mother’s body. The thicker the demonic qi, the stronger the demon beast was. But this little beast, sigh…”

The old man did not continue, but everyone knew what he meant.

Ever since it broke out of the shell till now, the little beast did not possess the slightest bit of demonic qi.

This meant that it wasn’t even a demon beast. It could only be considered as a wild beast…

“This little beast doesn’t have any intelligence. It didn’t even know how to open its eyes, it’s too weak,” An old woman at the side shook her head.

Even though her words were harsh, it was the truth.

Everyone knew that wild beasts were not psychic and did not have much intellect.

Su Zimo frowned hard and tried to recall all the ancient books he had read. He drew comparisons between the appearance of the little beast and all the demon beasts, ancient remnant beasts and pure-blooded ferocious beasts.

After a round of comparison, Su Zimo discovered that there was no demon beast that matched the little beast before him.

In terms of similarity, the little beast resembled a black bear cub the most…

In a ruin more than 5,000 years ago, Extreme Fire Dao Lord risked his life to bring back a demon beast egg only for it to hatch a black bear…

Su Zimo’s mouth twitched.

If Extreme Fire Dao Lord was still alive and saw this, he would probably die still out of anger.

Of course, the little beast was not exactly the same as a black bear.

It had a slightly swollen body and its head was like a dog. Its palm had a blood-red cushion in the middle and it had claws longer than a black bear that could be retracted freely.


The little beast tried its best to open its mouth and let out a sound. It did not sound like a powerful roar from a demonic beast, but rather, it looked like a newborn baby who was learning to speak.


There was friendly laughter all around.

Even its cry was so weak.

Even though no one could confirm the origin of the little beast, many signs indicated that this was the most ordinary type of wild beast!

The spirit tiger was delighted. Everything went smoothly as it had expected!

It finally had a lackey it could trample on!

The little beast trod out clumsily, trying to walk. It swayed and looked like it could fall at any moment.


Crying out once more, the little beast sniffed through the air, as if searching for something.

Its eyes were tightly shut and it could only recognize its way through scent.

Monkey, spirit tiger and little crane immediately turned nervous.

They had a prior agreement that after the little beast was born, whoever it looked for would be the boss between the few of them.

The little beast stood rooted on the spot for a moment before turning around. Slowly, it walked towards the spirit tiger in a clumsy manner.

The spirit tiger got excited immediately and nearly lost control of himself, jumping up and roaring wildly.

Happiness came too suddenly!

Initially, the spirit tiger thought that it was already not bad now that he had a lackey. From the looks of it, he even had a chance of being the boss now!

“The tables have turned and I’ve finally made it! It’s been a tough journey!”

The spirit tiger looked at the little beast its best to walk over and was moved to tears.

On the other side, monkey and little crane were indignant, their faces full of displeasure.

In a great mood, the spirit tiger pointed at monkey and shook its head, even shamelessly sticking its tongue out gleefully.

Monkey gritted its teeth and clenched its fists so tightly that its knuckles cracked – its eyes were almost spewing fire.

Upon seeing monkey’s state, the spirit tiger trembled in fear and hurriedly retracted his tongue.

At that moment, the little beast had already arrived in front of the spirit tiger.

The spirit tiger licked its face and leaned over, revealing a smile that he thought was the kindest.

After a slight pause, the little beast wrapped around the spirit tiger’s huge face and continued walking forth.

“Uh… ”

The smile on the spirit tiger’s face froze.

“This is f*cking awkward…”

The spirit tiger wanted to cry and cursed internally, “Damned black bear, you were lying? You’re going to get me killed!”

The spirit tiger turned around right away and looked at monkey obsequiously, feeling a deep sense of remorse and regret for his provocations earlier.

Monkey ignored the spirit tiger entirely and kept watching the little beast.

Even though its eyes were shut and it had just learned how to walk, the little beast still maneuvered through the crowd and arrived in front of Su Zimo after much difficulty.

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