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Chapter 209: Pure-blooded Ferocious Beast?

In the following period of time, Su Zimo resumed his usual cultivation habits.

He spent part of his days on raising his cultivation realm but most of it was spent on weapon refinement studies.

Come nighttime, Su Zimo would lock his cave abode and activate his formation to begin demonic cultivation and Organs Refinement.

Because Organs Refinement would produce an endless stream of rich demonic qi, the formation was used to prevent outsiders from entering as well as to conceal the aura within the cave abode.

In the morning of the next day, the demonic qi would be absorbed by Su Zimo entirely.

For those past few days, monkey, spirit tiger and little crane took turns around the demon beast egg.

After monkey incubated it for 10 hours, it was little crane’s turn.

Every day, when it was late at night, they left a miserable four hours for the spirit tiger.

The spirit tiger would hug the demon beast egg in front of its chest and even lick it from time to time. It blinked its eyes and sighed.

“At this rate, no matter who ends up as the leader, I’m definitely going to be at the bottom.”

The spirit tiger looked at the demon beast egg and thought to itself, “Hurry and come out. That way, I can have a lackey. If not, my days are going to be hell and that monkey and stupid bird is going to bully the shit out of me…”

Four hours passed in the blink of an eye.

The spirit tiger felt as though it had just wrapped its arms around the demon beast egg. Before it was even warm, monkey came over and whisked it away to sit on it.

Even though the spirit tiger felt indignant, it did not dare to resist and could only watch at the side pitifully.

For some reason, Su Zimo felt that monkey, the spirit tiger and little crane were all very concerned about that demon beast egg, treating it with extreme care. Apart from the three of them, no one else was allowed to touch the egg!

No one could be sure which was more effective – Su Zimo’s bloodline or the three beasts taking turns to take care of it.

A few days later, the demon beast egg truly had a reaction.

Within, signs of life began to emanate.

At first, it was extremely feeble. However, it became clearer and more intense as time passed.

When it heard that Su Zimo had brought back a demon beast egg from a ruin, the Mystical Guardian Beast, Senior crane, came by a couple of times and was rather concerned about the incubation process of the egg as well.

During this period of time, Su Zimo looked through many ancient books about demon beasts.

He firmly memorized all sorts of information about various demon beasts, ancient remnant beasts and even pure-blooded ferocious beasts.

According to Senior crane, if a pure-blooded ferocious beast was born, it would alarm the heavens and there would definitely be a universal phenomenon.

The stronger the bloodline of the ferocious beast, the more intense and terrifying the accompanying universal phenomenon would be.

It was said when a Bi Fang[1] is born, a shade of vermilion would paint the entire skies red. In fact, there might even be fire rains.

When a Responding Dragon is born, clouds will fill the skies and cause rain to pour. This phenomenon will last for at least seven days and nights, causing the nearby rivers and lakes to overflow and even form a powerful flood!

The arrival of a Zhu Yan[2] brings about chaos to the world and continuous flames of war.

When some ferocious beasts are born, they might even bring about an apocalyptic catastrophe for countries and dynasties.

Such examples have been rampant since the ancient era.

If a remnant beast was born, even though there won’t be any universal phenomenons, there would be accompanying brilliant colors to indicate their unique bloodline as proof that their future would be different from ordinary beasts.

A month later, the signs of life from that demon beast egg became more intense, almost reaching a peak!

This meant that the life within the demon beast egg could descend at any moment!

Suddenly, Su Zimo felt a sense of nervousness.

Monkey, spirit tiger and little crane had been busy for the entire time, spending most of their attention on the demon beast egg.

Su Zimo truly could not tell who the spirit beast would follow after it was hatched.

One day, monkey who was squatting on the demon beast egg suddenly jolted upright.

Monkey’s odd behavior attracted the gazes of spirit tiger and little crane.

Su Zimo opened his eyes and looked over as well.

On the ground not far away, the demon beast egg shook gently – a new life was struggling within, trying to enter this world.

All of a sudden!

A redheaded beauty appeared in the cave abode – this was the human form of Senior crane. She had a solemn expression and looked at the demon beast egg keenly with pursed lips.


Su Zimo’s vision blurred as yet another cultivator appeared in the cultivator. Possessing an immense aura and a reserved gaze, this was the sect master – Ling Yun.

Even though Sect Master Ling Yun had never been here before, he was clearly paying attention to this matter.

Before long, the five peak masters arrived.

Right after, many grand elders of the sect arrived as well. There were elderly men with long white beards and old women with wooden staffs.

Everyone looked at the demon beast egg on the ground with a hint of anticipation.

Anyone who could become grand elders of the sect were all Nascent Soul Perfected Lords!

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

This was quite a commotion. Other than an assault or major calamity of the sect, there was probably nothing that could gather so many people.

These people were all the top cultivators of Ethereal Peak!

The initially spacious cave abode became evidently crowded after these people arrived.

Monkey, spirit demon and little crane sat down in three directions, maintaining the same distance between them and the egg while protecting it in the middle.

Su Zimo was squeezed out of the crowd.

If it was just the hatching of an ordinary demon beast, there wouldn’t be this many people paying attention to it.

However, all of them had heard that this demon beast egg was retrieved from a ruin. Furthermore, there were many obscure and complicated patterns etched on the shell!

This was something worthy of everyone’s attention.

“Yes… those patterns are indeed mysterious. Even with my experience, I can’t tell what those patterns are,” A Nascent Soul old man stared at the demon beast egg for a long time before saying slowly.

An old woman frowned and said, “It seems to be some sort of a heritage.”

“Seems like this demon beast has quite a powerful background. It’s not simple,” Someone else nodded in agreement.

Right then, that initially shaking demon beast egg came to a sudden stop, drawing everyone’s attention.

The masses held their breaths.

There was complete silence in the cave abode such that one could hear a pin drop.


There was a crisp sound.

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

A faint crack had appeared on the demon beast egg.

After a short pause…

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A series of sounds came from the surface of the demon beast egg.

In the blink of an eye, three more cracks appeared on the shell. The sounds became clearer as tiny cracks spread around the entire egg densely.

All of a sudden!


A tiny hole broke at the top of the egg.

Peeling away the shell bit by bit, a pitch black talon was the first to be seen.

The eyes of Senior crane’s human form, the redheaded beauty, dimmed slightly in disappointment.

Sect Master Ling Yun frowned and sighed lightly.

Some of the Nascent Soul grand elders also sent their spirit consciousness to check outside the cave abode. They retracted their spirit consciousness upon discovering that there was no abnormality.

It was very calm outside without any signs of a universal phenomenon happening.

This meant that the demon beast before them had nothing to do with a pure-blooded ferocious beast.

The many grand elders shook their heads.

They had come to see if a pure-blooded ferocious beast could be produced.

If it was a pure-blooded ferocious beast, that would be the biggest thing that had happened in the sect for thousands of years!


Everyone had arrived excitedly only to be disappointed.

[1] A bird found in Chinese mythology

[2] Mythical ape in Chinese mythology





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